Supreme Court Ensures GOP Is (Still) Stuck With Obamacare 1

Supreme Court Ensures GOP Is (Still) Stuck With Obamacare


In a 7-2 ruling, the Supreme Court has decided for the third time to uphold the Affordable Care Act ensuring millions of Americans keep their health care coverage. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance.
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    1. @Phantomic10 unfortunately our alternative was to let people die in the street (or bankrupt them if they are lucky)

    2. @robin vail Robin, Ray never said he was disabled. He may have labored away the best years of his life and now be retired. What will happen if congress decides to stop social security after forcing everyone to pay into it forever?

    3. @Ray Stanczak so your poor enough to enjoy free healthcare, how privileged of you! You don’t get the statement I guess, because of privilege. So mind your own poor boy business.

  1. My household is stuck in no man’s land, me and my wife are too wealthy to qualify for Obama Care, but not wealthy enough for private health insurance not to take a huge chunk out of our income.

    1. @Brandon Coile -I don’t think you understand my position, I’m saying we should remove “them” so it wouldn’t be a need to keep anyone in check. Also, trickle down economics absolutely does work, my paycheck comes from the profits of a corporation, not the homeless person I step over to get into Best Buy. There’s enough money in our country for everyone to be wealthy, but some people fail to realize that different life choices produce different results.

    2. @Nathan Kettle it is cheaper than them they get a govt subsidy to help insure you besides the GOP does not even use it

    3. @Odin’s Black Son Trickle down economics worked so well that it created a huge wealth inequality bigger than anything previously in United States’ history. Do you enjoy paying taxes so a guy can have a dollar he’ll never use?

    4. @Ronald King -Sorry brother but in today’s America, a person’s quality of life is dictated by the quality of their life choices. So yeah I agree there’s wealth inequality, because that’s a result of life choice inequality…..the results of different life choices are not equal. I’m content with the quality of my life, and if that ever change, I’ll make the necessary choices to achieve my desired results. I couldn’t care any less about taxes, because taxes are supplemental to income and no one becomes rich or poor by way of taxes….life choices does that.

    1. @adjwindu70 when the doctors used to come to you. My parents dr. used to come to our home when family members were sick around 1960-70s .

    2. If you want a test done that’s not covered by osambacare it illegal for you to work and pay for it yourself. Earning is racist. That’s how you know it’s NOT about healthcare

  2. There is nothing “affordable” about it. Every year it goes up while I get less coverage..Now I no longer have affordable coverage of any kind. 44yrs Of paying into the system for what? I’m flying to Mexico, get a nice tan, practice Spanish so when I cross the border as Juanita Sanchez I will get all the benefits I worked most of my life for.

    1. @Brandon Coile I didn’t vote….it’s an illusion of choice. I’m no longer fooled by the blatant charade.

    2. @Daniel Palma You might be right about the treatment of Mexicans, but the timing couldn’t be better wouldn’t you agree? With all goodies the administration is offering the illegals I’m jumping on that raft and across the Rio grande. Ay caramba!

    3. @Kyle Li Trump suspended the Healthcare penalty tho….
      Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

    4. @burbs l He made it more expensive yes I know exactly what I am talking about (More expensive to get)

    1. @MNTribeFan the poor we will have with us always. You & I are poor compared to the bill gates & Jeff bezos of the world. It is not governments job to give without expecting something in return. Ooo they do expect a vote. Forgot about that. How silly of me.

    2. @MNTribeFan Explain why most every country in the world is in debt? That truth means we are all poor. I’m doing everything I know to do to keep my head above water. How bout you?

    3. @Jeff Yeatts Well, if they can reliably pay the interest, I’m not sure I see a problem. Most countries bond ratings are very good. Debt does not equal poor.

    4. @MNTribeFan the problem is bad business. The math doesn’t work. At some point the reset that is coming will look good but will enslave us all. Comply or be irradiated. The elite are decievers.

  3. You can keep your health care provider
    We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it

  4. The thing about Obamacare is that it’s definitely not free like people say, and you get awful healthcare coverage.

  5. “Working to advance the President’s agenda”…..i.e. having the working people pay for everything while others sit at home and smoke weed. This is such b.s.!!!

  6. Definition of Insanity; doing a thing over and over expecting a different result every time. Perfect picture of insanity; the current photo of Members of Congress.

  7. The insurance companies love this
    Mo money, mo money, mo money!
    ‘Not sorry, we don’t cover that.’

  8. Why aren’t you reporting on the tragedies at our southern borders, and the complete disregard for our laws??????? Terrible news reporting, worthless!

  9. The law is the Affordable Care Act. It has been anything but Affordable. Obama sold you a bridge in Brooklyn.

  10. In other words, MSDNC and SCOTUS do not support a constitutional republic and are on track towards Stalinist Marxism.

  11. Stuck is right , and it’s not the Republicans that are stuck with it it’s the people who are stuck with it .
    The fact that the media shows it as being stuck , tells you that the American people never had a choice.
    It’s so good Obama had to force you to buy it .
    Just like the injection, it’s so safe they had to pay you to get it . Lmao

  12. Healthcare run by the same people that run every other dysfunctional gubbernment program, how awesome.

  13. “Stuck with”
    We all are
    Providers and so have you noticed the mountains of papers that come to your house?! It’s obscene! “THIS is not a bill” that takes 15 pages in 9 languages.

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