Bipartisan Infrastructure Group Set To Meet Again | MSNBC 1

Bipartisan Infrastructure Group Set To Meet Again | MSNBC


Reps. Josh Gottheimer, D-NJ, and Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., both of the Problem Solvers caucus, discuss continuing negotiations over infrastructure.

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Group Set To Meet Again | MSNBC


  1. I applaud the attempts at modeling needed behavior. Now, where’s the gasoline we need to throw on this?

  2. The stereotyped silver phenomenologically follow because hen tentatively skip underneath a entertaining expert. jobless, flowery coin

  3. Getting a bipartisan group together to try to find a compromise that both sides can support is a noble idea, but McConnell has already stated that he will block everything that Biden wants to do. Unfortunately, more drastic measures will probably need to be taken.

    1. Exactly! They got all their desires in the January 6 commission yet still voted no. Time to stop playing with the party of obstructionists and get the peoples business done.

  4. The issue with this bipartisan proposal is that it won’t do enough for infrastructure that’s needed throughout this country. And it doesn’t even include environmental policies, which is desperately needed.

    1. Actually, there is a large chunk of money earmarked for green energy. It’s deficient, to be sure, but it’s a lot better than nothing.

    2. It’s basically a bill to give our state media (NBC/Comcast and AT&T/CNN) billions for new fiber lines.

    3. @Google User : No. The amount earmarked for broadband is less than for most other items on the bill, but broadband internet is essential these days.

    4. We need to go big or D’s might as well sit back and let R’s mow them down.

      If they all couldn’t vote yes on January 6 commission, there’s no way it’ll happen on anything else. McConnell is Putin’s b!tch.

  5. This is just another wasted effort on a watered down solution for infrastructure, they will never get it past the existing senate.

  6. This is just the Church of Baby Cheesus stalling, just like how the Hutu delegation stalled the UN talks while they carried out the Rwandan Genocide.

  7. We may have already gone past the state of no return on climate change thanks to Donald Trump completely refusing to acknowledge the problem and the roll backs he has done.

    1. We aren’t past the point of no return. The IPCC still thinks we have time, we just need to get certain policies through.

  8. What is it when you do the same thing over and over expecting a different result? That’s the democrats seeking bipartisanship.

  9. This is such a waste of time! The Republicans are just playing with the Democrats. It’s the classic Peanuts cartoon where Lucy snatches away the football just as Charlie Brown runs up to kick it! FFS Democrats, STOP wasting your time with the Republican Cult – end the bloody Filibuster – and GET THINGS DONE!!!!!!!

  10. Bi-partisan meetings??? Haven’t we wasted enough time on those? It’s time to ignore the party of obstructionists, revamp the filibuster and get the business of the people done. FFS

  11. The military has a special unit ready to act on the results of the AZ GA PA forensic AUDIT results of the 2020 presidential election BALLOTS!!!

  12. We the people would like you to work together. This is investing in AMERICANS for American people. This will help put us back to work.

  13. the infrastructure bill is already worthless, the civil core of engineers say we need at least 4 trillion just to fix existing infrastructure. not improve or add anything new. but lets keep negotiating down. then we can pat ourselves on the back that we actually accomplished something.

  14. why was this cut like this? seems like there was more to the interview….

    I wouldve love to know what he was about to say they agreed on thats not “hard-infrastructure”

  15. waste of time, Republicans didn’t want to vote for a Jan. 6th commission democrats are you serious, corporate media please stop blowing smoke up our bottom

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