Biden's Job Approval Stands Over 60 Percent In New Polling 1

Biden’s Job Approval Stands Over 60 Percent In New Polling


President Bidens' approval stands at 62 percent in new Harvard CAPS/Harris polling. 47 percent of the country also believes the country is on the right track. The Morning Joe panel digs into the numbers.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Biden's Job Approval Stands Over 60 Percent In New Polling


    1. @Joseph Wright “…hand over hand”?
      LOL, go practice your English somewhere else, troll

  1. The successive +60 Biden approval ratings tells me that there are more sounder minds than fewer in the US. What a blessing compared to what was from 2017-2021.

  2. His numbers are high because he doesn’t tweet everyday, he doesn’t make everything about himself, he doesn’t rage at press conferences, he doesn’t attack vulnerable groups of people, cares about his family & is focused on helping us.

  3. Its a honour watching these fine young soldiers putting flags on the fallen soldiers graves, well done young men.

  4. The best comparison for me is like having a pain on your body say you had surgery. The more the wound heals the less you focus on it. Trump was the wound, Biden is the treatment that heals.

    1. @tony moore You are a punk who can’t handle facts. I think that is the new requirement to be a Republican. By the way, have you found those Jewish Space lasers yet?

    2. @whit3 rabb3t You party has proved it over and over. Now go send your master some money. Word has it he has legal issues.

    1. It’s called serious mental issues in need of psychiatric help. Imagine 60 million uneducated that can’t think for themselves.

    2. @Origami Mambo : Transgender whining ? NO Transgender biological boys/men competing against girls/women in sports ? YES !! America is NOT going to move on from that. More and more states are drafting legislation in order to prevent that. Oh, and by the way, I’m a girls track coach.

    3. @Eric Sneary : So all those things I named off that many are not in agreement with dems on is idiotic rambling ? WOW !!

    1. @john amos Is that why Biden has over a 60% approval rating? Bahahahahahahahahah Trump never got above 50.

    2. @Steve’s Place Kamala’s grandparents didn’t fight in WWII so what does she care?

    3. @Arent blacks lovely trumps roll out was supper slow, Biden the got it going and got more people vaccinated than trump. NO, because the leader in our (trump) was responsible for the deaths HERE, NOT china.

  5. Let’s remember that the GOP isn’t helping themselves by reminding us of exactly why we voted the former guy out. They’re still exhausting us every single day.

    1. @Scahoni he caved into Russia ,now we will be energy dependant from foreign governments again,Thanks gutless biden

    2. @Ray Bin yacmuch better at higher taxes putting americabscout of work putting them in a early grave with his high taxes high gas prices because his nose is green hiscpoop is green and his blood is Greenland of course his facts are very very green .better at sniffing then Harris is better then hunter is at sniffing glue

    1. @Biden is an insult to all Americans your choice failed miserably, you WERE in a cult.

  6. Yes, people need to get back to normal, people need to get their mind on work and normal life.

    1. 60% of the ppl like$1.07 rise in gas prices since last year? 60% of the ppl like record inflation,record numbers of children thrown into cages at the border,RECORD number of illeal crossings,RECORD amount of drugs crossing,$800,000 to house illegals while we have homeless vets, High unemployment,and veggie Biden helping Putin with his pipeline? Democrats never were too bright.

    2. David sits with his head tilted back and his mouth wide open like a baby bird while mama bird Fox jams it down his gullet. What a dope.

    3. @Life is Goodhow are you able to speak with all that globalist d stuffed in your mouth like that?

  7. I think the just showing up to work is refreshing, instead of trying to rule the world from a golf cart.

    1. Ya he is trying to rule between his nose and his tongue and sticking fingers and when he is not rounding up teens to sell to other countries Biden

    2. @Borvo thats because Joe can’t drive a car he can’t see where he is going can’t even walk up a flight of stairs sober

    1. @Steve Sh dig it…
      But 30% of that 74 mill accept the election results…. That’s over 22 million that are getting grossed out by their party’s efforts to destroy democracy…. It’s grinding them down

    2. @Steve Sh we need around 20million Dems to register republican…. That’ll grind it down even more

    3. Wait until the end of the year if you want to see backwards. Either interest rates go up or negative. 50% more people in poverty by 2028.

  8. This is not surprising to me! We like the vaccines, we feel confident that the pandemic is ending. We don’t have Republicans intentionally trying to ruin everything without any consequences like before this administration!

    1. He has no respect for the troops
      his administration vetted thousands of troops for their political views
      countless troops turned their backs on bidens motorcade in the capitol
      you just haven’t been paying attention

  9. Wow, you don’t have to brag about the Dow Jones Industrial Average all the time, or bash the media, or bash your allies, or pit people against each other, or hold super spreader rallies in order to be popular. Who would’ve thought?

    1. @Nicholas Mullen NO i mean the BLM protests were many people werent wearing masks and not socially distancing. People who say the BLM riots didnt spread the virus dont believe in science.

    2. @Mary Elizabeth you mean like what he did to the national guard. ? Leaving thousands in a parking garage. ???

    3. @Matthew Sigurdson When interviewed, one of the national guards said he had no problem with the sleeping arrangement and had slept in far worse conditions. There is a big difference between trained national guards sleeping in a parking garage and predominately elderly Trump supporter being stranded for hours in the freezing cold.

  10. Our country is going in the right direction. Keep it up America by having a plan to vote in 2022!

  11. I’m sure the 38% who disapprove didn’t hesitate for a minute in cashing their COVID-relief cheques.

    1. @Patrick Massey is doing the “no you’re a towel” defense

      It’s pathetically hilarious

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