Prosecutor Investigating Trump Won't Seek Re-Election: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Prosecutor Investigating Trump Won’t Seek Re-Election: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The New Yorker's Jane Mayer reports Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan D.A. leading the criminal investigation of Donald Trump, has announced he is not seeking another term. Mayer joins Morning Joe to discuss what this means for the case. Aired on 03/12/2021.
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Prosecutor Investigating Trump Won't Seek Re-Election: Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Alan Krebs there is that little tax matter where every PRESIDENT is supposed to hand over their taxes and the matter of insitement to insurection those pesky things but we will see soon 🤥

    2. Everybody see Mr. Potato Head Speech last Night? PATHETIC!!!!
      China is Laughing all the way to Supremacy!
      You FN IDIOTS that voted for this OLD MAN!!!
      80 Million Votes? Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    3. @susan mcivor lmao, there is nothing at all that says a president “has to hand over their taxes”. State the law you refer to. It’s a request & request denied. You can comply with unlawful directives but a baller certainly doesn’t comply with unlawful orders from government officials & idiotic media outlets. Nice try

    1. @Logan Fiive From an article in Daily Capital.
      While a majority of Americans (63%) with full-time or part-time employment participate in an employer-sponsored retirement program, just 21% max it out.

    2. Have you had a chance to read the grammatical and spelling errors of the comments? Went unnoticed I am sure.

    3. @Jacob Chavis ha ha…seriously dude…i was utilizing my stupid, dry humor. I just couldn’t resist!!

  1. If the IRS hasn’t found anything what would DA find I don’t understand!!!!!! And if they do would the IRS be investigated as well for being incompetent!!!

    1. @Majinmango Biden’s crimes were buried and incriminating evidence was sliw walked by the corrupt DS. He’s China owned, like the rest of the Demonrats.

    2. @Donna Leist If you want to be taken seriously, you need stop hiding behind convenient excuses. Feeling it in your bones isn’t the same as actual evidence of a crime.

    1. No, he’s made a LOT of mistakes. The picture for the jigsaw is of Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind bars. All the edge and corner pieces have been in place since before the first impeachment.

    2. @billycarson I do believe that he will get away with every crime he committed. I wish it weren’t so, but you’re right , his connections are huge. I hope I’m wrong.

    3. @chain Images I hope I am wrong also & an indictment against Trump & his children (most likely children first) will come from the Federal Government but look at some of the facts I gave you. So I believe the new Democratic AG will be powerless to due anything that will even get any kind of result from this type of network. The only indictments may come from the States where the connections may not be that deep. The only way to drain the swamp in the Federal Government is to start giving lie detector tests to the higher ups in the IRS, Justice Department, Defense Department, etc. more than one time but I believe the union will not allow that to happen. Also with all due respect to COVID-19 people are now dying in Brazil that have already received the vaccines from another strain of COVID-19 & if true the only way to keep safe is to wear some kind of mask & keep your distance.

    1. @Dolores Reynolds I’m not carnal smart, I’m spiritually aware and awake. God gave me this information through The Bible and meditation through the word. What I say is true the leaders of this world Work for satan they will destroy this world.

    2. @Dolores Reynolds No term limits is absolutely wicked and evil. Think ABOUT IT that’s what our government does. Funding abortion, funding wars, opening up the border during this pandemic is wicked, taking vacations in the middle of a nation wide shutdown when the american people need financial aid is wicked. SO MUCH MORE. say good by to America’s freedom. Our Gov. Created this FAKE pandemic in the USA!
      So don’t say that I’m incorrect on my comments. If they weren’t the TRUTH I would have never posted them nor am I a liar. All who tell lies will burn in the lake of fire for ever.
      I thank God he has open my eyes and showed me the wicked ways of this world and I am no longer blind to it.
      P.S- Rich people can not enter into the Kingdom of God. Luke 18:25 so better off NOT weathly in this world.

    3. @Richard Curren You are an error my friend. My information comes from GOD, The Holy Bible the word of God and God is not a liar. Believe what you will but do not call God or me a liar or say that I am wrong on my comments. All people who love lies will end up in the Lake of fire.
      I think God he has opened my eyes to see the truth And all the evil in this world.

    4. That included the ones who look and sound like goody two shoes, like Rick Santorum and Mitch McConnell. Wasters

    1. @74 Rowe I hate Thump BECAUSE I love America.Hes a traitor and should be deported to Russia where he can play with his Russian friends forever!

    2. @Roos view you already had the Mueller investigation which failed spectacularly. Then you had two impeachments. Now this lame unconstitutional investigation with the mafia prosecutor that’s retiring.

      Trump will be back in the WH and this drives you crazy. Every move your side makes is reactive and is only motivated by Muh Drumpf.

      Dems look so dumb going 0-3 and wasting our taxpayer money on persecuting Trump instead of getting “2k out the door.” And wow Biden is opening MORE migrant detention centers!

