Bill Barr’s answer draws scrutiny amid new scandal

William Barr's response to a question from Kamala Harris is under scrutiny after it came to light that DOJ prosecutors subpoenaed Apple for data from key Democrats as part of a leak investigation.
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    1. @Matt Germaine ok. So if that is true Trump also has lied many many times. This is a chat about the Trump administration corruption. Like your handlers, you are coming in here trying to redirect everyone. In the end, you are saying yes Trump is corrupt and so is Biden.

    2. @DontPlay o doubt you know what a fact is. It’s rare to find any Liberal who can distinguish fact from fantasy. I neither have or need a handler as I am not a Democrat.

      Obviously nobody during the Obama administration was held accountable. In fact the ONLY people prosecuted were whistleblowers.

    3. @Jim Fisher so I’m an ex republican. Not a democrat. And the fact that you repeat what they tell you and you act like they told you to suggests you do have handlers.

    1. I hope this year brings happiness and prosperity to all american and to the worldwide🌍. I’m Steve Armstrong by name. Where are you from if I may ask?

    1. @Rod


      Feb 3, 2016

      Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified


      Feb 3, 2016

      Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad


      Feb 3, 2016

      The State of Iowa should disqualify Ted Cruz from the most recent election on the basis that he cheated- a total fraud

  1. Remember when Kamala asked Barr if anyone at the WH had ever asked him to do this and he needed the question repeated and acted like it was asked in a foreign language? Uh huh.

    1. Leonza7. Remember when Adam Schiff told Americans he had tons of proof, that Trump colluded with Russia ? He never releasd it. 34 months of Bull💩 lies from George Sorose’s son in-law. Remember ? Troll beach..

  2. Every day there’s a new scandal/crime/illegal act which would have gotten _ANYBODY_ else in jail… Yet this goes on…
    Wonder what tomorrow will bring…??

    1. @1 zombie apocalypse they’re going to turn into zombies it’s in the Bible torment and night and day they want to die but they can’t aka the vaccine

    2. @Fred Garvin I don’t know, Fred. But they are now gene-altered and have no idea about the long term effects. Pity them. They live in fear and it is only getting worse… They are scared babes in the woods. This doesn’t end well for them.

    3. @Fred Garvin go outside get fresh air, you are an angry man ,,go fishing, do something you love ,I’m going out to do some gardening ,,,have a great day

    1. @DontPlay I think your trying to ask me out on a date. Come on man you know the thing. Sorry not interested with your circle back nonsense.

    2. Bob Davis

      – The Republican led Senate Intel Committee concluded that Trump colluded with Russia in 2016.

      – Trump actively worked to get intelligence to change assessments that Russia targeted the 2020 election to favor him, and fired two people over it.

      – The Trump Tower meeting was a quid pro quo with members of the Russian government to trade illegally obtained dirt for sanction relief.

      – 16 Trump associates lied about 140 contacts with Russians after Trump said there were no contacts whatsoever. Mike Pence was asked if there was any contact at all with any Russians. He replied, “Of course not. Why would there be?” He ostensibly admitted there was no good reason for any of the contacts.

      – Trump publicly asked Russia to meddle in the 2016 election. “Russia, if you’re listening…”

      – The Mueller Report details 10 instances of Obstruction of Justice by Trump.

      – Trump campaign strategist, Roger Stone, self described “dirty trickster” was convicted of 7 felonies in connection with the Russia probe. The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee found that Stone had drafted pro-Putin tweets for Trump to send out as his own.

      – Trump’s campaign chairman, convicted felon, Paul Manafort, attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting. He offered polling data to a known Russian intelligence officer. 21 states’ voter rolls were hacked. Manafort had been a lobbyist for Putin. He helped install a crooked, pro-Russian dictator in Ukraine.

      – The Trump campaign requested one change to the RNC platform, to eliminate language that affirmed US commitment to military aid to Ukraine. At the RNC convention, attended by a Russian ambassador, a Trump staffer made this request. He says he was asked to do it by senior campaign members. Paul Manafort and Trump denied any involvement.

      – Roger Stone bragged of being in touch with both the hackers and the disseminators of stolen DNC emails. (Trump initially commuted Stone’s sentence, but did not pardon him, acknowledging his guilt while simultaneously insisting he is innocent).

      – Stone and partner, Jerome Corsi, “predicted” the DNC email hacks. Before Clinton campaign mgr., John Podesta’s email account was hacked, Stone emailed an associate, “It will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel.”

      – Trump lawyer, convicted felon, Michael Cohen, named Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator in an FEC case involving bank fraud. Cohen was involved in a real estate venture to build a Trump Tower in Moscow while Trump was campaigning. Trump lied about the deal, leaving himself vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians, who knew he was lying to the public.

      – Trump foreign relations advisor and convicted felon, George Papadopoulos, suggested that Trump meet with Russians to get dirt on Clinton.

      – On June 7, 2016, Don Jr. set up the infamous Trump Tower meeting. He denies he told his father about it, but later that day, Trump announced, “I am going to give a major speech on probably Monday of next week and we’re going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons.” Both Steve Bannon and Michael Cohen say Trump knew about the meeting.

