Stefanik Replaces Cheney In GOP House Leadership

House Republicans on Friday elected Rep. Elise Stefanik as conference chair, the No. 3 GOP member in the House. She is replacing Rep. Liz Cheney, who was ousted for her public rebuke of former President Donald Trump.
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    1. Exactly. What a gang of groveling sycophants. Would have posted an emoji of a dog here – but thought better of it. Risked being censored for animal mistreatment… Perhaps a cautious oink will do? 😳🐽

  1. And the madness and fall of the Republican Party continues! Trump’s wasn’t a blessing! He’s a curse that they’re to selfish to realize! The fall of the Republican Party is eminent!

    1. @Irene Matson I call Total B.S. on you. Don’t tell me about a book when I know you are too stupid to even read! I know you can’t read because you are still trying to argue after FACTS ONLY posted in DETAIL all the issues with Biden the last 4 short months! Like I said you are a moron on steroids! The days of the quite consecrative are OVER!

    2. @Tyler I happen to read a lot. You’ve no idea how old I am. We can agree to disagree. Now I’d appreciate if you would just leave me alone I don’t like tRump never have and never will. I’m entitled to my opinion!

    3. It will take decades for the republican party to come back. This is the result of the 4 years of Trump. You should believe when some republicans say that Trump ruined the party. If the party split following these internal feuds, the winners will be the democrats for many years to come

    1. @J. Whisper And Jimmy Carter really fixed things, didn’t he? lmao. Biden’s even a bigger disaster than Carter.

    2. @soylentdean! Carter was a graduate of the Naval Academy and served. He concentrated on social issues and problems. Yes, he suffered setbacks in his time including Iran Hostage crisis. He was Governor of Georgia. He continues his work for people with projects like Habitat for Humanity. He was a farmer. You can’t compare him to Bonespurs in any way!

  2. What a state the GOP has become where the only qualification for a leadership role within the House is fealty to Trump. The transformation from political party to cult is complete.

    1. @FACTS ONLY oh wow a Russian hack that the right acknowledges?

      Biden also championed peace? Would a tweet be more forthcoming? How about sending one of his children as a diplomat?

      Job market struggling to come back from a crisis that could have been avoided had the prior administration inacted some kind of response, and acknowledged the dangers instead of passing the buck to individual states and attacking experts?

      26 women suing Trump?

    2. @FACTS ONLY did u stay up all night to come up with this bull. The biggest hack In America history happen on Trump watch. It’s a private company has nothing to do with Biden, stop watching Fox, Newsmax. And stop lying, we have a new virus on u right wingers, it’s called the Lying virus. Lol

    3. @Luis Rosales
      She said it herself. We are behind trump all the way. No if and or buts in the whole statements.
      If these isn’t a cult. It sure is doing everything they can too make you believe it is.
      It’s very convincing.

    4. @soylentdean
      That’s the problem. You like his policies too much.
      That puts you in a really bad club.

    1. @flowerz Laugh while you can. The best is yet to come and then you will be crying harder than the day Trump got elected. Just wait and see. It’s coming.

    2. @Luis Rosales
      The gop is forcing us too pick sides. And as an independent voter. The gop will never get my vote with trump as the head of the party.
      The more radical they get. The smaller their base gets.

    3. @FACTS ONLY
      Biden has only been in office 3 months.
      Trump had 4 yrs too fix the same problems.

    1. @FACTS ONLY Corporate America can raise their prices anytime they want to an they usally do! It’s called Corporate Greed! They wanna raise their prices but don’t want to pay a living wage! The southern red Republican states has the lowest paying jobs in America! This only benefits Corporate America does absolutely nothing for working class Americans!

  3. I’m disgusted that my first name is in her last name.

    Edit: Stebbi is a common nickname for Stefan, just in case anyone is confused

    1. Could be much worse, Stebbi, trust me. Yesterday I exchanged comments with a certain Kevin, who was frustrated over the same christian name as McCarthy, while I fought back with (Tom) Cotton, who’s regularly a danger to my blood pressure. Perhaps we should both be glad not to have been christened Ronda and Ron… 🤬🤬🤬

  4. She is lying, every word that came from her mouth is a lie. We humans have the perception of knowing when someone is lying

    1. She was polite and thanked people that voted for her and said she would represent them. I thought her speech was good. I’m sure her road to that position took a lot of hard work and it’s disrespectful to just say LIAR when she really didn’t even say anything that could have been lied about. Are you even a real person?

