Author Calls For Marshall Plan For Central America | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Author Calls For Marshall Plan For Central America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Author Roberto Lovato discusses the policies needed to help stem further crises at the U.S.-Mexico border. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Author Calls For Marshall Plan For Central America | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”
    – Henry David Thoreau

  2. See Operation “”CONDOR” See the “School of the Americas” in Georgia training death squads in support of US puppet regimes. See the CIA commissioned removal of the democratically elected leaders of Guatemala, .Chile, Dominican Republic, etc. See Iran-Contra. etc. etc.

    1. The United States only got dubbed ‘America’ from the outside, I guess it had more of a ring to it than United States!

    1. Back when American imperialism was “good”. Now it’s just America plundering other countries

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson; That certainly wasn’t our war on ‘Imperialism” – that was in defense of.

  3. If big business wouldn’t have given these migrants work incentives to come over here you wouldn’t have this problem

    1. NO We Did not! It’s their desire, choice and want to come here! IT is Absolutely, the migrants decision to create this situation! They want FREEDOM!! And that is powerful! And, a bit selfish in this moment of time!!! The desire to be FREE WILL NOT BE DENIED!!!!

  4. Actually, America needs a Marshall Plan for all the people and countries they’ve messed up.

  5. How can the US send help to stabilized these Central American countries when we installed those governments, suppressing whatever democratic movements in those countries because we are as corrupt as our policies.

  6. Legalize drugs in The US to strip corrupt leaders in Central America of their income and let’s get Americans in the US into fully funded rehab for their addictions.

  7. Marshall Plan, the elimination of the War on Drugs, and robust enforcement of Title 18 civil rights laws at home. Boom, done deal

  8. Actually this guy has the right idea. Instead of throwing more money at bad regimes; let’s help rebuild these Countries which we help ruin by supporting corrupt leaders. Apologize and follow it up with a plan that actually helps them rebuild and prosper. The only problem we have is at this time we need to do it here in the U.S. first. Yes we need a “Physician heal thyself” moment here; before we can truly tell any other nation what to do. Also, the way the current GOP is behaving, until we get them in order; one way or another, we won’t be able to do much!

  9. I think the U.S. should invest in a stable Central and South America in the end the increase in trade would pay for the investment and it is the right thing to do !!!

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