    3. @74 Rowe only start adding up once all the figures are entered into the column.
      I learnt that in first grade, and life told me that it applies to most everything

    4. @74 Rowe there’s nothing unconstitutional about all three. But the spineless GOP decided to not do their jobs, they don’t seem to care if a sitting US president watches the nation be attacked on TV for 2 hours and does nothing. That is far beyond reason enough to impeach a president and it doesn’t matter who the attackers were, he was incapable or unwilling to perform the duties of the office. The GOP hired lawyers to do their job for them and pretended that a legislative hearing was a judicial trial. Elected representatives do the work in Congress not hired lawyers, unless you have some cowards that want to bow down to terrorism. The GOP is finished and is so worried about not being able to get votes that they have 240 voter suppression bills they’re trying to get passed right now throughout the nation. The old, lazy fools should have tried going after some new votes from the non-voting Americans that still outnumber all voters combined. Although many of the older Republicans are now saying they will not run for Congress again, they have seen the true colors of the GOP and want nothing to do with it. Your cult that still supports the 45th wants to complain that you’re the only people that love America. Everything that Q told you was an accomplishment, well reality is pretty much the opposite. Everything from stopping all wars, draining the swamp, smaller government, etc.,etc. The reality is that the 45th administration increased US bombing by 350%, had nobody in the Cabinet besides rehires from the previous five Administration and three international bankers, and the debt ceiling was suspended so that the government could borrow more money and create bigger deficits than ever before. As for not taking a salary that doesn’t really matter when he spent millions of dollars more every year of taxpayer money on personal expenses than any previous president. For a net loss of approximately 1.5 million dollars per year. The list of lies and failures is quite long, he rolled back every clean air and water standard to pre-Nixon days; gave our schools, hospitals and infrastructure nothing while the ultra-wealthy and corporations got a 2 billion dollar per year tax cut; and as for rebuilding the “gutted” military… that was a complete lie as well, Obama increased military spending every single year that he was in office. We haven’t really had any good presidents in the last 40 years, but that con man was definitely the worst president we’ve ever had.

    1. @Old Grappler ok thanks for the heads up news news ? No news is worth listening to I guess ? I stand corrected thank you .gasoline has gone up 70 cents in two months , I’m in Florida .

  2. Morning Joe, please continue to investigate the new voter laws disinfrancing our voices because the Republicans do not agree. Please name the judges and the states that are behind this movement.

  3. hmm..tRump makes an out of the way weekend visit to his Tower in NYC and shortly after comes this news?

    1. And all of a sudden all of the complaints regarding Cuomo, trying to push him out! First thing comes to mind is, get him out of office. Put a Repugnant in Governor’s office, then he can get a pardon! 🤔

    2. @Bj Lucas does make me wonder, is this another thing from the republican side or Trump supporters. Like always, ” don’t look at that, look at this shinny object over here “!!!

    3. It has a strong smell accusations against Cuomo and then Vance stepping out when he will be most important. Hope the set is well set to make the next person’s job an ease…

    1. He just letting the trump criminal organization know he has nothing to lose now, so no need too try and bully him with his cultist base with re-election…🙏🙏🙏

    2. What is Cy Vance watching what he has thrown? I would he rather see him see the investigation through.

  4. It seems very suspicious that he would retire before trying the biggest case of his career…. I think we should investigate that.

    1. That’s my thought Susan! If he doesn’t see this threw, hope someone else does. Because, hopefully, he wasn’t bought off or some kind of persuasive comment was sent to him! U know, like Trumps Georgia call, all I need is this many votes

    2. I think this adds to his credibility. He is doing the work and doesn’t care who gets the glory. The former guy shouldn’t sleep well after hearing this. It is hard to control anyone who doesn’t want anything.

    3. I totally agree. I’m so thoroughly disgusted. Sort of like the coward Robert Mueller. Total waste all of them. Disgusting perverted system. Can’t wait until Trump croaks from all of the hamburgers that he eats. He serves no purpose this worm of a man.

    1. So far has gotten off scot free- a common criminal would have been taken into custody, booked, bailed- but then Trump is less than common.

    2. Okay Jake name one thing he did to you personally that was so bad for you to hate him so much…… Fake news brainwashed you into hating him and you fell for it

    1. @Christine Reed ah yes…investigate potential crimes and you must be a non-thinking buffoon 🙄. What do you think investigators do? To reword what you said, “we didn’t see Trump commit crime in the past so that means he will never commit crimes”. It’s idiotic.

  5. If we were told exactly what to look for by his lawyer, and we find exactly that, there is no question of intention!!

    1. That’s what called doing your job they’re not going to volunteer any information just like you’re not going to that’s where investigation the word investigation comes from any other parts of the job you would like defined

    1. @Burn Betnard
      Got a “TDS induced”, 👈
      S……T……D “flare up” 👈
      going on down there ??????👇😁…

      That’s gotta be “itchy”
      and “painful”…👈😁👆

    2. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….👈😁….

      …and Jill and I are enjoying
      my “sound” defeat 👈😁👉 of

      Jill ?….😳….

      Are the cameras still rolling ?…😳…

      Just “play cool”….😳…

  6. And more Georgia too. That is huge mistake lol. “Stealing ballots” “find missing ballots”

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