      – Trump’s son-in law, Jared Kushner, met with the head of a SANCTIONED Russian bank to discuss setting-up a back-channel to the Kremlin to get around monitoring by US intelligence They discussed a deal in which the US would provide sanction relief in exchange for help with Kushner’s then-failing 666 5th Avenue real estate venture.

      – In a private meeting with Putin, Trump took possession of the notes of his own interpreter, and instructed the linguist not to discuss what transpired in the meeting with administration officials.

      – The FBI asked the Trump campaign to call if they saw anything suspicious, as they do with all political campaigns, but nobody did. Later, Trump would say, (about the Trump Tower meeting), “I think anyone would have taken that meeting.” After being impeached for blackmailing Ukraine for election help, Trump said that accepting foreign election help was okay.

      – At the Helsinki Summit, Trump said he didn’t see why “it WOULD have been Russia” who meddled in our election. He later lied, and said he meant to say “WOULD’T” meddle. Later, on several occasions, he expressed doubt that Russia meddled after all. Trump does, however, trust the intelligence services of Ukraine, a country he calls corrupt, over the CIA.

      – During the campaign, former National Security Advisor, convicted felon, Michael Flynn went to Moscow for an RT event. (RT – Russia Today, aka, Russian propaganda), and made a speech disparaging US/Russia policy. He lied about his compensation. He failed to register as a foreign agent.

      – Trump security advisor, Carter Page, went to Moscow and made a speech disparaging US/Russia policy. (Page got caught-up in a Russian spy ring in 2013).

      – Trump said, “NATO is obsolete”. NATO exists to protect Europe from Russian aggression.

      – At a NATO summit, Trump refused to reaffirm Article 5, (The ‘all for one’ article only evoked once, by the US, after 9/11).

      – Trump chose Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon, as his first Sec. of State. Tillerson had received Russia’s highest award for a foreigner. Exxon lost a $500 billion oil deal with a Russian, state-run, oil company when the US sanctioned Russia for its illegal invasion of Ukraine. Trump fired Tillerson the day after he publicly criticized Putin.

      – It was common knowledge that Putin did NOT want Clinton to become President. As Secretary of State, she was tough on him. Since taking office, Trump has defunded and refused to fully staff the State Department.

      – Trump has NEVER criticized Putin.

      – Trump has never publicly expressed anger or disappointment with any of his people for dealing with Russians, supposedly behind his back.

      – Trump repeated Russian propaganda many times. He said the USSR occupied Afghanistan in ’79 because of terrorists, and was “right to do it”. (The US was instrumental in driving out the Soviets).

      – Trump ordered a troop withdrawal from Syria. (a day before Putin’s annual press conference). Russia is in Syria to protect the Assad regime. This prompted the resignation of the US Secretary of Defense.

      – Under Obama, the official US position on Syria was that Assad should go. Trump changed that to allow Assad to stay in power for the time being.

      – The Special Council’s office charged and jailed a suspected Russian spy, Maria Butina, in connection with funneling money to the Trump campaign through the NRA.

      – Russian born gangster, felon, and Trump business partner, Felix Sater, is reputed to have been working to get Trump elected. He worked with Trump on the Trump Tower Moscow project. Trump said he didn’t know Sater well, and “probably wouldn’t recognize him if I saw him”. Sater was at Trump’s election victory party. Sater once said he could help make “our guy” president.

      – While Putin was running a disinformation campaign against Montenegro, Trump said he thought Montenegro might start WWIII.

      – Trump blocked the release of a State Department statement condemning Russia for seizing Ukrainian ships.

      – Trump pushed Ukraine to make a deal with Russia in order to lift sanctions imposed on them over their invasion of Ukraine.

      – The debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine hacked the DNC in 2016 was originated by Russian military intelligence.

      – Trump repeatedly insisted that Russia should be re-admitted to the G7, without any change in their behavior.

      – Trump took funds from the Pentagon budget to fund his wall that came from programs to safeguard Ukraine from Russian aggression.

      – Trump refused to release tax returns that could inform authorities of any business dealings in Russia, and lied about the reason he will not release them.

      – Trump has fired or forced-out every senior official involved in the Trump/Russia scandal: Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr…He has disrupted the prosecutorial process of virtually anyone dealing with laundering Russian money through New York – the “capitol” of money laundering through real estate.

    1. @Bob Davis It doesn’t matter when a traitor commits treason. A traitor is a traitor. That thing was a traitor from day one.

    2. @Richard Grier

      Old Joe’s week has not been going so well at the G7 summit.

      He’s been having some of his “senior moments” again and Jill has had to come to his rescue.

      Watch as he seems to wander aimlessly in a confused state until Jill comes to his rescue:

    3. Why does Cuomo still have a job in politics after countless women filed sexual complaints about him and then there’s the endless amount of deaths he caused with the nursing homes?… Why aren’t Pelosi and Shiff in prison for spending millions of dollars with lies to impeach Trump?… Why isn’t Obama in prison for spying on Trump?… Why aren’t Hillary and Bill Clinton in prison for frauding Hati out of millions of dollars and human trafficking through their bogus foundation and who knows what else, that list is too long to type! The hypocrisy of democrats is just sickening!

