Bill Gates faces conduct accusations amid divorce, report says 1

Bill Gates faces conduct accusations amid divorce, report says


Bill Gates's 2020 resignation from Microsoft's board of directors came after the board hired a law firm to investigate a romantic relationship he had with a Microsoft employee, according to new reporting from the Wall Street Journal. CNN's Christine Romans reports. #CNN #News


  1. Their divorce didn’t rock the world. People went on with their lives literally seconds after finding out…

    1. @Cool Breeze exactly I think they are covering up something to shadow block a deeper story than this. I smell a skunk cause something is cooking.

    1. @carpballet oh so you have Bill Gates on speed dial, yet your on some random YouTube news channel interacting with the plebs/rabble

  2. Saw a rich man rich and powerful man philandered around didn’t think the rules apply to him wow that’s a really unique story

    1. @OhKay at least both women were aware of it and accepted it. It’s not fair or right when some people are left out of the loop.

  3. Sounds like the Gates’ had a similar “ marriage” as the Clintons . More of a business relationship.

    1. @V G no, CNN is trying to get our eyes OFF of the island by offering this lesser story.

      The commenters are seeing through the faux controversy. Guess we know who’s side you’re on.

    2. @74 Rowe so a story on sexual misconduct will distract you from other sexual misconduct? yep sounds very logical. It’s Not like the human brain will connect two ideas that are schematically IDENTICAL. Friend no need to respond and make yourself look dumber.

  4. This is the guy we are taking guidance from, he couldn’t even be loyal to his wife . And we expect him to be loyal to us lmao

    1. @Aquarian Love this isn’t about trump dude , we aren’t talking about him get that through your head

    2. @Idk Idk Then you agree we shouldn’t listen to Trump because he cheated on his wife correct? Since that is your argument. Anyone who cheats on their wife shouldn’t be listened too.

  5. I believe this is a distraction. Their divorce will still leave her with half of the money. That way when hes prosecuted the whole family won’t be broke

    1. @Juelian Winters Hello I was just going through this page, when I saw your comment and I decided to click on your account I really love your post they are so exciting, it will be a pleasure to hear from you.

    2. More like epsiten ties. You aren’t getting fired because of that.. there is sometime more that happened that he left Microsoft so suddenly

  6. It’s weird how suddenly Gates is public enemy #1 within the media. Just seems odd that for decades he was a golden child, and now every time I turn on my computer there is some new allegation.

    1. @Marble Garden So it’s decided by you: Americans must trust their lives and freedom to a cheating oligarch. Funny how Democrats hated that idea when Trump was elected.

    2. @Doug H You are so stuck in your black and white conservative brainwash machine that you can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m not even American. News flash, the entire planet agrees with your Democrats because they live in reality and accept science and reason. Also very strange to see a supposed Republican complain Democrats want an oligarch. Republicans have devoted themselves to a single man, a reality tv star billionaire who literally covers everything in gold including his New York penthouse toilet, and the entire planet says he’s a con man, including members of the Republican Party who refuse to lie that the election was stolen. You people literally want to destroy your own democracy, and the call Democrats “radical” for simply upholding the rule of law and trying to bring you the social comforts we already enjoy around the world. But apparently, the “richest country in the world” where people can’t even afford healthcare is too busy running a phone campaign against “socialism” to help their own people. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, you and your Orange Julius! You want to decry everyone an “elite” because you can’t accept that some opinions are actually more valid than those the GOP feed you. You’re probably using a Windows computer right now, and then you call Bill Gates an oligarch?? Why, because he warned the planet about the pandemic years in advance and was 100% correct. Whereas Trump completely bungled the entire thing at the expense of 500,000 American lives. Wow!

    3. @Marble Garden Like I said, you want Americans to trust a cheating oligarch to control their lives. Nothing in your rant addresses this fact. Please keep your big government agenda and socialist/globalist values to yourself.

    1. @Katrina P “Sex cults can’t possibly exist, it’d be too easy for the information to get out.” *Information gets out* “This is literally proof that there’s no sex cult, because sex cults would never let this information get out. This is proof that Bill Gates can’t keep it in his pants.”

      I bet you think Uncle Jeff roped himself too.

    2. @1-800-GOOD-AIM you’re misunderstanding. I’m just saying it wouldn’t be a secret if it’s literally not a secret. You are the crazy people accusing many people with no proof whatsoever.

    3. @Katrina P So is every single instance of this “fake society” falling apart after their primary Traffickers got caught just more proof that there is no society? Is there ever a tipping point with you where you go “Oh here’s Bill Gates actually pictured with Jeff on his Island, maybe the crazy unbelievable rumors are true, huh.” Or do you just plan on pretending that there’s nothing absolutely fucking strange going on with a disproportionate amount of rich people, Politicians and celebrities getting caught up and connected with a group that was absolutely proven to be doing some weird stuff on an Island. What about all the under-30 people who’ve come out about their experiences on that island? Are they all just fibbing? Just a fun little game of “Bill touched my butthole!”for the attention?

    4. @1-800-GOOD-AIM I do believe the people including the Jane doe that says trump and epstein raped her at the age of 13. However there is no such picture of Bill Gates at his island. When there is I’ll believe it. But don’t think for one second you are doing this out of some sort of justice seeking. You all are just psychotic.

  7. I haven’t gotten out of bed since I heard the news of Bill & Melinda’s divorce. It completely shattered my world.

    1. Me too. I haven’t left my apartment since hearing the news. Actually, I had a premonition some time ago and as a result, haven’t left my apartment in more than a year.

  8. Hey babe. Going to hang with jeffyboy and have some fun. Here is a new magnet for the fridge.

    1. Hello I was just going through this page, when I saw your comment and I decided to click on your account I really love your post they are so exciting, it will be a pleasure to hear from you.

  9. This divorce rocked my world! I don’t know what to do anymore, is love even real lol
    Really? I can bet regular people can care less

    1. yes, but not every, maybe just most.
      AND, it often does depend also also on her (actions or non-actions)!
      => are there options left with the partner?

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