Fauci: We Hope Mask Announcement Will Encourage More Vaccinations

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, joins Morning Joe to discuss the CDC's announcement that people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks or physically distance. Dr. Fauci also discusses when he sees all school-age children being able to get vaccinated.
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    1. And, the Kentucky Derby grandstands were packed. But, the infield was restricted in numbers. The “peasant’s” can’t be “super spreaders” , can they?

    2. @Don Tundra There was no pandemic. They reacted to an endemic as if it were a pandemic. And half of us bought it.

  1. I’m gonna go ahead and give a Big Shoutout to *Rand Paul !!!*
    Thank you for exposing this fraud Fauci.

    1. It only took a month for Fauci to catch up to what Paul was suggesting. I guess he’s been preoccupied with his gain of function funding denials.

    2. See how quickly they are changing after the truth starts to come out and they want people to forget what they did

    3. I got in the car in time to hear him on Sean Hannity—–> Mr. “Official Narrative” and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!!! Don’t expect he will be on Fakes News Network sayn that!!!!! Of course those of us that do not get our “news” from MSM have already known about this all year

    4. @David Scott It is so obvious it is laughable. I don’t know if gain of function research is worth the risk, but to think this guy gave money to the Wuhan Lab which was not considered to be in the highest level of lab security is amazing to me. These clowns on msnbc did not ask one question on what is a huge story.

    1. @Kyle Aguirre is it really any different? Mark my words, this will become segregation part 2 in America. “No, you must eat in the lesser non vaccinated section” “Go wait in the non vaccinated line”

  2. Tune in next week and the following weeks, when Fauci says something completely different.

    1. ..fauci mad science comic book villain ”Gain-of-function research is a controversial form of study that involves boosting the infectivity and lethality of a pathogen. married to china CCP
      On May 13, 2021, Lawre nce Sellin had a wide-ranging discussion with Steve Bannon on his War Room program about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s funding of “gain of function” research, the laboratory origin of COVID-19 and the massive infiltration of U.S. virus research programs by China, in particular, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
      Fauci’s US taxpayer funding of “gain of function” has gone beyond just experiments related to coronavirus, but appears to involve other, potentially more dangerous viruses. Sellin identified a 2020 study funded by Fauci involving “gain of function” research with far more deadly viruses attacking the brain and central nervous system.

    2. Fauci funded groups at Universities that worked with Chinese paramilitary scientists to work on gain of function research on pathogens like the SARs coronavirus. Under Fauci the Chinese Communist Party obtain funding and the technological knowledge to create Covid 19. The mainstream media won’t tell you this.

    1. @Adam First In my opinion, the stupid are being killed, and possibly sterilized, depending on whether their sperm count recovers after COVID. Has more research come out about that lately?

  3. We hope mask announcement will encourage more vaccinations. Please hold your breath until it does!

  4. NEWS FLASH: For some reason the snob news media forgot about the border crisis.
    [ Things that make you go WTF ]

  5. I didn’t listen to you the whole time
    But hey thanks for paying me to build my house

  6. I keep thinking of The Day of the Triffids. All the people who watched the sky and the handful who didn’t.

  7. Zwhat is the effect on your body going to be on your body 1-5 years from now. Asking because I really want to know. Not because I am negative

  8. Watch the AZ Audit everything else is a DISTRACTION.
    Tick Tock. The first Domino falls and then THEY ALL FALL.

  9. Meanwhile, 10 years later, “You Still need to wear Mask, it’s not safe to be out there without a mask!” LOL, LVL, LOL!

  10. *Dr. Fauci:* Any PCR-positive with a CT over 35 is “just dead nucleotides, PERIOD.” – TWiV # 641
    *ALSO Dr. Fauci:* Let’s keep testing everyone with the PCR-positive cutoff at 40 CT, guaranteeing massive false-positives!

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