Military Sexual Assault Bill Gets Supermajority Support

A bill that would change the way the military prosecutes sexual assault has earned the bi-partisan backing of 61 senators, meaning it has cleared the filibuster. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, and Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, join Morning Joe to discuss.
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  1. Over 10 years to pass laws that should have taken less than 10 months. What are they doing in the House and Senate?

    1. @Bat Boy oh just go pound sand and get your news someplace else which you don’t do since you are here trolling.

    2. That was my first thought…why 10 years to do something about such a horrific crime?!?!?!!!

    3. Have you not been listening to anything McConnell and his fellow Republicans have been saying for the last 16 years? They’re not about making any changes, least of all those beneficial to the average American. Mitch has taken pride in being the grim reaper and killing bill after bill and has openly stated on multiple occassions that his primary goal is to obstruct, not construct.

    1. @Daniel Gallegos That’s republicans for you. It’s really sad that this fellow is an outlier in the republican party.

    2. @Mister Hat absolutely not. I wouldn’t even bring that up. The governor or New York has 9 allegations, yet White House and most not all democrats looked the other way. Not just that but he’s hidden evidence from an pending investigation about nursing homes and COVID

  2. One thing Gillibrand didn’t point out is that far too many officers IN the chain of command are the actual assaulters.

    1. @Lucy Buehl
      I believe that was implied, but yes: it’s one reason that a system outside the chain of command is necessary.

    2. @The Flame Fist God never said it was. Your belief in the imaginary sky goblin is very funny.

    3. @Dixon Uranus You mean of course the last one. “Grab em by the pu%%y, that one ?
      You know the multi time loser…

  3. The same type of separation should be forced upon the police department and it’s unions and taking 10 years or more to get this solved it’s stupid Congress should’ve done something about this along time ago as well as doing something about the police it’s not a few bad apples it’s the entire group it’s the culture

  4. FINALLY! How stupid is it to have the organization that harbors the criminals do the prosecution and monitoring of the criminals.

  5. I don’t know if erradication is likely, but it is certainly a good goal. If you aim for the trunk you’ll never hit the crown.

  6. Vanessa Guillén was a 20-year-old U.S. Army soldier who was murdered on April 22, 2020 inside a Fort Hood, Texas, armory by another enlisted soldier, Aaron David Robinson

    1. This is just one of many legislative efforts that have gone blocked by the GOP. It doesn’t matter how good the legislative effort is, if it was introduced by a Democrat, it was blocked.

  7. “Takes the cases outside the chain of command?” Good – the chain of command is often part of the problem.

  8. How long till Tucker Carlson says this is bad? If he thinks pregnant women are an insult to the uniform he never wore, he has to hate this.

  9. This has taken 10 YEARS!!!???
    That’s just obscene!
    But thank goodness there is finally some action!

  10. The military is like the preverbal “BOYS CLUB”.
    How dare the girls crash their party

  11. The commanders of the units sweep it under the rug so it doesn’t show up on his record instead of addressing the issues.

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