'Seditious Conspiracy' And The Capitol Hill Attackers | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘Seditious Conspiracy’ And The Capitol Hill Attackers | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Morning Joe panel discusses potential federal criminal statutes that could apply to the insurrection at the D.C. Capitol. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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'Seditious Conspiracy' And The Capitol Hill Attackers | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Patton Moore
      A corporate liberal that appeased the lefts morality police would be a better descriptor i agree. His plan was a 90’s rightwing plan. I also want medicare for all but electing biden wont get us anywhere closer.
      Lol a ‘real leftist’ big cringe, exactly what i mean by moral authoritarian.

    2. @OG Zombie Blunt … funny how you claim the left’s “moral authoritarianism” when you have hundreds of altrightwing conservative fundamentalists on the bench in numerous states as well as the “right-to-life” terrorists… do you honestly believe “medicare for all” will come from the corporate right-wing republicans?…

    3. @Patton Moore
      Trump is more likely to force the corporate democrats out. Taking over from the inside sure isn’t working. AOC votes for pelosi and didn’t use her leverage to force a vote on Medicare for all.
      At least trump hasnt started more unconstitutional foreign wars

    4. @OG Zombie Blunt …trump’s economic disaster and political ineptitude has only strengthened the corporatists in both parties, but particularly the Democrats because they’ve gain a majority as well as the moral high ground… and you do realize that he wanted to attack Iran, right?…

    1. @Liss Clark your claims have been disproven 60 times by the courts and you’re claims are the exact reason this atrocity happened.

    2. He’s found some mouthpiece already today.. Chopper Talk. Dotard is so full of himself, saying that mAnY eXpErTs found his Wed speech “appropriate”. He is still spewing his LIES… just changing the subjects, adding to the chaos. Never ever truthful.

    3. @grin chi we saw with our own eyes the EVIDENCE in real-time who and what happened. Now show me the evidence Trump found when he hired investigators to find a Kenyan birth certificate. He then hired investigators to find EVIDENCE of”millions of illegal votes” from 2016 because he said there was no way he didn’t win the majority. Pause and think before I go on… NONE because if he or anyone found EVIDENCE it would have been wallpapered across America. Every Republican political commercial and Fox would have screamed it from the roof top. Republican senators would have made huge signs to bring to hearings with the evidence printed in bold print. Now let’s fast forward 2020 lots of judges appointed by Trump himself looked at what crap was brought to them and could do nothing because there was NO FACTUAL EVIDENCE! You don’t think they wanted some? I promise you if there were any widespread fraud to our election process TODAY WE WOULD KNOW because the PHYSICAL TANGIBLE EVIDENCE would be there. Republicans called Clinton voters crybabies because they had tangible evidence of Russia infiltrating our social media to sway the minds of Americans by pretending to be the same right wing “right” fighters using the same dangerous violent rhetoric the President has adopted. Make them doubt then make them angry then let em loose. Democrats never doubted the votes. They lost the electoral college in2016. However Clinton had more than THREE MILLION more votes than Trump. They didn’t storm the Senate and bring VIOLENCE and HATE they had the “Million women March” because the evidence presented by TRUMP himself showed sexist racist and let’s be honest anti American behavior. That was a protest. This was an attempt to begin a Civil War. They WILL LOSE just like TRUMP!

    4. So far no one is willing to criminally charge Trump. And, there needs to be more evidence. Solid evidence. Some one knows something. Maybe several people know something, but they need to come forward with evidence.

  1. Yes, call them by their names: liars and traitors. And be careful: There can’t be any “unity” between those criminals and righteous people.

    1. @Mairice Wilson their price to pay will be great. These domestic cowards will sit in jail and beg for their momma.

    2. They killed multiple capital police , They should all be charged with killing cops they were part of the same violent mob , invoke 25th amendment now , all involved in the mob should get the lethal injection or life in prison for killing capital police

    3. @Bidenforthenext8years Pleasewearamask It’s an honor and privilege to serve America. No matter who it what if you reject and seek to violate America you do not get to stay in office at any level. Period.

    4. @Remey Momma He will be relegated to a 2nd tier media sideshow that will devolve into a freak show as he starts to melt down.

    1. @I’m On Your Roof very funny haha. Nice to see some humour inthese dark times.I met Billy Idol at a party way back. Cant remember much haha

    2. I came to the conclusion in the Bush 42 years that the republicans have morphed into a cult that worships GOP presidents and guns. They are more detached from reality now

  2. Does anyone remember many, many years ago when Hillary called Trump’s psycho followers “deplorable”? She got so much heat for that. Seems, once again she was right.

    1. @Deborah Freedman exactly . Trump incited the violence and was directly responsible for the security response. He watched it on TV!! No concern for Congress or even his vice president. He was flattered and happy with the assault.

    2. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Communist Cheater…

    1. Agreed. Freedom of speech should NOT be about giving anyone the right to repeatedly feed dangerous falsehoods or discourse of hate and violence to the public.

      In the UK the media regulator Ofcom ruled in 2017 that Fox News breached the UK broadcasting code for impartiality rules.

      Sky pulled Fox News off the air and Fox News no longer has a broadcasting license in the UK, so they were effectively banned.

    2. Force a name change to Fox Entertainment. They can never use the word News again and must also have a disclaimer that it’s not actually speaking truths.

    3. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Communist Cheater,,

  3. These traitors were not just poor ignorant puppets , a lot are business owners and CEOs of companies , some flew in on private jets .

    1. @DAVID Oh I’m sure your conspiracy delusions insulate you. That’s one of the benefits of avoiding reality.

