1. @RJCHOICE I think of Fox News as a tabloid and CNN as a newspaper, not always right but less sensationalized.

    2. @Mr Mark Grossly UNDERRATED statement…that went over the heads of perhaps 70% of the American population.

    3. Boondocks Dragon this. This is the saddest part. Not at ALL to sound like I’m not 100% in support of adult victims speaking out, but ask Franken was almost immediately pressured to resign by a massive number of other democrats and republicans, before they gave him due process of a full senate hearing.

      After the fact, info, multiple testimonies from Franken’s colleagues from years past that performed the same role in the play, and other people that were on their USO tour confirmed that they had a jovial, friendly friendship through the entire tour. The previous women who played Tweeden’s role said that she straight up lies about him saying he put the kiss in the play just for her. There are photos of her at multiple rehearsals goofing and laughing practicing the kiss and boob grab scenes. Is taking a photo air-grabbing breasts of a woman who has no issue with it when she’s awake and rehearsing okay? No, there’s no consent there. But with the context of them being jovial buddies it does paint it differently. She claimed to have been disgusted with him and quit being cordial or maintaining a relationship but they were seen in 2009 laughing at each other’s side at an event.

      Me Too had just blown up (rightfully so!!!!!), and she, as a conservative radio host, saw potential to hurt an important democratic figure despite their pleasant past friendship.

      He didn’t get due process because the demand for resignation was so fervent. There’s only been 3 other modern times resignations from threat of expulsion.

      Yet we have traitors, Q-Anon supporter that believes Sandy Hook was staged and Jewish lasers cause California fires and that there was no attack on the Capitol… a woman who lead groups around the Capitol the day before the siege despite tours being banned for the pandemic, who also supports carrying firearms in congress and helped disclose info on Pelosi’s location… and Cruz and Hawley and all the other people who helped build up the crazies who are just growing in numbers still.

      As far as I’m aware, and I may be wrong, there’s been no action for any of them (including the republicans who dodged and evaded the new metal detectors—why couldn’t Capitol police have the right to go get them and refuse their entry unless they actually cooperated?! They’re not above the law!). No action outside of Greene potentially being removed from committees which is a slap on the wrist and insult to democracy (unless more happened today; haven’t caught up yet).

      Almost NO presence in the house republicans have spoken against Greene or the other traitors, at least the senate has been a bit more vocal.

      Why aren’t their legitimate investigations, problems, temporary suspensions, hearings?!

      I truly fear that this will just keep escalating as the idiots who get their news from 4chan, TikTok and what their cousin posted on Facebook were poisoned for 4 years by Donald’s fake news rhetoric.

      I truly fear these people will secure large enough bases to truly have the potential to gain more members, and even to have a chance at a presidential nomination in the future. If so, we’ll be doomed. And it’s like we’re sitting back letting it happen.

    4. It never was. My Nana used to tell me all the time that common sense wasn’t common when I was little. I’m 57.

    1. When protests erupted in Russia over Navalny’s arrest, I thought this man is willing to die, not only for his country, but for freedom everywhere. Read comments that he was foolish to return to be undoubtedly arrested, but that it happened so soon after Jan. 6th must be considered. Through his actions he said, “This can happen to your country, be careful”.

    2. yup…and yet they would look at that scenario and scream “socialism!” their brains are just broken… and I don’t think they can be fixed.

    1. @k b Not half, half the country doesn’t even vote & of those who do, only roughly 1/4 voted for trump.

    2. @Efrain De La Rocha your statement is exactly what I’m talking about. He’s done what forty orders in less than a month in office. Without involving congress. Those orders are law. You know, we have to do it or its braking the law. Law. Its BS.

    1. @Vladimir You spout the same lines to Cliff as you did to Miki van Duyn almost 50 minutes earlier, all of that hasn’t become any more true in the 50 minutes that passed between.

    2. @Kevadu get over yourself… it’s not relevant in your situation but it is in hers because she does believe in God. Everything ain’t about you.