  3. Well then. We can now safely say that William Barr is aiding and abetting treason or an accessory to it at least. Then again why should I be surprised? 🤷🏿‍♂️😤.

  4. When are they going to hold tRump and all of his buddies like Barr accountable? It needs to be done immediately.

    1. Freddy Kitchens – There is very credible evidence he committed tax fraud, bank fraud, charity fraud, and FEC fraud. He was impeached twice. He dangled pardons, and when caught, he said he was “joking”. He altered an official weather assessment, which is a crime. He broke the emoluments clause. He meddled with local election board members. He incited a riot at the Capitol. The Mueller Report details ten instances of Obstruction of Justice. He colluded with Russia to win an election, then declared what he did WAS OKAY and tried AGAIN with pro-Russian members of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Chinese. He lied about the pandemic. He broke local COVID regulations to hold rallies where he removed social distancing stickers from seats.

      He made OVER 25,000 false and/or misleading statements in 4 years. Compare that to Obama, who made 143 in 8 years.

      If he doesn’t pay a price, it’s like excusing the behavior.

    2. @John Brennan They didn’t. Tara Reade was investigated and there were numerous inconsistencies in her story. She also proved to not be credible by praising Putin and her parents raised concerns of some mental instability. But if you look, when democrats get caught in a scandal they are always asked to step down. Anthony Weiner, for example. Also look to Al Franken. Even Cumo was asked to resign.

    3. @becky doesit Ah ok, with that logic, when i was younger ,i was a admirer of the cccp ice hockey player Vladimir Tretsiak who is a goalie like that make me less credible or am i a russian also

    4. @John Brennan Putin invaded Ukraine and annexed part of their country. They are currently at war. For this, Russia was thrown out of the G-8. Further, Russia, under Putin interfered in our 2016 election. Putin is actively trying to dismantle NATO, he has imprisoned journalists and gone after other political leaders in his country as well as others

  5. Anyone else tired of hearing “news reports” ? Who would instead love to FINALLY see some Actual Justice toward the blatant criminal ex-prez ?

    1. @Jeff Davis they have zero news to report- has to be about trump. no trump, no “news.” fauci? crickets. obama’s doj? crickets. trump? every breath he takes is a crime. that’s why the russia investigation found so much crime, right? and are we taking kamala now? 🙄#desperate

    2. @Craig806 none of that is success to the left. riots, looting, killing – are success to the left.

    3. You put an even bigger criminal in the whitehouse and are using trump as a distraction for him.

  6. If Merrick Garland doesn’t prosecute those grifters he needs to be replaced with an Attorney General who will prosecute them.

    1. @Cyrus Vance The piece of crap Barr lied in that hearing…for his trump god. That was quite obvious to most sentient people who viewed it. Don’t know where the “under scrutiny from experts” comes from.

  7. Everything DJT and his administration was all unusually uncommon.

    It will be the future norm if all these actions don’t turn into consequences.

    1. @Rusty Shackleford Biden treating his “presidency” like a dictator with 50+ executive orders. But orange man bad right snowflake?

    2. @Twindad93 shaaaaadaaaaaap ya fu$%in MAGArat! Go count some fake ballots, ya tool! LOL!!!!

    1. Harris is and empty suite!  They are only showing you this because of the immigration policy and how stupid she made herself look.

  8. Now I understand why he hesitated and why he played like he was confused by the question. He attempted to play word games. But I’m over this because nothing will happen and a year from now, they will still be talking about it.

  9. Big orange is laughing, he knows nothing is going to happen 🤣. Every morning he says, I love America. In the constitution it says ” no one is above the law”. BUT I AM.

  10. I’m sick of hearing all these things that was done in no action. Why are they not locking people up If a regular person does wrong they have to deal with it the law.

    1. You want to watch this country burn. You are the one who is as dirty as they come. And speaking of come, what happened to the metoo movement, why is your network cnn letting a sex offender back on the air like nothing happened. You are the definition of a hypocrite.

    1. Why does Cuomo still have a job in politics after countless women filed sexual complaints about him and then there’s the endless amount of deaths he caused with the nursing homes?… Why aren’t Pelosi and Shiff in prison for spending millions of dollars with lies to impeach Trump?… Why isn’t Obama in prison for spying on Trump?… Why aren’t Hillary and Bill Clinton in prison for frauding Hati out of millions of dollars and human trafficking through their bogus foundation and who knows what else, that list is too long to type! The hypocrisy of democrats is just sickening!

    2. @John B Maybe you heard so much lies from Trump that the truth doesn’t make sense anymore. Sorry! Theirs no cure for comon sense deterioration.

    1. @Jan Van Besouw Schiff told Americans, & Mueller, he had the proof to put Trump away for Russian collusion. 34 months later.. NO EVIDENCE from Schiff. When a ABC reporter asked Schiff, why he didn’t produce the evidence. Schiff smiled, & walked away. Why do you Trump haters, denounce everything you here about the truth. & push the speculative lies from the left news media ? You live in denial. & I’m not a Trump fan. I’m a patriot, & a realist.

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