'He Was A Loser': What 'Kennedy's Avenger' Uncovers About Jack Ruby 1

‘He Was A Loser’: What ‘Kennedy’s Avenger’ Uncovers About Jack Ruby


Dan Abrams joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'Kennedy's Avenger: Assassination, Conspiracy, and the Forgotten Trial of Jack Ruby.'
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  1. Another topic a certain kid I know is passionate about. He has studied every detail available out there.

  2. “He was a loser”
    Abusers do the same thing to discredit their victims so their malfeasance goes undetected.

    1. “Show me someone with no ego and I’ll show you a big loser.”

      Trump: How To Get Rich, 2004

  3. Jack Rubenstein. Police groupie. Strip club owner. Use to bounce out rowdies from his stripclub. Nickname Sparky. Grew up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago.

    1. They could go a lot faster but it takes time to make sure all of the rights of the accused are protected.

    2. @peter blood That’s true. And also, especially NOW, making sure that the evidence is super tight and unbreakable by the defense.

      However, protecting the rights of the victims (WE THE PEOPLE) doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

  4. I would like to read this given Ruby was accused of killing off the one person that would talk… If you believe Oliver Stone.

    1. @LardGreystoke The Warren Commission was a work of fiction. That’s what Robert Kennedy believed. Ask his son RFK Jr.

    2. @USASecretHistory; Even the Congress later went along with that. It was why I would not vote for Ford.

    3. @Deanna Maria your comment has ZERO credibility. Oliver Stone has won several Academy Awards. He has done documentaries on Cuba, Fidel Castro, U.S. imperialism (a 12 part series with notable historian Peter Kuznick), and the Arab-Israeli crisis. He also wrote a book with Peter Kuznick.

  5. Interesting topic but his 3 reasons as to why he wasn’t a “hired assassin” don’t hold much weight…

    1. I still don’t buy the story. Everything points at an inside job, specially the speedy court process!
      Kennedy assassinated, yet trump still breathing, SMFH!

    2. @LardGreystoke LOL you would be surprised what I know about pets and animals.. get out of your feelings. lol

    3. I was already thinking the same thing… much better to hire a nobody.. a loser.. far easier to not draw attention to the source.

    4. Of course we’ve got losers with guns mowing people down every day. Are they all part of the “team”?

  6. While this was happening, I was in the living room at my cousins’ house in Statesboro, GA. I can’t recall if I was looking at the TV at that moment, but I definitely looked when all the adults gasped in shock.

  7. Melvin Belli was also famous for his so called interview with the Zodiac killer. But it was a faker pretending to be the Zodiac..

  8. The way Ruby was allowed to shoot Oswald proves that some of the Dallas police had to have been in on it, especially those who were leading him through the crowd.

  9. Interesting. I didn’t realize Ruby claimed to be unaware of what he was doing, same as Sirhan Sirhan. Combine that with the work of Derren Brown and his work to program an assassin that could be triggered in the same way Sirhan claims he was, and that’s really quite interesting.

    1. @M J
      When news media lies they should be held accountable and not be called “news”.
      Too many people don’t know the difference between actual news and talking op heads.
      Try watching some of your local news stations rather than 24hr news.

  10. When will the Kennedy files be released? I’ve been waiting the majority of my life. It’s time they are given up…

    1. The majority of the files were released by trump in 2018 minus names, addresses etc etc

  11. He was not an avenger, he just took out what needed done for those guys in that “thing of theirs”

  12. Also it could be that Ruby was tipped off exactly when Oswald was leaving the police station and held until that time by a high ranking individual and knew he was going to jail for this and brought his dog with him for comfort and to say goodbye knowing it would be looked after at a kennels or by a female friend. Even if Oswald made it to a jail he would have been probably murdered before he could speak by the guards…just like Epstein most likely was.

  13. I definitely wouldn’t call him ” Kennedy’s avenger ” more like the janitor who cleans up lose ends…its 2021 you can’t possibly still believe in the magic bullet nonsense and Oswald being the lone gunman….please

  14. Belli? Even as a teenage kid, before this event, I remember the “sentiment” of my parents as feeling uncomfortable with this “new insanity defense”. Just asking, what is the American sentiment now vs back then? Also remember Belli as full of himself.

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