Pete Williams On Gaetz Associate’s Plea Deal

Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg is expected to plead guilty in case that led to the sex-trafficking investigation against the Florida congressman. The plea change, which is scheduled for Monday, indicates that Greenberg will cooperate with the government. Pete Williams reports.
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    1. I think they already tried that. Claiming that they hadn’t recently been close even though the stuff is from 2018-19.

    2. Yeah, they just engaged in drug laced orgies. Nothing out of the ordinary for “complete strangers”

    3. Didn’t Greenberg, the corrupt Republican tax collector, just get coffee for Gaetz or something?

  1. “They’re Not After Me, They’re After You. Your Daughter Was Just In The Way”, Matt Gaetz

    1. @Steven Turner Autumn is correct. This investigation began under Trump. Would you care to elaborate your position with that information at hand?

    2. @Steven Turner The investigation was started under Bill Barr and apparently had enough credibility that he would not attend events with or be photographed alongside Gaetz.

  2. I cant WAIT FOR MATTY BOI to be hustled out of bed 🛌( with his gf) at 5 am by the police 👮‍♀️
    Hopefully theyll alert the media

    1. Hopefully they’ll get “his” girlfriend a happy meal to distract her from what’s going on…

    1. If the dem o rats fessed up to there crimes an either resigned or went to prison there would be no dem o rats left

    2. @Bunter Hiden If somebody has evidence that Cuomo committed crimes, yeah. Why wouldn’t he face charges?

    3. @Jeff Connor Gaetz faces a credible threat so of course the wingnuts are in deflection mode! How predictable 🙄

    4. @FDM 215 He murdered thousands of elderly folks by forcing nursing homes to take covid-infected people, putting the most vulnerable at risk, all to drive up the death count. 🥴🤡

  3. Oh my little Mattie might want to look into purchasing himself a chastity belt. like the one the Putin put on diaper filler Don in Helsinki.

  4. Remember folks, the CDC still advises parents keep their daughters at least six feet away from Matt Gaetz.

    1. The trump cult learned a magic phrase that makes reality disappear, “fake news”. It fixes any corruption trump and/or the GOP get exposed for.

    2. @ Rod We’ll see about that Trumpiest!! In the meantime I’m gonna get my popcorn because this is just the beginning…

    1. @Kirk R
      That’s ok. It’ll hurt his feelings anyway. He won’t be able to jump on his jet and go anywhere whenever he wants. And his precious resort will just be a distant memory

    2. @Kirk R At some point the DOJ will make an example out of one of these clowns. I bet Matty is first.

  5. “How much trouble is he in?”
    Well, if he wasn’t well connected and rich he would be in custody right now but since he will be tried in the upper tier justice system, he isn’t in much trouble at all.

    1. @bearly traincot Guy. How many times? If Matt Haetz is charged, tried and convicted he reaps the consequences of his choices. I have zero problems witcrimes.

      Again, the Teump/McConnell/Gaetz types anger me for what they did to my party. As men in politics, I wouldn’t defend them.

      As of right now he has not so much as been charged with any crimes though. If he us, it will be his fault. Though as victims go, a 17 year old knows what she’s doing when she goes on ‘companion platforms to sell herself for clothes and nice meals and travel. If she were over 18 she and Gaetz would be moral equivalents.

    2. @Jody Owen it doesn’t matter how loose you are when you are a minor, you are not of consenting age. I’m not convicting Gaetz of anything. I’m just saying that’s the buzz and she wasn’t a woman and I’m not a guy lol

  6. “They know he paid me to pay the girls, and that he and I both had [relations] with the girl who was [a minor at the time].”
    — Message from Joel Greenberg to Roger Stone
    Greenberg even warned his buddies, saying, “Everyone is going to need a lawyer.”.

    1. Even a hand written note same exact situation. Also receipts of payment to these women. Dude is so done. But I really dont think he’ll go to jail. He’ll plead the 5th and let it go. That’s how politics work.

  7. The feds dropped 27 of 33 charged against Greenberg. He must have given them a wheelbarrow full of dirt on Gaetz. Uh oh.

    1. So you are saying a pedophile is ok and they just want a political figure! That’s messed up!

    2. @Kevin Turner When a US congressman commits multiple felonies they don’t care about the local tax man.

    3. @Terry Michaels Guilt by association? You think that’s all that’s at play here? Maybe in the court of public opinion. But we’re talking about federal court. What does the term, “He’s my wingman” say to you? What’s a wingman, princess? That’s almost public admission by Gaetz, right there. And I’m looking forward to the explanation of all the Venmo transactions. You don’t seem to understand that federal prosecutors don’t cut plea deals– especially in high-profile cases — if they haven’t already proven to themselves that they can corroborate the testimony being provided to them and make a case stick. I’d like to say that at some point you’re going to have to wake up. But you don’t have to wake up. You can continue to be the same credulous chump that you are for the rest of your life as long as it suits you. But don’t imagine that your ridiculous whining convinces anyone of the legitimacy of your point-of-view.

  8. Maybe if the media starts reporting that this all took place in the non-existent basement of a pizza joint, the Q people would care about an actual child in danger of an actual predator.

  9. Anybody remember how outraged Republicans were over the Al Franken “scandal”?! Of a comedian being in a photograph that SUGGESTED an inappropriate act years before he was in government!
    Oooohhhh how times have changed!! Can anyone say HYPOCRITES?!

    1. @Terry Dever like in claiming Russian interference and having then buying blank ballots from China?

    2. @Tessmage Tessera au contraire they care about right and wrong in the democratic party but not in the republican party in the republican party anything goes the bigger the lie the better they like it!!!!!

    3. Only a small minority of Republicans have any interest in the truth and they are being purged from the party because they hurt trumpy’s little feelings.

    1. @Bunter Hiden : You’re missing the subtle changes that have occurred. For example, we have a straight Attorney General now.

    2. @hpqz hpqz Remember, you’re watching MSNBC (a.k.a. Propaganda Central). This is just another “blue anon” wish list item that will never materialize. 🥴🤡

    3. @weantoine Actually, it looks like it’s YOUR diaper that needs to be changed.

  10. Prosecution knows that they will challenge Greensburg credibility so he has had to give them undeniable proof or they wouldn’t even give him a deal🇺🇸

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