Fmr. CDC Director On Mask Lift: We Can See The End Of Pandemic Coming

Former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the CDC's announcement that fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to physically distance or wear a mask indoors. Frieden says he wasn't surprised by the decision and that "we can see light at the end of the tunnel."
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  1. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, wow, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

    1. Aedammair Ornóra <— Don't be all upset that you're waaaaay too old for Matt Gaetz to pay you money and to travel with him.😅

  2. The experiment called democracy has run its course. It has failed. Either Trump and his goons are innocent or this government is so corrupt and unable to defend itself from a clear and present danger from within that it is utterly useless. The experiment is over accept your responsibility and it’s failure because we did not cherish it enough

  3. Common sense (individually), issuing timely administrative
    rules and regulations upon the CDC recommendations –
    outside of this, keep politics out of health science, PLEASE!

    1. I’m calling an early call? Spoken like an anti-truth, anti-science, anti-reality, anti-global-warming, anti American’s right to vote, anti there was no voter fr@ud; QRumpliKKKlan with a de@th wish.

    1. @Mutton Chops <------------hater of women . His boyfriend left him for a woman hes upset

    2. @Mutton Chops P.s. i know you got more degrees than me b/c your a libby but its spelled conservative

      Liberals are truly very intelligent….

  4. I’m still gonna wear 3 masks, especially when I’m in the shower and when I go scuba diving. It’s so scary! I even have my cat wear a mask. Gotta stay safe and trust the science💪🏾

    1. @Deborah Freedman No, I’m not taking an experimental jab. Because of you I’m now going to wear 5 masks… I must trust the science!!!

  5. I “identify” as fully vaccinated; therefore, I no longer have to wear a mask.

    Once again, leftists, you made the rules.

  6. A New poll showed that President Biden has a 71% approval rating on his handing of covid. 96% of Democrats approve, 59% of independents approve, and 47% of Republicans approve. 47% OF REPUBLICANS!!!!

  7. Having read the YouTube comments associated with the “Masks Off” message, I see more fully vaccinated people wanting to keep wearing the mask and more never vaxers saying, they will just say they’re vaccinated and go shoulder to shoulder to big events. I predict an uptick in cases, depending on what happens in large venue events.

  8. These comments are crazy. It’s like I’m watching ppl lose part of their identity by lifting guidelines. If your identity is wrapped up in feeling better because you do or don’t wear masks, their is something wrong with you. If you think if you someone is dangerous Bc they do or don’t wear masks, something is wrong with you. If you screamed follow science for the mandates but are now ignoring it, something is wrong with you. And if you never believed the science but are now pointing to it as an example to not wear masks, there is something wrong with you!!!

  9. Ok yall did it, I’m getting that dang vaccine monday! Shoot, if it means no mask mostly, then yep. I was waiting for the data to start coming in. Beck going to the movies this summer! But my mask will probably be on in the gym public bathrooms this year was to crazy. Wow , an end in sight being possible so we are then able to help the rest of the world is a dream. I’m hoping it’s a dream come true.

  10. OK, now that those of us who are fully vaccinated, can go maskless, we need a better way to prove our vaccination, than those lame CDC cards. Let the vaccinated shop, and go to the gym, attend theaters, etc. while the unvaccinated are kept out.

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