Bidens And Megan Rapinoe Mark Equal Pay Day | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The Bidens were joined by some all-star guests to mark Equal Pay Day at the White House. MSNBC's Brian Williams has the details. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Bidens And Megan Rapinoe Mark Equal Pay Day | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Funny that women never want “equality” when it comes to the hard jobs; 99% of bricklayers are men. Where is the outcry from women. What a joke. This Gen has too much free time on their hands.

    2. @Harold Moore She makes less because Women’s Soccer make no money compared to Men’s Soccer, dummy.

    1. @Jay Cee Ironic. You insult my intelligence for having a different opinion — but you’re the one misunderstanding my point. Bob and I were discussing “revenue” above, not “money.”

      I understand your point about economics, Jay. I have a different perspective on this which appears to seriously trigger you for some reason. Always such strong emotions on this issue.

    2. @CommaCam ok, let’s talk seriously.

      You got my attention. Why should the women’s team salary be subsidized?

      Also, what is the difference between money and revenue?

    3. @Jay Cee I already explained my position above, but thanks for at least dropping the insults for a minute. I used the distinction between US Soccer and Man U for a reason. If we were talking about Man U here, I would be on *your side in this argument — but we’re not, so I’m not. I see a meaningful distinction between a national team which represents its country and a purely commercial soccer club like Man U where money is basically the entire point of modern sports at that level. These are very different types of organizations.

      As to revenue and money: the “revenue” Bob and I were talking about is the money from tickets, advertising, TV deals, merch, etc that accrues to the US Soccer program at the organizational level. Each side contributes its portion of that pot, and yes, I’m sure there are differences between the men and women. I’m not disputing that. “Money” is a broader concept. For me to say “money” isn’t important would, as you suggested, shoot my entire argument in the foot — but that is not what I was saying. Replying to Bob, I said “revenue” should not be the only factor in setting these athletes’ compensation. Other factors should matter too. Some people (you) say it should perfectly track the revenue as in Econ 101. I say that’s too simplistic, because I value their contribution in other ways — national pride, inspiration, consistently great performances, etc — all of which I believe have significant intangible benefits to the country which imo deserves better pay. I understand your point tho. I really do. You’re free to disagree with me if you want.

    4. @CommaCam clearly you don’t understand sports, Olympians are amateur Athletes. Pro sports are all about revenue, you can’t have a professional team with out a revenue stream. If you don’t draw a crowd or bring in big sponsorship you’re not going to make the same amount of money. Simple as that. That’s like saying way isn’t the guy on the bench getting paid as much a LeBron James, that’s bc people aren’t going to games to see the third string bench warmer

  1. But political solutions are impossible when the Senate filibusters EVERYTHING.
    How about a 55% population-based cloture rule?
    Turns out the Dems represent 55% of the voters.
    Presto chango. No more filibuster.

  2. so how much does or did the Women’s team bring in compared to the Men’s team? Not that that matters?

    1. @sonnyblack0870 Yes but my entire point is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be “that simple.” That’s a choice we can make differently if we want to. I’m pretty sure we can deviate from Econ 101 on this subject without the universe imploding.

    2. @CommaCam Well then that’s a matter of one entities success supplementing another’s lack of success. I’m pretty sure there’s a name for that…

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  4. I closed the tab after listening, then though wait a minute. What are the comments like? Everyone just listened to the first few minutes. SMH.

  5. Giving Rapinoe more money wouldn’t hurt the men’s team …it hurts development of talent in us soccer you literally want to take money from kids the federation is trying to develop and grow in the sport. FYI playing for the national team is an honor its not where players make money their club pays them, anyone can decline a call up there are no consequences for refusing to play for the national team.

  6. If you can’t see at this point how democrats will hop on any bandwagon for social points then you deserved to get used as the pawn you are.

  7. So is biden going to sign a executive order to force franchises to pay women the same as men even though they don’t grocess the same? Way is that men’s fault the people don’t watch women’s soccer?

  8. Is she really doing this again? One more time, NO ONE WATCHES WOMEN’s SOCCER. Not even women. Is like ping pong players coming out and saying we want equal pay with football players.

  9. I thought the women got payed more per game then the men on the uswnt. Thats why they lost in court. You may want to report that. Oh wait.. that would be fair reporting. Equal reporting… the irony.

  10. The source was 😂😂

    Everyone needs to watch ben shapiro’s take on this. The gender pay gap is one of the most pervasive myths in American culture.

  11. Let’s level the playing field and get rid of gender discrimination in sport. Let’s just have a single competition with no division along gender lines. Problem solved.

  12. The myth of the gender pay gap is not that it exists. The myth is that it exists due to the unfairness of sexism.

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