GOP Senator Wicker On Prospect Of Infrastructure Bill

Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., discusses senior Republican senators meeting with President Biden to discuss a bipartisan infrastructure bill.
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    1. Let’s see what Schummer has up his sleeves. He keeps saying he has his means. That’s also what he said for the stimulus bill and he did manage to make those two vote for the bill.

    2. @Joey Martin Yes old Stonewall must be a Republican because he lies like the party of lies after lies do, They now lie so much that they now say Jan 6th didn’t happen!

    3. @Stonewall Reed If you like what Republicans are trying to do America then you should move to Russia so you can feel happy and right at home! The republicans have sold their soul to the devil called Trump!

    4. @Stonewall Reed OK, so said the Q to you! What is your Q membership number on your Members card? Do you pray to Trump every night? Do you look over your shoulder all day long? How far will you go to make America like Russia? Lets Face it your crazy like every republican who worships Trump!

    5. No matter what Manchin says…In 49 years I have never seen Manchin vote against the Democrats, on an important issue…He did vote for Dump on the second charge in Impeachment trial…Only after there was no chance it would pass….Joe talks big, but walk carefully….He has already said, He will vote to raise taxes on Rich to 25 % but not 28%….Joe will be with democrats, if push comes to shove…

  1. They’re playing rope a dope just like they did with the ACA. They’ll act like they’re interested but have no intention of voting for anything. McConnell has already said it. We’re not dealing with honorable people.

    1. The ACA was bled white from its original form in an effort to bring in Republican votes (i.e. if anyone was actually paying attention), then not one Republican voted for it in the end. THEN they tried to claim it was passed without their input.

    2. @The Blade Yep Texas wanted to go it on their own, until disaster struck. They went running to the for Govermrnt help.

    3. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle Nancy Pelosi went to the Orange turd with an infrastructure plan and he basically kicked her out of the office.

    4. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle
      A little long and wonky, but necessary:
      Here’s some reality. A few years ago, after years of hearing how unfair taxes supposedly were for the richest 2% under the statement that they paid for 37% of all income taxes (note: not the rate, the percentage of the tax paid), I decided (I am a mathematician after all) to determine what was happening. What I found was that they paid considerably less than 37% of all income taxes unless you included stock, bond, and dividend income as income (something we don’t BTW), but to throw them a bone I included it in order to allow for that statement to be true. However, that same 2% were earning (using the above mentioned criteria) around 50% of the income (it’s actually higher now) resulting in a 13% difference between what was earned and what was paid on. That represented at the time I did this around $1.6T/year (it’s over $2T today) of income not taxed. This situation has continued since 1983 to the grand sum of about $65T earned that no taxes were ever collected against. (and worse; that’s just from an inconsistency in the tax code alone, let alone things like deductions, loopholes, etc.) If taxed now even with the lower rates than in the past, the back taxes would about $25T. If taxed each year, this amounts to about $650-700B annually. If those richest 2% were actually creating jobs, that $1.6T/year would have created and maintained just over 28M jobs at $50k annually. There is no evidence of this at all. There is no evidence that coddling the rich with low taxes has ever actually helped the nation. It’s time to realize that the math does not and has never supported this most basic of conservative talking points.

  2. GOP doesn’t want to govern or make the lives of their voters better. They just want power and to be in front of the camera. It’s all an ego trip.

    1. If they gave the Poor and Minority anything..They would not have any Blackmail power…You vote for me, and I will get you a raise…Two years later, You vote for me, I will get you a raise…two years later……..ETC….

    2. @Roman Temniuk Do you remember when Dump was appointed president ? The job market good, stock market good, everything good? Everyone said, Dump was riding Market on President Obama Coat tail? The first year of any President term is on the President before.. So you complaining, things fine when Dump was in there, BUT things have gotten bad since President Biden got in there…..THIS IS THE TAIL END OF BOTH COVID AND DUMP….Not President Biden….100 days?

    3. @may wilson heres the difference Trumps economy surged. The shop where i work you had as much overtime as you could stomach. And as Biden comes in attacking fossil fuels the prices soar and qe are working shortened hours. I went shopping today have you seen these prices on everyday things. …This is not fun and games banter anymore its getting serious. Its as if he doesn’t know what he’s doing or maybe it’s whoever is giving him advice.

  3. Let’s not forget how many ‘ infrastructure weeks ‘ the GOP had under the previous guy …they like to talk about doing things …..but somehow never get around to doing anything ….

    1. And you did not even mention Trump’s Health Care Plan “much better than Obamacare” that was always 2 weeks away.

    2. see all the comments in this thread? Proof positive America has failed. Democracy has failed the experiment is over. Game over. Politicians openly committing felonies, craven and disgusting politicians working for themselves only. Either Trump is innocent with this country cannot protect itself from a clear and present danger. Game over Democracy. You weren’t cherished enough

    3. @Coldwynn Frost You are absolutely correct we can look back and see that Democrats have also, on occasion, been criminal:
      Since 1969, Republican presidential administrations have 317 criminal indictments 97 convictions, while Democrats have had 3 and 1 respectively.
      How could anyone forget?

  4. It seems like they are getting closer but Biden will have to take things into his own hands eventually because the Republicans like to play kick the can down the road and they do it every time.

