Businesses Grapple With Mask Requirements After CDC Lifts Guidance

Companies and employers now face new questions about their own mask requirements after the CDC announced Thursday that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks indoors. CNBC “Squawk Box” co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin, National Retail Federation President & CEO Matt Shay, and former White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jason Furman joined Stephanie Ruhle to break down how the business world will try and navigate the guidance.
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    1. I honestly don’t think we would have this mask problem to the extent that it is if Trump had never been elected!

  1. Anti-vaxxers (mostly trumpets & Republicans) will go around spreading covid and lie that they are vaccinated. The virus will spread over the summer and CDC will be back on masks by August.

    1. @Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises The CDC cant mandate masks and even if they tried half of Arizona wouldnt wear one anyway

    2. @CJ K As long as you anti-vaxxers spread Covid to each other, I’m fine with that. Vaccinations are a choice and each one of us will bear the consequences of our choice.

    3. @Hayle Seyton You didn’t do very well in the “reading comprehension” portion of the SATs, did you?

    4. Oh, no, I won’t lie. I’m proud to say I didn’t take the experimental jab. Kinda like how you guinea pigs love to announce you got the non FDA experimental jab. And I’m neither Republican of Trump supporter.

    1. You’re exactly right. If you don’t want the business, you don’t get the business. Good luck.

    2. @N 827 Trump will be in Jail be 2024, he will win queen there maybe. So far he has lost more than won anything, especially court cases! LOL Good luck with that dream.

    3. Remember when persons with HIV and AIDS were denied full participation in society due to fear, stereotypes, and prejudice? It’s sad to see a lot of us have fallen back to that type of regressive lunacy.

    4. Great. What’s your shop’s name? So, I can avoid it. Amazing, with an attitude like that anyone would want to shop there. I’ll help you out and tell other’s not to go either.

  2. I just can’t see the safety of shopping in a Macy orDillards big box 3 floor concrete building without windows where many have touched items and tried on clothes . Without a mandatory mask at this time.

  3. Place signs at businesses welcoming those wearing masks. No mask means no entry. How can people be so no account as to not wear a mask to protect others?

    1. @Move on Over CDC recommendations are just that—recommendations. The decisions businesses make depend on the status of state and local mask mandates where they’re located. If your locality requires indoor masks, you’ll be denied service if you enter without a mask. So, holster your attitude and chill.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas and there’s no mask mandate in my state it’s all done MoveOn and conform sheep

    3. businesses have been hit hard this past year. They won’t risk alienating a group and lose business.

    4. Well, if you actually read the studies on masks and viral infections, you wouldn’t be saying that.

    1. @Hard Rocker NO! Fully vaccinated…when mr. Fauci shows me the numbers that I can spread it I will consider it.

    2. Remember when persons with HIV and AIDS were denied full participation in society due to fear, stereotypes, and prejudice? It’s sad to see a lot of us have fallen back to that type of regressive lunacy.

  4. Houaehold savings are up? really? I did not know that with so many not able to pay their bills.

  5. I am pretty much always going to wear a mask in public as long as sick people w colds, etc wont protect their fellow citizens…

    1. @Ted Roe What a paranoid life. It seems that everyone has forgotten they have in an immune system that is far more powerful and capable than any vaccine that could ever be produced. In fact keeping things too sanitized and too clean is even more dangerous to your immune system then slowly exposing yourself to the various amounts of bacteria you would be exposed to otherwise. But then again everyone believes the TV doctors and all knowing western medicine.

    2. @Daniel Tomczak yet, I go out and get sick because others are contagious then I am contagious to infect an elder, or a person w weakened immunity…. how selfish of you.

    3. @Daniel Tomczak lol… like a lot of faux Alphas, you think you are being strong when you are being insensitive. Even worse, others see it but you can’t because you have no insight skills. So you puff like you are strong but truly strong people mop the floor w you in every part of your life.

    4. @Ted Roe wow quite a bit of assumptions. It’s quite telling that my individuality and freedom of choice infuriates you to the point of blind immature insult. Your arrogance is on full display, have fun bending the knee to fear. And also bending over to overreaching institutions.

  6. Well it’s hard because you don’t know whos been vaccinated or not. We tried to come up with proof of vaccinations with a card or something, but the far right started crying that it’s discrimination and taking away freedom and all that BS.

    1. Remember when persons with HIV and AIDS were denied full participation in society due to fear, stereotypes, and prejudice? It’s sad to see a lot of us have fallen back to that type of regressive lunacy.

  7. Agree with these companies. They need to protect their workers and maintain mask mandate in store’s, etc.

  8. As a business, they can require people to show proof of vaccination card to enter their premises, that is THEIR First Amendment rights! They are responsible for their business, their customers, their employees. If they decide that having vaccinated people in their restaurant to lessen the anxiety of ALL their guests and employees is THAT Business’s decision. If people don’t want to wear mask or follow the business regulations, they can go elsewhere. They are still FREE to do what they want, just not at THAT business.

    A business can require ALL their employees be vaccinated, and if people don’t want to, they should not be working for that business, they can look for work elsewhere.

  9. Highly doubt they require proof. You run way too many risks in angering customers, which means less business. Even people who have their proof on them might get “offended”, especially if i.d. is required to prove the proof is actually theirs. I just don’t see businesses taking the chance

  10. In other words, the rest of us who are vaccinated deserve to get back to work. The anti/unvaccinated ones have made their choice. Time to move on. If they catch it, spread it or die from’s no skin off our backs 😆

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