Biden, Xi phone call covers Taiwan tension, Russia’s war in Ukraine | USA TODAY

Biden, Xi phone call covers Taiwan tension, Russia's war in Ukraine | USA TODAY 1


  1. The Chinese were probably all gathered around the phone laughing at Dementia Joe. This is embarrassing.

    1. โ€œOk Fat, letโ€™s go out back & have a push-up contest & see who is the real superpower here. Come on man!โ€

  2. Biden read the phone call off a script. Why not just create a Biden A.I. and just let the old man retire in a nursing home? Hasn’t he done enough of your biddings?

    1. @DDDrums At least you finally added something of value to say. See your doing better already! Proud of you. You earned 1 gold star! Thank you for the correction. Predictive text! The real enemy!

    1. I’m game to that if we knew every word Trump had privately in Finland for two hours with Putin

  3. I can’t watch her without getting a stomach ache. She’s so awkward and lacking confidence in what she’s saying. Ugh.

    1. Inflation is in and diaper prices are going through the roof. She’s just trying to make one last a little longer!!!!

  4. If they’re allowed to listen to our phone calls why wouldn’t that phone call ge public information ??!

  5. Chinaโ€™s past and present conflicts, illegal wars, occupations, coups, proxy wars etc in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc should be of concern to everyone.

    1. That sentence should be prefaced with “The US and” -which reflects our distorted, though greatest, commonality.

  6. Joe has to check in with his boss periodically to make sure Xi approves of everything he’s doing.

    1. Chinese economy not doing too well and so they are a little behind on their payments which are now past due, which necessitated the call.

  7. I honestly believe that the press secretary needs to be sworn in at the beginning of the day to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the citizens of the United States and if the press secretary is caught in a lie they should face charges of perjury.

    1. @liza french easy fix they don’t tell her military secrets and she can say I’m not told that information truthfully.

  8. Xi actually put his janitor on the phone for Joe to talk to for 2 hours and he and the rest of his staff laughed their rear ends off.
    Especially when Joe kept yelling at him that he wanted ” Extra fortune cookies and less starch in his diapers”
    They then yelled ” And then ?” and ” No “and then “!” back and forth for ten minutes

    1. You’re giving him way too much credit. Xi picked up the phone, set it on the table, left the room and turned the lights out.

      Biden then proceeded to have riveting 2 hour conversation with the table.

  9. Can you imagine trying to translate Bidens incoherent babbling into Chinese? Half the time he sounds like a Pentecostal speaking in tongues. And that’s in English.

  10. I guarantee you that phone call between Biden and whoever didn’t go as smoothly as the White House Press Secretary may want you to think; also, where did all this hostility come from, because when Trump was in office, it was all about peace and prosperity. Now, I can’t speak for all, but under Trump’s leadership, I had more money in my pocket.

  11. What would sleepy joe do if the pentagon called Biden up to tell him Chinese landing crafts are heading to Taiwan?

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