    2. @shadelings What are these delusions and conspiracy you speak of? Flat earth climate change pandemic russian vaccines? Or maybe racist homophobic xenophobic Nazi’s around every corner waiting to cause a super spreader killing grandma worldwide?

  4. When the president called in to a Republican National Committee breakfast meeting on Thursday morning, he was roundly cheered. The old saying is that “the fish rots from the head,” but the decay in the GOP has reached the tail.

    1. Don’t worry about it because here shortly, there won’t be any Republican Party. We already got half of them on the payroll anyway. One world baby and one party.

    1. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Communist Cheater..

    2. @First Last At this point, I don’t know what you’re talking any more than you do.

      If you have some specifics, I’ll entertain them, but until that point, you’re wasting your time and mine.

  5. Read the gospel: Acts 2: 42-47
    Jesus was a socialist and threw the moneymakers out of the Temple. Evangelicals??? LOL.

    1. I agree.

      But just a teensy-weensy point: Acts isn’t one of the gospels, even though it functions like a sequel to the Gospel of Luke.

  6. Stupid people don’t understand that they are on the wrong side and being manipulated by an evil conman.he will turn on them just as fast.

    1. @Lawrence Smith
      Are you this stupid?
      I actually don’t feel sorry for you.
      Your ignorance must be that of an inbreed.

    2. @Justice For All EXACTLY!!
      BUT where was he and his cronies?
      He didn’t march with them Videos showed them being driven away.
      They got arrested.. did he have their backs? NO.. HE WAS MISSING IN ACTION.
      What about his pardons for them after all, they followed his orders?

    3. He already did lol…Just like every breathing human he as ever encountered. But these dopes thought they would be different..BONKERS!

    1. They should all be charged with killing cops they were part of the same violent mob , invoke 25th amendment now , all involved in the mob should get the lethal injection or life in prison for killing capital police

    2. Understand the existing corruption that seeds both parties ia, blackmail, threats and sellouts.
      Its not hard to imagine over the years, long term politicians have succumed, to anyone interested.
      These people have families and often deep secrets..
      Mitch Mcconell’s wife is chinese and runs a large corporation…
      The countries stragic operations have been hacked because someone left the door open.
      Maybe a female politician who illegally used a blackberry phone on an illegal
      network, someone called Clinton.
      We see it coming to fruition.
      The corporate world and foreign entities who own large shareholdings in CNN, especially are now the viice in your head.

    3. @imacmill
      Why would Trump perform a false flag operation?
      Who would actually gain by doing such a thing, in efforts of getting him out?
      Trump had over a million people legally marching to question a stolen election.
      I have listened to experts, eye witnesses on affidavit, statistical impossibilities, witnessed illegal ballots, not folded, printed wrong, no codes, no signatures.
      I know how they did it and what they used.
      Mainstream says nothing and so you know nothing….
      Facial recognition software has identified several of those rushing the White House as Antifa.
      Video shows them being allowed through…
      How do you divert from a million people asking why they were screwed?
      Create a false flag, using Antifa and then blame it on Trump.
      Psychology 101.
      Trump had already made his point, he didnt have to do this…it would hurt his cause.
      As for civil disobedience, Antifa and BLM have been burning and looting for months.
      Oregon is so fed up with the violence, they are pleading for federal help.
      Mainstream says nothing, but i see the truth by independent new sources, actually there.
      So, nowhere does Trump call for violence, he didnt.
      Someone acts up and you call for impeachment and total censorship, maybe in China.
      The mind is like.a parachute, it must be open to work.

  7. If you haven’t realized by now, that Trump has been lying about everything, the entire time, then you need to go back to school.

    1. Nervous Nancy Pelosi & lying Reprobate Democrats along with Fake News Media incited Violence by Stealing the Election from President Trump and the American People.

    2. @Education is key i saw video of lots of buildings looted and people saying it was wrong. so when did the so called left praised it?

  8. shouldnt each and every one of these traitors be subject to Trumps new “10 Year Minimum Prison Sentence” for “desecrating a Federal Monument or Property??”

    1. They should but, in reality, it’s much more likely he’ll pardon them all.
      These are his foot soldiers.


    3. That law is only for BLM if ur white and destroying property while screaming hang Mike Pence you get a free tour of the Capital and selfies with police

    1. They all be on video Leaving the building… meaning they Illegally Entered Inside. Cuz we don’t actually have Star Trek transporters. We walk on our own two feet. Done and done.

    2. @Bidenforthenext8years Pleasewearamask right.. I thought so too.
      Tar them all with the same brush since they ALL participated by giving credence to others inside illegally.

    3. 20 years for the cops that helped the rioters also. Some of them held open doors. Some of the cops gave directions top offices for them to loot.

  9. “Discusses” is a stretch, this is Joe ranting the whole time. He’s correct, but it’s not exactly a debate 😛

    1. @kage Frank knew what he was getting in to. Notice he doesn’t even bother trying to say anything, just sits there and waits for Joe to run out of breath.

  10. If only I made a dollar everytime someone said BLM protests are way worse than the Zombie MAGApocalypse.

    1. They are equal. Each side thinks that they have a right to violence, destruction, and taking over government property. Our liberal mayor referred to all of this as “A Summer of Love”. But I’m sure you and all Democrats/liberals will defend this as somehow different. Once BLM drove the police out of the East Precinct here in Seattle, they took over a good chunk of a neighborhood and became the law. Then, after about 9 people got shot and killed and the mayor grew a set, they abandoned their claim on the neighborhood/police precinct and let the police back in. BLM is the left’s equivalent of the Patriot Boys. Both sides claim infiltrators from the other side caused all of the damage. BLM got what they wanted and the city council agreed to defund the police. But it kind of backfired because the African-American female chief of police resigned. The riots against the police still continue.


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