Oath Keepers Appear In Court Over Jan. 6 Insurrection 1

Oath Keepers Appear In Court Over Jan. 6 Insurrection


The oath keepers appeared in court today and four more have recently been charged in connection to the capitol riot. NBC’s Scott Macfarlane joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss the details of the case.
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    1. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 Milwaukee police destroyed the LKs in this state, they aren’t even around anymore.

  1. The oath-breakers couldn’t have chosen a more ironically hypocritical name than “Oath-keepers”. They’re perfidious traitors who deserve all the curses that can be hurled at them.

    1. @Scott Harrison You could only count 10 people? Why have almost 500 been arrested then? Maybe work on your math skills.

      Like the Trump supporters that burned down that police station in Minneapolis?

      Also no, threatening arson is not an insurrection. Storming the capitol with zip cuffs and building a functioning gallow outside while chanting “hang Mike Pence” in an effort to prevent the certification of an audited and verified election in order to overthrow democracy is.

      You’re on the internet. Maybe google what words mean before saying something so ignorant.

    2. @David Shue do your research. I’m not your daddy. Nor am I here to educate you. I’m here to say f you commies, and i can’t wait. I’m so excited for the day to come. Its so close. We as a country are getting sick of commies. And its not just us. All the people crossing, a nice percentage or all of them hate commies too. Lol. Your done.

    3. @Skull&bones Illuminati don’t get your panties in a bunch .
      Go back to OAN and get your facist fix.

  2. These people believed they were protecting their country yet started the blame game as soon as they were arrested! That say a lot

    1. The first part sounds like too much credit. They wanted a country none of us wants. And when that failed, they showed that they’re NOT man enough to stand for their actions.

    2. @espy That’s the point. They ARE idiots. Even their lawyers admit that.

      Thus the question becomes: Who helped these idiots get extremely detailed knowledge on our Capitol?

    3. @NoChance WithoutPasta Inside help. But we will never get the truth of that due to the perfidy of our republicans who were likely complicit. And truth is what this country needs at this point.

    4. @espy Well now that the commission won’t have to cater to five Traitors who would obfuscate and block their inquiries, we might actually uncover the truth.

  3. All the active military members and veterans who physically assaulted the sacred halls of our democracy need to face a firing squad for treason.

    1. @Shawn Corbin I’m not trying to make you look stupid, but you seem to be doing that by yourself. I’m just trying to sort fact from fiction. You said other states started ‘audits’, “after seeing the fraud in Maricopa”, yet you keep dodging my simple question of: what fraud was found in Maricopa that caused those other states to follow suit? As far as I know, there has been no announcement of any irregularities being uncovered. Perhaps you meant to say something like: “Other states have started ‘audits’ after seeing that Maricopa was running an ‘audit’.” ? If that’s what you meant, it’s a big difference from what you said.
      You say you didn’t delete your first comment, where you asserted that no miltary or ex-military joined in the attempted coup. Do you still stand by that assertion, or have you since realised that you had been misinformed on that? And please Shawn, do you, in fact, know of any election fraud that occurred in Maricopa county?

    2. @jaygee The one who proves themself stupid is YOU! Again, I said results from the audit will emerge when it’s co.plete at the end of June. If I only had Crayon Font equipped on my phone, you may be able to understand plain English. We had 33,000 illegal alien votes in Arizona. Are illegal aliens able to vote legally in America, genius? We had 22,000+ mail in votes that were received and counted BEFORE they were sent out. Does that sound right to you, genius? You have called me a liar, that’s on you, but you are a bona fide imbecile. That too, is on YOU. Stop wasting my time with your oblivious, puerile banter., it’s a waste of time. Like the great profit Dave Mustaine said “Gives me a migraine headache, coming down to your level”.

    3. @Shawn Corbin So, from that garbled word-salad, I can deduce that your answer is that you lied when you inferred that other states “saw the fraud in Maricopa”, as you’re admitting that no result has yet been announced. You’re still refusing to address your first, deleted comment, so from that I can deduce that you’re embarrassed by the patent stupidity of what you said, and just want to bury it.
      The rest of your word salad references multiple, unverified statistics that you probably gleaned from Q echo-chambers, and are certainly not worth the effort you expended in looking them up.
      Reminder: No proof of widespread voter fraud has ever been produced, 6 months after the election.
      Reminder: R/W news outlets retracted voter fraud lies that they had promulgated.
      Reminder: Sidney Powell retracted her lies as well, by admitting that reasonable people wouldn’t have believed her.
      Reminder: t***p lost the election.
      You are a lot more than just a gullible patsy, you are wilfully ignorant, which is worse, and I, for one, will no longer condescend to engage with someone who is wedged inextricably down such a deep, dark, suffocating rabbit-hole.
      Enjoy your sheepy fantasies, and pester me no more, you’re not worth my time.

    1. @Scott Harrison
      For starters they stormed your seat of government in an attempt to overturn a fair election, and that they’re a bunch of Nazis.

  4. selling the proof of his crime for money.
    yup, that a republican scamming his base again.

    1. @Levins Casey He probably thinks there is bamboo in the paper and a watermark that says made in China.

    1. @Americannovice Twocentnovice we can do that. Or, (if you ever seen the saw films) we can put them through a test. If you know know what i mean

    1. @A T kyle rittenhouse was the violent murder during the BLM protests. That’s what your blabbing about then ya. And you right wing traitors paid for him to escape justice. Brilliant! Traitorous criminal thugs all of you right wing anti Americans

    2. @Lets tacobout It
      Capital Police let them in….clearly on video. You are delusional and need to seek help.

