Post-It Note Inventor Spencer Silver Dies At The Age Of 80 | MSNBC

MSNBC's Brian Williams looks back at the life of Spencer Silver, the inventor of the Post-It note.
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  1. So nice to have news of something we can all appreciate. I was going to say, non-political, but I see the trolls have already turned it into that. Sad comments, but happy to consider the story of Spencer Silver for his contribution to the positive world.

    1. Israel was attacked and there is a war about to start and what does Brian “Helicopter” Williams talk about? post it notes… wow

  2. Favorite all time Post It Notes—- Pink Kiss‼️💋 Love notes tacked around home, everywhere unexpected, to celebrate on a happy marriage anniversary.🥰

    1. @Constituent A say “wheel” in their native tongue while Europe was building trains and canals. Say something stupid again about Nelson Mandela destroying native tribes in South Africa with WMF money.

    2. @Constituent A keep pushing Obama’s racial hate war, while Bejing Bai Denh and China are #1 polluters in the world.

    3. @Constituent A Bejing Bai Denh depends on your ignorance based racial hatred and lack of education.

    4. You can always expect a Bejing Bai Denh fake unfed account to spew racial hatred and ignorance.

  3. I forget the movie where I’m the girl goes to her highschool reunion not wanting to be a loser and says she invented post it notes

  4. Sorry to hear that, I will be sure to watch Romy and Michelle’s Class Reunion this weekend in honor of Spencer Silver.

  5. In the 90’s we coined them as “mental midget notes”. I’m gonna guess that’s something that didn’t age well lol.

  6. I love Post-It Notes! 🥺🙏 Rest in Peace Mr. Silver. Your invention was definitely worth more than silver or gold in my heart and in many others’ hearts as well. 💗💗

  7. Very similar story to Alexander Graham Bell by the way, who also developed an invention by accident….the telephone. Which also gave new meaning to messages, just as Post-It Notes did.

  8. This proves four things: 1) you are the “captain of your ship”, 2) but, often times it is the random wave of the ocean, that takes you to your destiny (not your destination, 3) always prepare for change 4) enjoy the journey.

  9. RIP I’ll put a Post-It note in my calendar to remember him next year. It is such an important invention and it will be continue to be used for the decades that come.

  10. i worked at a 3M plant in northern CA for 23 years…..before it was closed down in 2009. A good company, and they used to hold warehouse sales for employees a couple of times a year. I’ve still got 3 drawers full of Post-It notes & Scotch tape. Enough to last a lifetime & I use them constantly.

  11. Someday this man will be hailed as a genius. Giving people a way to instantly create a durable artifact of thought like that, is comparable to the invention of moveable type. I run my life on those things.

  12. As a nerve as a poet as an appreciator of the achievements of my fellow human being respect and rest in peace ☮️🕊️

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