    3. @Vladimir I see you been drinking the coolaid! Our allies hated us. We have the highest unemployment rate, the economy we had was from Obama not Trump! Now our economy is in the shitter! He killed 400,000 people because of his lack of the truth and willingness to lead the country through a pandemic that he knew was deadly. Then claimed with no proof that the election was rigged, and might I remind you he started saying that before the election and voting took place! So keep making yourself look foolish! Biden is keeping the promises he made on the campaign trail!

    1. This QAnon person is nothing but another right wing nut job extremist. Unfortunately, he’s manipulating people out of fear. The government should find this person and imprison him/her and ban them from the internet for life.

    2. @Digby Dooright or just a troll that did not expect that his thing would blow up to this mess. Kinda like religion.

  1. just like Germany after the crash, they lost their jobs and found logical to let the military run Germany, and the nazis kidnapped everyone.

    1. @Gregory Powell wdym? This is history. The nazis killed thousands of jews. Maybe you are the one who should borrow a history book.

  2. Educate yourself…it’s a must.
    She should go on a speech junket.
    People need to hear they can recover from a cult.

    1. Mmmmm yeah. I’d say going as far as storming the Capitol and saying you’re going to kill Democrats while in the process of that crime…that’s a bit too late for my comfort.

      Throw em in the pen. Bye Bye Cletus.

    2. @MAIINIIIAC unite, no never to late, unite only way, other people around the world see it as the right solution, so sad to see your leaders scared of primary

    3. I would say it is too late for those who died during the failed coup attempt. Too late for those who died believing the pandemic was a Democrat hoax.

  3. She’s not alone. And should not blame herself this is a very professional propaganda machine working. They use the Russian Spay of BS brought to you by Steve Bannon.

    1. I’m sure she’ll find a new cult soon enough. Unfortunately, she has been indoctrinated into that mindset.

    2. @John DeMarco give people the benefit of the doubt. that is the fairest thing you can do towards people who want to change for the better.

      Who are you and me to condemn people into categories out of the hatred in our hearts?

    3. @Mikhail Bahar You’re right, I’m sorry. I should be happy for her and give her credit for the bravery she showed being on the show. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt…I really do.

      Unfortunately I have lost a lot of faith in the past few years – faith in people, faith in the truth, faith in goodness and honesty, faith in charity and love. When I see someone who’s entire life has indoctrinated them into a cult-like mindset I start to lose hope. I wish her the best, I truly do, but the power of evil has grown so strong recently that hope is hard to muster.

    4. @John DeMarco yea things are pretty difficult nowadays..it’s the same everywhere – I don’t live in America and politics and everything else is crazy where I’m from too lol.
      Guess we all have to keep encouraging each other to be better people day to day – life would just be unbearable otherwise. Stay strong brother! ✊🏻

  4. How could she be so ignorant? Hopefully, she will teach her child about the world and if not about the USA history!

  5. “Good people who love America” and think a military coup would be a reasonable outcome. These people are still here – they didn’t disappear.

  6. Ashley, you’re a brave women for digging yourself out of this hole of crazy _and_ talking about it publicly 💜 I wish you and your family the best.

    1. No she was never a victim, she was pro quanon and an American traitor who supported the insurrection. You people are just as nuts as she is. There wasn’t no digging herself out, she stayed down till the plan failed, realized she had no other options but to go back home.

    2. @newmoney23 nothing wrong with showing her a bit of forgiveness and empathy. If we don’t show the extremists empathy, how will we ever learn how they’re driven to extremism? Now as a proud part Irish lass I know domestic terrorism and vast swathes of the public supporting it, and the only thing that stopped all the horror and madness was all three sides coming to the negotiation table, respecting each other as human beings, and hammering out an agreement that was acceptable to all. And in the years since, Sinn Féin went from supporting nail bombs to supporting marriage equality! 🍀

  7. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste!” We need to improve our school system and introduce civics in 2nd grade!

    1. And critical thinking! Don’t just take everything at face value! It should be essential, that and a six week course on life as an adult, getting a loan, balancing your checkbook, making a budget, you know real world stuff like drivers ed

    1. @Gregory Powell wow
      A whataboutism
      Why don’t you post a comment about this woman waking up
      You’re a Trumper all right

    2. @Tom Robertson I think Gregory’s one of those people that has never said those three words. And he’d be the first one to start one of those REconspiracies that she’s a planted schill and she’s not even a mom. It’s amazing how many will rebelieve anything in any absurdity as long as they can avoid saying, “I was wrong”.
      Poor Gregory doesn’t even realize his response gives him away.

