Bill criminalizing threats towards health-care workers a 'clear signal' of support 1

Bill criminalizing threats towards health-care workers a ‘clear signal’ of support


Minister O'Regan discusses a new bill to criminalize threatening health-care workers, and implement paid sick leave for federal workers.

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    1. It’s insane this video has more dislikes than likes… there is nothing bad about this, but right wingers feel inclined to attack health care workers, so we need laws…

      The law is only ridiculous because we should have never gotten to a point where right wingers sit outside hospitals to verbally attack health care workers…

    2. @roof pizza _Don’t like the feds attack a doctor or school board member, sounds legit._

      Criticism is an attack now?

      Syme would approve of your rewriting the definition of words for Newspeak.

  1. who would threaten those nurses?! all they want is just a lil tic tok dance to show how deadly the pandemic is 🤤

    1. “we don’t treat our healthcare workers like that” says the guy, but to your point they get suspended or fired for no vacc.
      Flakey, just like the rest of government.

  2. Protesting outside a hospital, harassing healthcare workers is lower than low. They are the same institutions and professionals these morons will invariably turn to when they are in need to save their lives and those whom they care about. Despicable! New bill? Bring it on!

  3. Threatening the nurses and doctors loss of employment if they do not take the injections is a bit intimidating. More than a less than rowdy hockey fan protest.

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