Manchin’s Voting Plan Backed By Stacey Abrams, Panned By Mitch McConnell 1

Manchin’s Voting Plan Backed By Stacey Abrams, Panned By Mitch McConnell


As Sen. Joe Manchin tries to find 10 Republicans to support his proposed changes to a voting rights bill, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced plans to bring the bill to the Senate floor for a procedural vote next week. Congressman Colin Allred says Manchin’s proposal is like “Christmas come early.”
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    1. Joe Manchin should join the brotherhood of Da Da. The man with the power to blow smoke up his own kazoo and make it sound like a harmonica.

  1. We need to start bribing politicians more than corporations do so they will do our will.
    We need to write the payouts into the bill to pass it.

  2. He only started caring because he got caught with he’s donors on tape Trying to bribe Republicans so he can seem like he tried

    1. Not a fan of Manchin but maybe that was his plan to show he’s always been bipartisan but Republicans refuse to come to the table.

    2. @Ting-Yu Chen he wanted to use the bipartisan commission of Jan 6 as a excuse to keep the filibuster. However once they wouldn’t even agreed to that and proved what progressives have been saying all along, that’s when I think his hand was forced. Plus he got caught

  3. Money. Get the money out of politics or this is still all an illusion. The wealthy control the laws, REGARDLESS of who is elected.

    1. Do you realize that money is meaning less and less every election we go through. Candidates with less money is winning all the time.

  4. Interesting concept. If a gun ID is the easiest way to get the vote in certain states, then maybe civil rights pioneers should help African Americans get their gun ID… whether they ever care to keep a gun or not… to protect their right to vote, they need an ID that works. Then the US can thank Moscow Mitch for encouraging the Second Amendment rights of African Americans. My recollections are something like that worked in the 60s to expand real civil rights laws.

  5. Great. That’s nice. *But does anything Manchin supports stop GQP state officials from throwing out election results they don’t like??! Because if that doesn’t happen, then the turnout could be 100% democratic and the election would STILL be called for the GQP candidate* .

    You can’t win a game no matter how many points your team scores if the ref refuses to count those points!!!

    1. The courts will prevent state officials from perverting democracy, just as they prevented Trump from overthrowing Biden’s victories in the six key swing states. Despite everything, the system worked, as Trump lost every single voter fraud lawsuit he filed, even in the reddest of districts, even when the judge was a well-known life-long Republican and even when the judge had been appointed by Trump himself. And a Supreme Court with a 6-3 conservative super-majority and with 3 Trump appointed justices refused to intervene.

    2. I understand you. I believe we are all stretched to the End of our Patience with recounts by irresponsible State Senats and scary Republican Supression Bills. I believe that the Majority of Americsns are Sane and are not buying into the Lobster Mobsters thievery. What hurts is the Attacks have threatened the validity of every forthcomming Election. Democracy is being dismantled by Greed, Hypocrisy and Narzissmus.

  6. Manchin must have realised that he had gone too far and in imminent danger of exposing himself, to come up with this proposal!

  7. McConnell was never on board with Manchin. But Manchin’s bill is trash because dark money stays politics. So that’s a no go

  8. I know why the left is trying to sell this Manchin bill because outside of nothing at all it does quite a bit but it doesn’t stop state side manipulation of elections after the votes are cast and it doesn’t stop dark monies influence in politics so it’s a disappointment.

  9. Manchin sold his soul years ago, and there’s no way republicans will go along with anything.

  10. The State of Georgia hired a monitor to observe and report on the 2020 election. In November, the monitor submitted a report listing 29 pages of election irregularities in Georgia. This report has just been released as a result of a FOIA request. It’s worth reading. Google ‘Carter Jones’ and ‘Seven Hill Strategies.’

  11. Manchin does honestly look flustered. I guess I’m hardened to the point that I don’t care if it was my own family acting a fool out here, they would be cut loose if I can’t talk sense to them.

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