    3. @Gregory Powell so Gregory tell me what the Nazis were doing when they were informing their citizens. Telling them how life will be and simply follow this simple solution. I don’t think they called it propaganda at the time. Or whatever German version in their language they used.
      Freedom fighter versus Traitor.
      These just depend on which side you’re on when talking about a countries’ actions. On the American side which we stand, you are really a traitor Gregory and are the one spewing propaganda NOT information. You are the one that can’t say, “I was wrong”. You’re the weak one. You’re the one that has lost power.
      Fortunately, I will always have it.

    4. @Gregory Powell I don’t know, maybe I’m a dunce so you’ll have to explain to me the absurdities that CNN has disseminated and the atrocities committed at their behest.

  8. “I grew up being told we’re republicans”

    This is the dangerous coercion, abuse and threats misguided conservative Christian republicans inflict on each other and the rest of us… black and white! No room for reason, debate, education, empathy or ethics!

    Just do what we tell you to do!
    Please set boundaries against conservative extremist ideologies.

    1. I don’t think it’s coercion in her case at all. She says she believes what ppl tell her to believe and doesn’t watch the news or read. U can’t combat nonsense when u refuse to acknowledge truth or search for it. If she was guided by Christianity she wouldn’t have fallen down the q anon rabbit hole in the first place.

    2. Just because you don’t agree with it & have your own opinion, doesn’t give you are anyone else the right to try and label someone else that you call extremist & don’t agree with. This is America 🇺🇸
      She’s on CNN😂🤣 The biggest liar of them all. Three years they fed everyone propaganda & false hope, pencil ✏neck lied EVERYDAY he had the evidence, he seen the EVIDENCE that TRUMP was COLLUDING WITH RUSSIA. FIVE INVESTIGATIONS, MULLER REORT FOUND NO TIES BETWEEN TRUMP & RUSSIA! But do they get held accountable for believing & pushing a lie out EVERYDAY for years?! They are a disgrace, every MSM should be taken off the air! It’s ALL lies… Tel- A – Vision what they want you to hear & see! Yall better wake the hell up & STOP falling for their BS. When the truth comes out, I wanna hear from yall then.. prepare to hear what’s coming out FRIDAY. I have my popcorn to watch the left totally have a MELTDOWN.🤣😂🤣

    3. Yep so ironic they say everyone else id a sheep yet they follow this crazy BS with out question, my Q anon friend whom I rarely speak to these days used to go on about the white hats and the black hats so juvenile and simplistic no critical thinking whatsoever yet they are the ones who “know”!

    1. Dawn she’s kind, I certainly wish others would emulate her and stand for the truth for once. How are you Dawn?

    1. Republicans learned in the 1990s that if they say something really awful or truly stupid three things would happen. One, it gets a lot of press. Two, some nut is going like it and; Three a normal person would be so repulsed by the level of discourse in politics they’ll tune it out and stop watching. That’s when the conservative movement began it’s foul twisting drop for real. The tactic was so successful a lot of older Trump voters hadn’t voted since the 1980s and the younger ones never voted at all until then. Republicans had learned how to get a lot of press, collect all the nuts into one basket and make everyone else just disappear from the discussion. But then social media came a long allowing both the nuts and the intentionally ignorant a chance to meet and the ignorant had no idea they were talking to nuts and believed them.

    2. yeah but they watch youtube videos that can be made by 12yr old or foreign power and believes it.. HAHHAHAH I have no words.

    3. I don’t even stop at stop signs cuz I don’t read them…. they’re fake. Just one red circle 🔴 asking you to stop even when there is not another car coming…not this time Democrats you won’t get me with your lazers from out of space.😂😂😂😂

    4. @Chobanni Yogurt I agree, the original intent of our founding traffic laws stated that green was for stop and red was for go. They’ve been lying to us all this time.

  9. Do they not realize that Tik-Tok is literally owned by the Chinese WHILE watching Q videos on them??

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