Biden Will Reach Across The Aisle But Main Priority Is Helping Americans | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

After zero Republicans voted to support the American Rescue Plan, Stephanie Ruhle asks White House Council of Economic Advisers Member Jared Bernstein if the administration can get Biden's legislative goals accomplished without Republicans. "This president has shown that his main priority is getting help to the American people. He will first try to do that across the aisle but if that doesn't work, he's not going to pack up his marbles and go home." Aired on 3/12/2021.
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Biden Will Reach Across The Aisle But Main Priority Is Helping Americans | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. I’m all for Joe Biden Reaching Across the aisle, but if Republicans aren’t going to participate in anything that’s going to help all Americans or only their constituents….. then eventually Joe Biden memes stop Reaching Across the aisle!

    1. @SPZ Aruba Compromise means actually be willing to negotiate. Not taking a step back every time Democrats meet them halfway. We’ve learned from what happened during Obama’s term.

    2. @Drake Fire Obama never came off any demand ever. If he wanted 10 things it would have to have all 10 things. Not 9. All 10. He is the all time reigning champion of the pocket veto.

    3. @SPZ Aruba You keep repeating that.

      However, history shows that Obama was willing to work with Republicans, even with them determined from the start to make him a one term President.

      Even the ACA was carved up by Republicans before it passed.

    4. @Drake Fire The ACA hinged on rolling Medicare and Medicaid into it. That is where that effort died a bipartisan death. If Obama wasn’t in so much of a hurry, Democrats were transparent, and Pelosi would not have rubbed it in everyone’s face it could have had a shot. But the ACA died because of garbage planning, communications, and execution.

    5. @SPZ Aruba Republicans had no intentions of voting for and were negotiating in bad faith. Obama asked Chuck Grassley if he gave him everything he wanted after several amendments would he vote for it his quote ” I guess not” . One Senator Jim DeMint, from South Carolina, said on a nationwide conference call with conservative activists “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo,” “It will break him.”

  2. Looks like Biden learned something from Obama’s experience as president. Dont let the losers dictate your agenda. Help the American ppl b4 they justifiably revolt

    1. @Altrusian WolfDog Yeah, keep moving the Goalposts, y’all have been claiming for 50 years if you give the 1%ers huge Tax Breaks it’s gonna “Trickle Down” but all it did was trickle up and out, now you’re whining because we’re going to try “Trickle Up” for a change and you’re worried it’s actually going to be good for the Economy, Sparky.

    2. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2022 Its all trickle down economics be it from corporate America or the Government, the only thing about the latter is you have a middleman skimming off the top that can’t live within their means or balance a budget deciding on how much trickles down to you..which won’t be much after corporate America finds other ways to get around it….these are the same people that think 865 bucks a month is a suitable income for a 30 year old on disability….or 1400 a year as the case may be……

    3. @Altrusian WolfDog You’ve done a pretty good job describing how GOP’ers have run the Gov’t for the last 50 years when they’ve had the chance. Congratulations, Sparky.

    4. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2022 you act like you haven’t had a chance to change that in the last 50 years where a Dem was in charge half of them..You had the chance this week and blew it because you fell for the rhetoric and not the reality. You can blame Republicans for being Republicans if you want, but there is no excuse to miss this opportunity to change that, if that was ever their mission..

    5. @Altrusian WolfDog Now try to pretend that GOP’ers don’t blow up the Deficit/Debt everytime they get the chance with giveaways to the 1%ers and Democrats have bailed us out everytime we’ve had the chance for the last 50 years and this time we decided to go for “Trickle Up” instead of the failed “Trickle Down” BS which never worked. The reality is the only one claiming there was a missed opportunity is you and you’ve got nothing to support your claim because the $15hr Min Wage is still going to happen no thanks to the Cons who try to pretend they’re on the side of the Working Class, which is a Lie, Sparky

  3. It is hard to commit to working across the aisle when the only things the Republicans seem committed to is voter suppression and poverty for the masses.

    1. even if they have to get to the floor of the house to declare allegiance to white supremacy, they’re that committed to dividing and distracting…

    2. You forgot free stuff for the rich. They have paying less taxes since 1980. Tax the rich like it’s 1979. Then watch America grow. Power to the people.

    3. Hard to work across an aisle when it is a dictator working against our country and the working class! If the election wasn’t examined the results were not proven to be honest. No reason not to have had non-partisan examinations done if there was NO breach!

  4. it is sad that the poor need a life ring while the rich drive away in a luxury yacht.
    America should be ashamed that this has happened.

  5. Difficult to reach across the aisle when the GOP does nothing but play to the gallery. That’s been their M.O. for years. Lie and obstruct to breed hatred against Democrats.

    1. Rather than a bunch of pork go to California rapid rail study the Republicans suggested that money be spent on student mental health and treatment. This was an excellent idea and I don’t know why we didn’t come up with it. We hear horror stories about students being depressed, student anxiety and even student suicide due to the government mandated school lockdowns. I think the pork going to California Was intended for some of our major benefactors as payback.

    2. @Wally Censorship no I wasn’t happy in your assumptions are incorrect. I pointed out the fact that Nancy did not want to give Trump a win and she was on record of saying she did not want Americans to receive a stimulus check with trumps name on it. I advise my Democrat clients in the house to urge Nancy to approve the stimulus bill prior to the election. She became irate.
      I strongly feel we need to return our Democrat party to our historic ideals because I believe it has been taken over by socialist, and radicals.

  6. Republicans have proven reaching across the isle is a waste of time. If it wasn’t for Georgia covid relief would never have been passed.

  7. I don’t see a point to reaching across the aisle. The GOP have already rebuffed his actions of reaching across. No point in working with the GOP.

  8. Biden doesn’t have too reach across the aisle! The Republicans don’t want too help NO one except the rich and themselves! People stood in lines for hours too vote for Biden and Harris too win! The Democrats better always remember that! The poor and middle class working Republicans better remember which party cares about them! Stop voting against their own interests!!🤨🤨

  9. The choice is actually very easy. It’s simple math. There are 330 million Americans vs. 260 GOP Senators and Congress members. Biden will not get “Obama’d” by the GOP whose only goal is to “make him a one term president”.

  10. The Republicans’ reluctance to support anything that actually helps the American taxpayers is exactly why we need to show up 2022 November and vote more of them out of office! They have held us back for too long! Vote, America. Vote!

    1. Yep. We need to hold the House and gain two more Senate seats. Plan your strategy now. Move to a location where your vote will have a needed impact if you live in a politically safe district that can spare you to live somewhere else temporarily.

  11. Republicans middle class voters: we need help! Republicans politicians: no our priority is to screw the Democrats

  12. Joe is a Good Man !! He is KEEPING His Promises !!! God Bless You Joe and ALL the Dems who voted for this recovery bill.. The DEMS Passed this, NOT the Senate Perse!! NOT ONE Republican Voted for this HELP, Remember that, when they ask for YOUR Vote !!

  13. After what Biden has done in the past 2 months, I’m glad he didn’t do anything his 47 years in government.

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