Bill Belichick Declines Medal Of Freedom From Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Bill Belichick Declines Medal Of Freedom From Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick declined to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Monday after last week's deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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Bill Belichick Declines Medal Of Freedom From Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. T*: “Siri, who is the head of this ‘patriot’ mob? That guy needs a medal.”
      Siri: “Did you mean, who is the head coach of the Patriots? Bill Belichick.”

    2. @ doc robinson, let’s not make Belichick, no saint.Yesterday he was rolling, with frump, now today, you don’t wanna roll, no more.No thumbs up from me.He just looking out 4 Bill.

    3. Bull s**t !!
      Brady, Belichick, Kraft all supporterd Trump.
      All enablers.
      Now Belichick has values and honor??

    1. Didnt Obama receive the Nobel prize within his first 2 weeks of his first term? Wonder what that was for. I am sure he deserved it.

    2. @T Arizona Ya, but unlike trump who ran around bragging about being nominated (which means absolutely nothing), Obama humbly said “I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize, men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.” Now trump runs around telling people he deserves the Nobel, and that is a major difference between the two.

    1. @Brady N “I guess I’m a math teacher now ” No just someone who got caught apples and oranging for polemic effect. Just proof that republicans are all about the deception and mealy mouthing. You clearly know that the “giving them out like candy” refers to the medal and pardon binge of the last 4 weeks. But you pretend to have a factoid that declares the comment irrelevant. Gym Jordan Nunes and Bellichek are all about saying squirrel while he remains silent on his culpability. A last chance to play with shiny toys instead of doing the honorable thing and resigning.
      How many of the Obama medals went to citizens who committed shady acts and/or were cronies?
      The pardons and medals are about pretending to be interested in the job he fought so hard to keep. So of a coin so to speak. TDS=Trump Defenders Seditious. So you know.

    2. @youtube watcher Why would Trump resign only a couple days before his term ends? How is that honorable? Trump has already said there will be smooth transition of power on January 20th which I think at this point is the best thing for him to do.
      I’m sure Obama handed out the medal of freedom to citizens with shady backgrounds, but the media wouldn’t report it. Now in days the media tries to find a problem with everything Trump does. From reporting every little inperfect about a medal of freedom recipient, to attacking Trump’s family.

      This is why I believe media networks like MSNBC and CNN are far worse than Fox News. No matter what Trump does, they find a problem with it. If they can’t find a problem with it, they won’t even report it. Meanwhile Fox News reports the NEWS (good or bad) and does it’s job, contrary to how many uneducated democrats think.

    3. @Brady N He has violated his oath at a fundamental level. Trent Lott, Al Franken, Richard Nixon have all for far less. The calendar has no relevance. People of honor recognize their failings and act. The healing can start only then.

  1. Understandable! I couldn’t accept a award either, no matter what the award stands for if it’s being presented to me from a monster

  2. Good.
    And as a Swede, I can tell you that I, as most swedes, am embarrassed and ashamed that Annika Sörenstam didn’t have enough integrity to make the same decision.

  3. All that crap I’ve talked about Bill .. after this (unless he does something all the way crazy) I will not say another foul thing about this dude again

    1. @oh well 24 drink up. Hilary is still not President..and you’re not a victim….and you can’t have my money.

    2. @oh well 24 tears? Lolol. Biden just made me 23% gain in the stock market. I win when you lose. So by all means. Carry on.

  4. Considering the others trump has given this medal to, who would want it? They have as much value as trump casino chips.

    1. Imagine giving the honour to Nunez and Jim Jordan, just because they overzealously defended him. This is an award given to the finest of America now its just a present.

    1. @Douglas Matthews that you think its a joke doesnt make it true. You’re probably not close to any to learn that you can still stand for honor, be honest and follow your human morality. There arent many of them in the public eye. Trump doesnt attract these type of men, he rejects them.

    2. @Douglas Matthews dems and all income providers. Its just not good to be related to trump in any way right now. I guess even dishonest and dishonorable men dont want to be associated with him either. Speaks worst of trump

    1. He’s passing them like candy to sports figures..Didn’t he give one to a wrestler, I guess he still believes wrestling is real

    1. @Pauul Kubasek how did he mishandle? Cdc. Lists the death count as “provisional” covid death count. That includes pneumonia, influenza asthma and their complications among pure covid deaths. The number is very low.

    2. @whopper fairy The COVID death count is real unless you have factual evidence to say otherwise. Let’s say you have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease): a group of lung diseases that block airflow and make it difficult to breathe. Then you catch COVID. You get an exacerbation of your COPD so bad that you need to go to the hospital. The inflammation of your lungs gets worse, you need to be intubated, you develop respiratory failure, & then you die. Cause of death means the disease or injury that initiates a chain of events, brief or prolonged, which produces a fatal outcome. COVID is the cause of death because without it none of these events would happen. Not hard to understand unless you’re ignorant.

    3. @whopper fairy Now, onto the crime bill. Biden explains in an ABC interview the purpose and intentions of the crime bill. Look it up. Obviously, it didn’t go according to plan but he is not only at fault here nor was this racially motivated. The bill had bipartisan support as well as the support of the Congressional Black Caucus and other black leaders. If the bill was made against black people then why were black people in support of it? Makes 0 sense.

  5. The don prolly needs a new diaper after this.
    The spin is going to be Bill is unpatriotic by the dimwitted.

    1. Now let’s see where Tom Brady comes down on this. Trump will probably turn around and give it to him — just out of spite. I hope he refuses, too.

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