    2. @Dennis Esguerra it’s so sad how you treat women, did your mother treat you that bad, so you treat women like that. Shame on you

    3. @Peluche Garcia Let’s be clear here….If Donald Trump would have conceded the election rather than lying about it the riot would have never happened and those 6 ppl who were killed in the attack would still be alive….The Republican Party and Donald Trump’s stupid lies are the reason why 6 Americans are now dead from the January 6th MAGA terrorist attack

    4. @Dennis Esguerra
      Trump talked himself into this mess. Let’s see if he can talk his way into prison too.
      His ego has always been his worst enemy.

  5. The only reason why stephanic took over that seat because of the fact that she’s kissing Trump’s butt she has nothing to do with real leadership this is just cementing Trump’s posing power grab in American politics still

  6. Yes, we’ll see how long that lasts. She is talking about ‘unity’?? Really. What a hypocrite.

  7. When they say unity she mean only the republicans. They don’t work well with others. The GOP are only for the rich. The hard working people is only a front. They don’t anything for us.

    1. Their idea of “unity” now is “United in lock-step and full worship for Donald Trump, & anyone who deviates from the Pro-Trump agenda will be punished, censured, and cancelled.”

    2. “The GOP are only for the rich” Is propaganda BS to miniplate the brainless. The statement in itself is pure ignorance.

    3. @Roger Ramjet No that’s actually a fact. The GOP passed a $2 trillion tax cut for the rich while the poor and middle class got nothing. Then in 2020, the small businesses and poor weren’t able to get unemployment insurance because the GOP secretly gave the rich another tax cut. Then President Biden’s American Rescue package actually gave the poor and middle class a tax break and at least a $1400 check and the GOP was strongly against that. So that’s not “propaganda BS to minipulate the brainless”, it’s a hardcore fact that people like you refuse to face.

    1. @soylentdean I guess you don’t know. Stefaniks Dist LOST residents every year she has been
      in office. AS well, the dist. has had only 1 Dem. Rep since the civil war. And NY STATE GAINED 800,000 residents from 2010-2020 in the latest census, NY POPULATION up 4.2%.
      Stefanik the psychotic has been an outright FAILURE, she just goes on tour for tRump, thats it! TOTAL FAILURE. Most who work in Elises dist. work in prisons.

    2. @soylentdean … Wow! You cut Anti flo to the core with that one. I wish I had a wit like you.

    3. @soylentdean Sure, because my party is the one that tried to overthrow a Democratic election when they didn’t like the results and stormed the US Capitol right?

      My party supports a wanna-be dictator and racist clown for the White House right?

      Go back to your trailer park and STFU sport!

  8. “No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” 
    — Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

    1. 👏👏👏👏👏 Great to read something different in the typical quotes provided by others. Good job 👍

    2. Much like Biden represented himself to the American people as a moderate then proceeded to enact a far left radical agenda. The very definition of two faced.

    3. I’m not sure I’d agree with that. The republicans have successfully done just that for years. Being able to say white is black and vice versus is part of the GOP DNA!

    4. trialdoggy ……That is an absolutely brilliant quote. But it says “No man”. Unfortunately these Republicans are not men or women. They have shown themselves to be gutless, spineless sheep who stand for nothing. Which is why they can be so easily manipulated by a loser, orange con-man. They don’t know it yet but they will get pounded in 2022. The economy will be in great shape and too many people have left their party for them to ever catch up. The party of Gaetz and Greene.

  9. Their stacking the deck, liers , crook & cons. Out in the open, each & everyone pushing the big lie needs to be voted out as soon as possible.

    1. The Big Lie is in the process of being exposed starting with the Maricopa County election audit. You cannot deny the truth.

  10. GOP has no soul…Sad…lies over truth will never win…Go Cheney we make me proud as a woman…all the way from the Caribbean…lies never will win over truth!

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