1. @Rhode Island Dashcam Chris is right, I can’t believe people are still trying to turn this into a political game. Were fighting a highly contagious virus that doesn’t care about political affiliations.

    2. It was 2 weeks to slow the spread of covid, but the BS is continuing to spread and there are enough gullible people to KEEP falling for it, time and time again.

  1. Explain to me: Why Politicians and government officials are still getting their paychecks and have not helped the American People and are not helping us financially when they closed the country down???????

    1. @Gk Fn Oh, yeah…people like me who love the US Constitution and wish to live under it are destroying America, while you, a control-freak Marxist (no doubt) are saving it. What a load of BS you are.

    2. Reported to be able and able for more information about the other side or TONIGHT Yesterday okay Very different economy than any TONIGHT Yesterday Morning okay FOX John Kerry JOE Biden TODAY CNN JOE Biden TODAY Network of Going through the next Morning or

  2. “On an industrial scale”…. they knew it back in September….. how much of that mutation has made it to other countries?

    1. @Baseball Season Yeah.. I am.. because I was too stupid or gullible to not realize the virus originally wasn’t already here and waited for some government official to make announcements. I got it the week of Dec 25th…. Nearly died fighting it in my bed at home for an entire month.. Then heart failure.. So, yeah.. for it to have been pervasive in the ER’s which I’d visited while I was sick, it had to have already been making a major impact before then.. Chinese knew it was in their country at least early November..

  3. So, what I guess your are being told is that they no longer list someone dying in a car accident as being a Covid death.

    1. We breathe in 100 MILLION viruses per day. (search: viruswars)

      We have 30 MILLION unique antibodies in our immune repertoire. Meaning, you could develop an antibody test for any one of them and assign cause of death as that.
      Saying covid is the cause of death is OUTRIGHT FRAUD and nothing more.

    2. Look at the number of people at age 106 who SURVIVE covid, even at that advanced age. 106 is a lucky number, but there are even some up to _______114 years old____that survived the “deadly” covid.

    1. our government is sacrificing our position as world leaders, so that they can have the same level of control over the people the chineese do.

  4. Notice how government employees have not missed a single paycheck during this entire fake pandemic yet they are telling others that they can’t earn an honest paycheck? The key word there is “honest” because not a single government employee has mad an honest days work in over a year.

  5. i still like keep in touch civid new cos my country have not yet vaccin

  6. I hope covid-19 ends I also want things to go back to the way it was but my mom said it’s going to take some time so we might have to wait for a while but maybe someday

  7. Yes, just like the polio virus could have and all of the other germs that have been wiped out could have.

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