    1. It’s the old stall tactic. Play along and stall, run the clock down, until you tire the other guy out.

    2. They trying to kick the can to 2022 and run out the clock and Trader Joe’s MACHIN is helping Republicans do it …what a snake !!!

  5. So stop standing in the way of progress, n putting it all on the backs of middle class n poor. Tax the rich!!

    1. 14% tax cut for very profitable multinational corporations… oh no can’t raise that to pay our bills. What a joke.

    2. Federal Deficit (ie. government’s credit card spending) GDP FLAT past 4 years.. Facts
      2017 $665 Trump Tax Act
      2018 $779 Deficit spending
      2019 $984 Government shutdown
      2020 $1,083 Budget before COVID-19
      2020C $3,700 With COVID-19 impact

  6. 9 of 10 worst performing states are red welfare states, that other states support via our federal taxes. (Only to have them block bills the people want, via the Senate). So, they should love this infrastructure bill, but still manage to cut their nose off to spite their face. If they scream “states rights”, where is state responsibility and accountability to the rest of us?

    1. @Hayle Seyton Trump is not innocent and it’s the GOP that needs burned to the ground, not the country.

    2. Red welfare states are Americans.They may be F’upd, but they’re ours and we have a responsibility, like we have with Puerto Rico.

    3. @Coldwynn Frost yes we do, so why not pass an infrastructure bill which adds a ton of jobs to the economy.

    4. @Coldwynn Frost Except the red states take $2-$7 in Federal aide for every $1 they pay in tax. They got tax breaks in Trump’s plan only because they took away the deductions from purple and blue states that we had for out mortgage interest. It would be one thing if they paid property tax and just came up a little short of meeting their educational goals, but they don’t pay ANY and then expect the rest of us to carry them.

    5. @Coldwynn Frost but those states don’t tax their well off people enough for their states needs and force all of us in other states to cover their cost. Plus, the people live in poverty because of the repuklicons always catering to their rich donors.

  7. The GOP wants to reduce the already paltry infra plan from 2.2 T to 600B.
    Take that!
    That 2.2T is even meant to be spent over 8 years!

    1. Tax cuts for the wealthy, who are hurting, matter. All those pandemic gains need to be converted to tangible assets.


    1. Yes, infrastructure is local. Local jobs. Local tax revenues. Local budgets. Local economic activity and benefits to societies. School arise brightly with future orient infrastructure and growth because education needs skyrocket; including pre school and childcare.

    2. The so called “people who want to create jobs” do not want to create jobs. They want high profits and low wages. All workers on all levels need to have fair living wages and prosperity. We need jobs for everyone. We need a heck of a lot more jobs than rich people want to create, and wages better than what they want to pay. A roaring economy is one that is working for ordinary workers, families and individuals. A healthy economy is not based on how well rich people are doing.

    3. @Coldwynn Frost By the first day of April 2023, the minimum wage will be raised…It won’t be till 2027-2028, wages will be $15.00 an hour…The Democrats move slow, but they move..

    1. Why do Republicans even keep taxes for anyone making a lot of money? Just cut all rich taxes and raise taxes on the poor while cutting all social programs. A Republican Wet Dream. Watch the country fall apart in a few weeks.

    2. The strong economic (JOB) market was continued from 2013 when Obama gave us the strongest economy in decades. This bozo is trying to claim their tax cut created the jobs well if it did those jobs were low paying jobs and the average tax payer couldn’t survive on a single income. Let us not forget child care is in shambles right now. How are parents supposed to go back to work if nobody is available to watch their kids? Biden’s infrastructure bill covers all that. Child care, Higher incomes, Affordable Health care. Biden’s bill will get us back to the mid nineties. Remember those good ol’ days when great paying jobs were plentiful? Yes only one parent needed to go to work and you made enough to put $$ in savings! Sure would be nice to get back to that, huh?????

  8. So basically, he’s saying “Don’t take our (the rich) money”. I say screw’em! Tax the ever loving crap out of them! Screw this guy!

    1. See one of my other posts in this forum for better detail, but the summary is that the richest 2% have earned about $65T since 1983 that they’ve paid no taxes on. If taxed with even today’s lower rates, that would still amount to $25T in back taxes and about $650-700B per year.

  9. Every moment, every hour, everyday, history is made. Facts, truths, records, history. History repeats, only so many words.

  10. 1. The economy was NOT roaring in February of 2020 for middle class and lower Americans. Your tax cut for the rich benefited the rich only. They used those cuts to buy back stock and lined their own pockets. Trickle down is a myth. We know this because Republicans subject us to it every time they get in power. 2. If the economy was so great, why were upper middle class families waiting in line at food banks 3 months into the pandemic? It’s a lie. We need a large infrastructure package and the top rich need to kick in their fair share. AND we need a long over do $15/hour minimum wage. People need to be paid a fair living wage. Standing there in your fancy high priced suit telling us what we dont need is insulting.

  11. The gqp will harp on bipartisanship, sabotage and minimize the bill, then refuse to vote for it.
    We’ve seen this play out countless times.

  12. So Wicker is just saying “We’re only prepared to do it the Republican way.” That translates as “We’re negotiating, but all you will get is delay.” As expected.

  13. I used to have Hamburgers too Joe that’s a strong food thought I’ve ever heard lol

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