Sole Vote Against America’s Unending Wars, Now Lead Sponsor To Repeal AUMF

Rep. Barbara Lee talks with Rachel Maddow about her longstanding opposition to open-ended authorizations for the use of military force, from her sole no vote in 2001 to being the lead sponsor of the repeal of the 2002 AUMF that passed the House today. 
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  1. Y’know how the Roman Republic fell, people? The rest of the world was the, “other,” and Rome was permanently fighting on one front or another, until the generals who lead the armies on various fronts became popular household names and heroes wielding more power than the Senate who issued their orders. Until Julius Caesar, after fighting an illegal, unsolicited war, was put on charges and decided he would return home with his army and simply take power for himself.
    This may seem like a victory for justice, but think about it? What frontier do we really fight on today? The term, “keyboard warrior,” is a pejorative, but it speaks to an uncomfortable truth. The war for hearts and minds is everywhere and nowhere, inside the World Wide Web, and everyone on the planet has a stake in its outcome. If we let trump cross the unseen Rubicon, we will have stopped one transgression at the cost of a far more egregious one. Food for thought.

  2. Barbara Lee is a true gem and a moral force in the house of representatives. Her courage knows no bounds

  3. Go House! We love you! Now, if the Senate will get behind this, we’ll be liberated from these perpetual wars at the whim of the President!

    1. So what I’m hearing is authorizing the use of force the hunt bin laden and his caucus was the wrong move? It’s not our fault that the war got dragged because we had to stay over seize to maintain stability in those regions. I guarantee if Congress didn’t authorize force, y’all would be bashing them and every terror attack that happened after that would’ve been there fault. There no way to please you idiots. The war on terror mattered and yes it got dragged out but leaving that region after killing bin laden would’ve just left an empty space for another terrorist to fill and if we didn’t go to war after 9/11 bin laden would’ve still been alive and who knows what he would’ve done since. Stop undermining the work our military do to keep us safe and be great full for the troops and there sacrifices.

  4. I remember. I agreed with the 2001 authorization as a seemingly justified response to 9/11. However, a year later, for the only time in my 73 years of watching television. I was pacing my living room floor, yelling at CSPAN when my hero Hillary Clinton fell from grace and voted for that heinous preemptive war resolution. It took me a decade to forgive her, although it was the only fault I ever held against her.

    1. I always held two other transgressions against HRC. One, being the idea of political dynasties, which was another egregious assault upon our Republic that put me in mind of the Caesars and the fall of Rome’s Republic. The other being her political band wagoning, over the video games industry, and her flatly ignorant attacks on Rockstar, during the, “Hot Coffee,” debacle. She lost that battle, ultimately, I’m thankful to say. It’s implications were far more profound than many give it credit for on both sides of that debate. Rockstar never let them forget it either. Which is why, if you visit Liberty City, in GTA 4, you can still go to the Statue of Liberty, which has Hilary’s smiling face, as she holds up a piping Hot Coffee in one hand (made to look like a Starbucks where the torch would normally be) and a beautifully ironic phrase, visible in the book under her arm. But you will have to steal a helicopter if you want to read those words. There are only two services trump has ever performed for America; both of them unwittingly and which he remains ignorant of to this day: he has revealed the weaknesses of America’s system, showing us what needs urgent repair, and he put an end to an insincere, self interested, unproductive, business-as-usual, dynasty in American politics. Joe Biden, whilst flawed, as are all politicians, is a better man by far, than she is a woman. He’s more honest, decent, truthful and committed to the American people than the Clinton’s ever were or will be. The best thing that could have happened to Hillary, was to be beaten, and beaten by a man like trump. There is much to admire about Hillary now. More than her husband, who is not a, “bad man,” but a weak one. Since her enforced period of self reflection, Hillary has risen from her own ashes; never quite attaining the Phoenix-like rise of a full redemption . . . but she’s getting there. She has nothing else to fight for, but America, now. Donny did her soul a favor. ✌️

    2. @Ash Roskell but at what cost in human lives due to the TR45H mismanagement of the pandemic and reemergent domestic terrorism? Also, Bill is as shady as his wife. But, and I do digress, either of them would be saints compared to TR45H.

  5. I salute you representative Barbara Lee for your humanity! But the Iraqi people are still suffering from the repucussions of that unjustified war. Pro democracy activists are being killed on a daily basis in the country. Please do not for get us!


  7. “Persist. Persist, persist persist. It takes forever and then all of a sudden it happens.” Words to live by!

  8. Remember when Trump wanted to pull out of the middle east and the progressive media machine accused him of doing so to allow putin to move in? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  9. This is because as an American, you think “strength” means burning ants with a magnifying glass.
    It’s in your DNA.

  10. People watching this segment by Rachel Maddow, please pay attention to the scenario mentioned that Barbara Lee is speaking of. Do you see the correlation between that situation and 2020? Event, new protocols, world changed forever. Coincidence? What party was in control?

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