1. @Seventy8
      Many lost their jobs after their outbursts went viral. That outcome is a warning to others.

    2. Wearing a mask is a sign of weakness and following orders from a bunch of hypocrites and government indoctrination science propaganda agenda

    3. @Kenny Shepard
      You lack discipline. People like you are the reason America can’t win a war.

  1. I feel like singing! (You don’t want that.) But I’m still gonna wear a mask. Otherwise how can I rob the stagecoach?

    1. 12 people in Hawaii got it from a group who was singing without masks. Don’t they watch what happened in churches to their choirs?

  2. And let’s all just forget about the possibility of a mutated version of the virus which the current vaccine may or may not be effective against.

    1. If you watched the whole video of Paul and Dr. Falsy. Instead of the edited for the sheep version from msnbc, you’d know they are working on one 15 times more powerful right now.

  3. How do u know whose vaccinated and whose not. Yankee-players are vaccinated and have caught covid. I’m gonna still where a mask!!

    1. Basically with every Experiment ,its your decision ,this is just a life and death decision with confusion and lies

  4. Dr Michael Osterholm has been an intelligent & consistent voice during this Covid-19 pandemic

  5. I might continue wearing the mask for a while. I been getting more action since the pandemic hit.

  6. I’ll continue wearing a mask because I didn’t get a cold or the flu this last year. It was wonderful not to have a runny nose or coughing.

    1. @ChibiDevil Chan
      Actually the way they tested masks was dishonest.
      The fact is unless it is snug around your orifices, there is leakage which can be between 40 and 80 percent.
      But if you want to see it provides some protection from those not wearing masks, that’s fine.
      But I have don’t extensive study before the politicization of pandemics and those were the facts.
      As to whether it lowers viral load, of coarse it does to the extent of placement and type of masked used.
      And I am not saying not to wear them but if vaccinated people want full protection from variants,
      They should start wearing N-95 masks, something I have been using until recently.
      As a matter of fact I was wearing a p-100. Chemical respiratory in March of last year, when Fauci was
      Making claims of masks being unnecessary.
      People should be informed on the degree of protection but I am sorry I didn’t make my post more clear.
      You have a good one.

    2. @Will Power lmao, you should definitely read mine hun. I was talking to the other party, they’re even listed in my response and they already responded too.

      I was agreeing with you, not with their original statement. Thanks and have a lovely day dude🤣👌

    3. I have bad allergies and asthma and found that wearing a mask has helped with that when I’m outdoors, so I will still be keeping masks on hand just for that purpose too (even though I’m also vaccinated fully).

  7. I keep skipping forward in the video waiting for Joe’s side stories to end but he goes on and on.

  8. There are some people who got the vaccine who are already immuno-compromised from chemo or certain other medications who might still be more likely to get covid if exposed. People who are not wearing masks need to be civil to those who choose to wear masks. We don’t know everyone’s circumstances.

  9. When I was a kid, the image of millions of Americans wearing masks everywhere would have looked like a scene from a dystopian sci-fi movie.

  10. I will continue wearing mask indoors and when I’m in an area where lots of people are around me.
    The air in hot weather is pretty stagnant. It does not move around much. There will be lots of people walking and running. They breathe heavier.

  11. please listen to the caveats — about waiting the two weeks after the second shot. Also, I know a few recalcitrants who aren’t vaxed and I’m sorry, but I’m still staying away from them.

  12. Joe you mentioned the Red Sox i thought that was a metaphor for the week of course Mika Brzezinski is still the fan of the Orioles of Baltimore and I was there in New York and I said come on Mika get in the groove

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