Biden’s ‘Confidence And Competence’ Key To Repeal Military Force Authorization: Kaine

Senator Tim Kaine talks with Rachel Maddow about President Biden's support for the repeal of the open-ended authorizations for the use of military force, even though it means rolling back a power the presidency has held for the past 20 years. 
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  1. I met Texas Governor Greg Abbot once. When I went to shake his hand, he reached his out and I said. “Please don’t get up”.

    1. So proud of RECORD core inflation and $3.40 gas for the first time since 2014!!!!! Record number of kids thrown into cages is nice!! Murders are up 533% in portland!!! So proud. Biden helped Xi cover up the lab leak!!!! So proud of that!! Veggie Biden helped Putin with his pipeline after shutting ours down!!!! so proud of this vegetable!!

    2. @David Eby (Yogi) dude these people are clueless about what Biden is going is terrible because they are brainwashed by the media and schools.

    3. @Mick Swagger you need to lay off though Q sauce lol everything that doesn’t fit your agenda is a conspiracy LOL

  2. When are MSNBC gonna realise that Biden doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and isn’t actually making any decisions? Kamala isn’t either, she just jets around the country doing her photo ops and milking the accolade instead of doing her job as border czar sorting out Biden’s border catastrophe. This administration is only successful as a joke cos the whole world is laughing at them. Fact!

    1. The whole world was laughing at Trump. It is essential that we work together and cooperate. Biden is doing that.

    2. @mythbuster i made it up. It’s recognition of the citizens of Derp who say Derp things and attempt to Derpify the Derpness

  3. This kaine guy is blowing smoke. Biden doesn’t want that responsibility. He relies on his handlers. I’m sure he himself knows he’s not all there

    1. Fred Trump had Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is hereditary, fool.
      President Biden doesn’t have to be handled. He has a wife he didn’t buy from Epstein.

    1. @Jay Gibson I have the same feeling he’s gonna expose himself and the Democrats by accident.

  4. “I enjoy meeting with Biden. Old addled people are much amusement. I have much laughter when meeting done.”
    – Russian President Vladimir Putin

  5. It’s kind of nice to see somebody speak to putin on a level field. It’s much better than the groveling and fawning at his feet that we seen the last time around from the last president . You know the one I’m talking about the one that attempted a coup on our nation’s capital.

  6. A president who can amend his deficiencies leading a country that needs repair. I didn’t expect it but Biden gives more reasons to trust his judgment on a daily basis. I saw Obama trusted him. I started when all of USA learned more about him at the Democratic Zoom Convention. He’s been on the wrong side of issues in the past. Instead of doubling down on BS, his open mind receives more data and it’s changes policy.

  7. 10 seconds into this I have to laugh…. its pure comedy. 1) Rachel can’t possibly believe what she says, or 2) she gets paid a fortune to spew this nonsense, or 3) she’s not that bright. Must be #2.

    1. while you are not wrong that she earns a lot of money to speak, she is the final approval of what goes on air which is why they get fired for things that are called lies — the stuff Fox puts up, for instance. You may not agree with her but she’s not being insincere. I wanted Bernie but we got Joe Biden. I’m okay with that. THIS time.

    1. @M0dulo imagine the leader of the free world not being able to answer a question….think about that.hes a potato head.

    2. @M0dulo if you don’t think trump was better for America and the america first agenda then your crack is worse than hunter’s

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