Texas State Rep.'s Message To Manchin On Filibuster: Please Cowboy Up 1

Texas State Rep.’s Message To Manchin On Filibuster: Please Cowboy Up


Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer (D) discusses what his message would be to Sen. Manchin who has said he is not willing to abolish the filibuster as Texas Democrats fight the voting restrictions bill.
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    1. That’s sort of like encouraging a drunk to get out of a bar because this politician meaning Manchin is drunk with power.

    2. @William H Music 2021 yes ,, we know your actually a man hating female ,, you need too get out more ,, and maybe go on a diet !

    1. Like so many men and I’m hetero, I don’t hate men, I have had an audience with those who have wealth or politics or both.

  1. While he destroys the Govt in the name of “buy-partisanship, Manchin declares himself the Grim Reaper of Democracy.

    1. Strange. Destroying our republic is what the Democheats have been doing since Obama and even more since the rigged election of November 2020.

    2. @Le Loup du Jura shut up. No offense. But you wont gain anything by mentioning election interference when they are still salty about 2016

    1. @Danny Sedgwick So now 83 million people voted for Trump not 74 million , you people are liars.

    2. @Le Loup du Jura trump was illegitimate when he was president. He wan because of foreign propaganda focused at less educated population. Imagine, you still believe there was fraud in the elections just like you still believe Obama s not an American or that Mexico is going to pay for the wall correct? Fool

  2. Like I said before Democrats have some traders on their team and Joe Mansion is one of them he is not to be trusted

    1. “Traders” like on Wall Street? Or do you mean traitors? Who are these traders or traitors?

    1. He isn’t stupid. He simply doesn’t care about anything except his own reelection. It doesn’t matter to West Virginians whether the Democrats have the majority or not. They like Manchin because he isn’t like those other libs, and he is way better than a Republican. The more he defies the Democrats, the more WV voters love him. It’s a red state.

    2. If they pressed him too hard, he would switch parties. WV is a red state. I hate to say it, but he’s got them. The stakes are so high that IMHO Biden or other Democrats should coerce his compliance in any way possible. I seriously don’t care. We won’t need him in the long run if there is sweeping voting rights legislation and Biden packs the court.

  3. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”
    ~Mark Twain (attributed)

  4. I’m in the UK, if my MP (equivalent) and he broke ranks like this I’d campaign to have him recalled then ensure he never got elected ever again.

  5. The West Virginia senator is a Republican in disguise or they’re lining his pockets it’s funny how the Republican senators can all stick together on something stupid but the Democrats can’t come together with something that’s needed vote him out

  6. Does Manchin realize that the filibuster was introduced as a Jim Crow tool? Ya know, to suppress black votes!

  7. Manchin has the distinction of being the Retrumplican 2021 MVP… Good job “DINO” Joe!

  8. Let’s not forget about Senator Sinema, who recently got an award from AZ State GOP for her ‘Republican friendly’ stances on things.

    1. She’s in with them based on her votes and actions, telling her constituents to “f-off”

  9. Manchin is having the best time of his life! He’s holding press conferences, and everyone knows who he is! He is even overriding the will of his Party and the plan of the President, as well as half of the country! Its like “he” is the president!

  10. Joe Manchin: “I won’t support eliminating the filibuster because I don’t want to destroy the country, so I’m going to continue to let Republicans destroy the country.”

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