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    1. Doubted this before giving it a try, and didn’t regret trading with Mr Willson his the best broker so far

  2. Forceps going in and removing a baby’s arm or leg one at a time. The pain for the baby. Sick sick democrsts

  3. Well they talk about the health of the Mother but what about her mental heath if she has to quit her job or is in an abusive relationship? Also pregnancy is not easy on every womans body. My ex boyfriend was Catholic and the youngest of 12 his Mother was a lovely lady but she had birthing hips I did not have I told him don’t expect me to do that.

  4. The whole country is completely falling apart i don’t see how Americans will survive two more years of this Administration . But hey…. no mean tweets . we need another president like Andrew Jackson.

    1. @Larry J Harris Gud invstmnt idea ylelds plethora of moni💰💰💰stay above povrty ,

    2. ​@Martha Bender How did you get that??? defintly its not thrugh the flnacial mrkt bcuz lts punchlng every0ne

    3. @Pamela Davis Lol. Its from the financial market through the help of an investment Preceptor Angela Mae Mcclain . Her experience came from several years working in the wall street spanning over 14 years . Just do an onlinelookup on her using her full name. She’s quit popular

    1. What would you say if you wanted to end a quote?

      What would you say if you wanted to emphasize a point by repeating it?

  5. It’s despicable that the POTUS thinks he has the right to argue against the supreme court decision. Doesn’t matter if you don’t agree, gotta accept the decision as a leader. This guy is a nightmare

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