    3. @Lets tacobout It Just for reference, Juan over there — This channel doesn’t have any content — *Joined May 3, 2021*

    1. @LeChina james yes and some of those videos were faked too. If you had any sense, which apparently you don’t. BLM were all Peaceful protesters and when none of them were doing what Trump was claiming that they were doing, Trump sent proud boys and the boogaloo boys to stir up trouble and they are the ones who started small fires and looted stores so YOU ARE THE ONE TO GET YOU FACTS STRAIGHT!!! STOP REPEATING TRUMPS LIES!!!

    2. @Bill Rodriguez starting lies do not help anything. Hasn’t Trumps lies taught you ANYTHING?! WAKE UP AND STOP LYING. TRY DOING SOME FACT CHECKING AND YOU MAY LEARN SOMETHING, MAY BE!!!

    3. @mike stone What makes me a Nazi? If 100,000 break the law by storming the Capitol yelling hang Mike Pence, 100,000 get locked up. Are you sure you know what a Nazi is?

    1. Ya gotta give yourself a noble label to avoid looking as bad as you are. No one sees themselves as evil. Because it’s true, and because we lie.
      A actor for an older superhero movie said

      I’m not gonna be happy being a member of
      ” the brotherhood of evil mutants” when I don’t see myself as evil”.

      And shame on them for letting themselves be convinced that we were Evil, and worthy of death.

    2. “Irony”? One prime bit of irony is that 45 couldn’t conceptualize anything more sophisticated than his knuckle-dragging “sarcasm”. Many one-dimensional defectives.

    1. @OceanFragments
      What makes you think an of the insurrectionist are going to get away with it?

    2. He shows no remorse and is working to profit from his crime.
      Throw the book at him and charge him for profit making off of criminal activities while your at it.
      He deserves a long vacation.
      I hope he enjoys losing his 2nd Amendment rights.

    3. @myko freder The looters are only after material goods, this slob is after our democracy.

    1. @Scott Harrison One is a civil rights group. The other is a white supremacist terrorist group. (Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois and White Nationalists.)

    2. @Scott Harrison I don’t care about ANTIFA.
      I don’t hate them.
      I don’t like them.
      I don’t care about ANTIFA.

  5. Max sentence. Active or retired military and law enforcement should lose all pensions and benefits for treason.

    1. What makes you think they are ex-military?

      They used their trigger hand to place on the back of the person in front. Pretenders.

  6. Like an autographed picture with his foot on Nancy Pelosi’s desk wouldn’t be used against him. SMH

    1. He’s from Arkansas not Alabama. Like a 20 min drive from the city closest to me. They should have thought about or looked to see if there were any laws that would be broken before planning to storm into a government building that at some areas require badges to show you work there or have a working relationship to be there. Yes it’s the people’s place, but there are precious historical documents and items that are there that are meant to be viewed not touched so its preserved. It’s a partial part of the country’s history. You don’t think about consequences when you feel you can do whatever you want to do just because you have breath in your body. You know what that type of thinking is defined as?=Privilege

    2. I don’t think he thought this through. I would not send him any money. You go into a building and tear up as much as you can and not expect any punishment is totally Ignorant!!! I bet he was on one of the buses the Republicans wife chartered and she paid for rooms and food for all of some of these people who couldn’t get there by themselves!

    3. @Anna Jorgensen the original plan was simple and would have actually worked. That is why this is much worse then it looks.

      If BLM or ANTIFA would have showed up to anti-protest the insurrectionists, Trump would have had a legal right to declare Martial Law. That was his ticket to hold on to power.

      Trump’s plan backed fire for one reason only…BLM and/or Antifa No-Showed.

      BLM and Antifa are not stupid. They both were saying that they were not going to be there for that very same reason. They did not know what exactly was going to happen, but they knew the insurrectionists were going there to causes problems and would likely have A-15s that they now love to take to any Capital building in America. They knew that once anything happened, the election certification could be interrupted.

      They knew that the best anti-protest they could do was just let VP Biden get certified as the winner.

    4. Chop off that foot and let him autograph it for sale online. Pawn Stars might give him $150.00.

  7. Mix in Rodger Stone, Trump, Cruz, Gulianni and use the RICO ACT . Throw them away and lose the key.

    1. Round up the “right” wing media instigators as well.
      Rip out the roots so the weeds don’t grow back.

  8. We’re in June and its been almost 6 months since the insurrection and more and more people are still being arrested and yet the GOP DENIES the insurrection.

  9. There’s nothing you can do to delete your digital info. Once it’s up there, anything you said or post, it’s there forever. If you delete anything, they can get it back.

  10. I’ll give him $100 when I see him behind prison cells for 20 years. Oh I’ve made an error, that money would go to the police officers fund.

  11. I’m never voting GOP after all the sh they’ve put us through … I’ll make sure the generation after me, gets the full story.

    1. @André Chiasson – yeah, you Canadians don’t have free speech either. I bet you think you’re not a nazi. Go away ignorant troll.

    2. @Scott Harrison So you think Canadians don’t have free speech protected in their constitution? Then you called Canadians who fought against the Nazis Nazis? Wow, just wow, yet you call other people stupid and hateful?

    3. @D Lew – yes. Compelled speech negates any free speech rights. The Nazis used compelled speech.
      The difference between me and the stupid and hateful is that when I give you a label, I back it up with fact.
      Understand now?

    4. @Scott Harrison Please share the facts so I too can be enlightened. Free speech is protected in Canada. Show me where Canadians free speech has been denied and turned to compelled speech anywhere close to the Nazis. I am genuinely interested in how the Canadians are Nazi like.

  12. DOJ beginning”plea” talks? If they’re allowed immunity, they will get out and create a bigger problem.

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