The Importance Of Biden's Meeting With Tulsa Race Massacre Victims 1

The Importance Of Biden’s Meeting With Tulsa Race Massacre Victims


The state of Oklahoma hasn't said anything substantive yet on reparations 100 years after the Tulsa Massacre. University of Oklahoma Department Chair Karlos Hill says he hopes President Biden's trip changes that.
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    1. @Brian Jones Really can’t wait until these 12 million immigrants get legalized so we’ll never see another racist republican again

    2. @roger waters nope lmao they’re going to get told the same thing black parents tell us. Republicans are racist who help the rich white people. And Democrats help the minorities and poor. Nice try

    1. You who are not affected by this may say 100 yrs and no one cares, but We still care and those who survived care. May you gain knowledge and understanding.

    2. @Nef Africia the issue is if you raise the minimum wage it lowers the purchasing power of anyone who makes salary wages. Also the prices for everything will increase. Why? Businesses will have to raise prices to ensure your wage increase. Some can certainly do it easier than others but small businesses will be hit the hardest. It’s a lot trickier than just raising it. You put a whole bunch of businesses under and no one would benefit. The cost of living in CA being insanely high is a huge issue created mostly from Progressive Regulation so…that’s that should probably be looked at. I completely understand what you are saying I’m just saying that it won’t help at all

  1. Those families are definitely due reparations, but it should come, with interest, from the insurance companies that did not pay their claims at the time.

    1. Nope they should only be paid by the race baiting left. Yall should each adopt a black family and show us just how bad you feel

    2. @Terry Pelchat What kind of a jackal raised you? We are talking about people who had thriving businesses and owned their own homes and had both burned to the ground and members of their families executed by a mob in the street. How can you be this obtuse?

  2. Before you take this to heart Google Venus Project and think with your own brain. It’s not about POC it’s about tearing down the country.

  3. Some 60 million of us have native American ancestors who were slaughtered and had their lands stolen. We demand justice. This is systemic racism.

    1. This story sheds some much needed light on yet another part of this country’s brutal history towards people of color. Now their descendants are causing insurrections; and attempting to turn back the clock by actions that echo the vibrations from a not so distant past!

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  5. I lived in Tulsa when I was younger, and am ashamed to say that I was taught nothing about this.

    1. @moredogslesspeople The Tulsa Massacre has absolutely nothing to do with you. The fact that this is part of our history—an entire community was wiped out in a racist, white supremacist rampage—and all you can muster is to feel resentment about how it affects you personally, might indicate that, as far as being a racist is concerned, you’re already there.

    2. Demetria, didn’t you hear the news? Everything and everybody is racist these days. Every single particle of everything ever. It’s not an insult any more, you’re wasting words.

      And it was 100 years ago. Nobody living today was guilty of it, so shut your soft head, you big, woke beta male.

    3. A similar event happened in 1898 in Wilmington, NC. Black families had their businesses destroyed and were either run out of town or slaughtered. A book about it, called “Wilmington’s Lie,” came out a couple years ago. That’s the first I ever learned about it and I grew up in NC. We had a year of history of the state when I was in grade school, but they completely skipped over teaching us about that horrible event.

    4. @The Diamond2009 “and it was 100 years ago. Nobody living today was guilty of it”

      Nobody living today was guilty of it, true, but the survivors and descendants were robbed of generational wealth while the descendants of the white perpetrators have profited over the last century.

  6. I’m trying to find MSM’s latest race story. Can anybody help me out, I can’t find any.

  7. Now I know what the voter fraud is all about. It is an excuse to start a coup to overthrow the government. The traitor general said it all.

    You know what I would like to see in these rallys, an American flag not just some obscure flag. If you want American sympathies, how about showing that you’re at least a little bit patriotic to THIS country. You know at least, a little.

  8. Biden delivered the same empt promises to the black community that democrats have used for 40 years. The wealth gap between blacks and whites is bigger than ever and the numbers of fatherless black families continue to increase.

  9. I remember in the early 90s Joe Biden was the most racist member of the Senate he sure has you fooled

    1. America is racist. Periodt. Its built on the blood and bones of millions of innocent people Black and Brown.

  10. It’s a lie. Obiden is giving his corporate friends a hall pass on sec regulation and monopolies. Don’t be fooled. The ultra rich love him.

  11. Will he mention his mentor and good friend, Ku Klux Bobby Byrd? Did Kamala accompany him, you know, Kamala, who all but called him a racist during the primary debates? No? Hmmmmmmmm!

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