Bipartisan Agreement Reached For Congressional Jan. 6 Commission

NBC's Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill where a bipartisan agreement has been reached for a commission to look into the events of the Capitol riot on January 6.
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  1. I will actually call this a failure if they do not oust anyone in Congress because even Stevie Wonder could see that this was an inside job from the beginning.

    1. @Jerry P no I didn’t but you need to go thank your little brother for subscribing to your channel so that you at least have one subscriber with absolutely no content on your channel 🦧🦧

    2. @Jerry P How many Republicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

      None, Trump just says the light always worked and they all sit in the dark and clap.

    1. If it’s truly like the 9/11 one, it will only include former office holders & security experts, no Jim Jordan or AOC, etc. The idea was that the less politicized the committee, the more Americans that would trust the final report & the more likely it was to be a big part of the historic record.

    2. @H K S I believe your comment reflects my concern that Republicans may have agreed to a bipartisan commission in order to derail it. Of course, both parties are inclined to partisanship.

    1. @Chris Williams Now Marjorie Trailer Queen is denying that there ever was a January 6th. She’s saying that jewish space lasers eliminated that day and the calendar went right from the 5th to the 7th.

      And the MyPillow guy has all the proof!

  2. Calling it “agreement” is a bit of a stretch. We all know that the GOP doesn’t really want to look into it. They want to continue to gaslight people into thinking that it was just a peaceful demonstration (it wasn’t) over the election being stolen (again no). They will continue to deflect, misdirect, and gaslight to avoid taking responsibility.

    1. @may wilson The Senate’s permission is not needed for the House to conduct an investigation.

    2. @Constituent A The Senate has to approve, The Commission….If 10 Republicans vote for the Commission, [ in the House ] Senate has to bring it to a vote and can not Filibuster, The Bill….I received this information right of the House floor…

    3. @Corey Ham Watch C-Span. They have Senate Floor on one channel and House on another…It is viewed live…You see and hear everything…LOL I use to watch when republicans in Majority…Moscow Mitch would go back in chamber after everyone else left, and do his dirty deals. That is how no bills made it on the floor..

  3. I’m suspicious. I have to assume that Republicans have only agreed to a commission because they’ve finally worked out a way to totally undermine it from within. It’s probably not a coincidence that this was announced on the same day that Elise “Eva Braun” Stefanik has replaced Liz Cheney.

    1. @Michael P The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has stated that no one currently serving in Congress will be allowed on this committee. All members are to be experts in civil liberties, intelligence, law enforcement, etc. and be outside of the political class that is the current Congress.

    1. McCarthy has probably been sitting on McConnell’s lap taking lying lessons from the Grand Master.

  4. The crown of thorns for Cheeto Jesus will be all those discarded chicken bones from KFC strung together with floss that he never uses on his putrid smelling dentures 🤮

  5. The GYM JORDANS and PAUL GOSAR NAZIS will refute, cry 😭, scream 🗣, and say Jan 6 was disneyland day

    1. @James Alexander I don’t know how any decent American could have watched the events of January 6th and not felt like America was on the verge of being toppled from within. To pretend that it was a “peaceful” activity by a bunch of “tourists” is the most disingenuous thing I’ve ever heard.

    2. @James Alexander The shocking aspect is across the landscape of issues with Republican politicians support and repeat the lies. It is create a lie, and everyone sticks to it, coordinated by those at the top, starting with Trump and spreading down to McCarthy and McConnell, and others. Then it is repeated hourly by far right media like Fox News.

    3. @James Alexander This is the approach what was made infamous during the 30s by dictators and written in George Orwell’s novels of a dystopian society. The Republican party is going down the path towards autocracy for America, an ugly frightening future for a once proud democracy.

    4. @Dino I realize you have been taught to respond “What about BLM?” whenever the subject of the failed insurrection comes up and you do it like all the others – because you’re not sheeple.

  6. I think we already know how this commission is going to go.

    Democrats – “let’s look at what happened, what led up to it, and the main players.”

    Republicans – “BLM…..antifa!……..HUNTER BIDEN’S laptop!!!!”

  7. How do you get a bipartisan commission when republicans say it was a tourist event instead off what it was, a terrorist event? 100% chance they are going to pick some clowns on the republican side like Jim “Trump Jr” Jordan.

  8. In my opinion, this commission’s blueprint should be consistent with the Presidential Commisions that investigated the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident, The Space Shuttle Challenger Accident, and the BP Offshore fire and oil spill.

  9. Kevin McCarthy has no interest in investigating the events that nearly destroyed our democracy because too many of his cohorts had a hand in it!

    1. Republicans will bring their best pretzel logic and denialism to the commission. Oh, that and lying under oath.

    2. Awakening with Susan. Exactly! I’m willing to bet that whoever gave the MAGA crazies that tour of the Capitol the day before the riot (when ALL tours had been cancelled since March because of Covid-19) is really worried about an investigation. Also whoever sabotaged Ayanna Presley’s wall-mounted panic button apparatus might be getting a bit nervous. And guess who was on the phone giving up Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts. All those working the insurrection from the inside. They don’t want any investigation that will expose them for who they truly are!

    3. Kevin McCarthy won’t have much to say… his lips are still firmly locked on trump’s hind parts.

  10. Pretty amazing they’ve agreed on anything, I’ll believe it when I see it actually happen.

  11. Look no matter what they do no REAL justice will come of this. So sick of the lieing.

  12. Kevin McCarthy, Lauren Bobert, Marjorie Taylor Green, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Mo Brooks, and the rest of the Sedition Coalition just shat their pants, BIGLY!

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