‘Bizarre’: See John King’s reaction to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ speech

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR) delivered a combative speech in response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. CNN's John King and a panel of political reporters discuss the speech. #CNN #News


  1. Arkansas is one of the worst states in the union for supporting its citizens. She has no room to say anything.

    1. @Mark Autocorrect can be your worst enemy. I used to call people out on the save thing you did. But I don’t anymore. I hope you can evolve, just as I deed. Oops, “did.”

    1. @Mark Tons of Texans migrated to California during the Depression and the dust bowl. (Oklahomans, too).
      Using labels is kind of ridiculous when you think about it…

  2. What has she done that qualifies her enough experience to criticize anyone trying to do anything ? She has started her career as governor with an executive order to end a race class that does not exist in Arkansas schools . Her plan to improve the public school system is to move low income students into high preforming schools , ms sanders what do you plan on doing with the students left behind ? Why not make all Arkansas schools high preforming then there would be no need to move students . Do something ms sanders , don’t just be another problem in a new package

    1. Don’t ask what your country has done for you, ask what you can do for your country. What have you done lately?

    2. @tabitha N She’s not fixing schools. She’s advocating giving parents the right to send their kids to the same schools as Obama sent his kids. Charter schools do that. The kids consistently score much higher than kids a public schools. Wouldn’t you want your kids to have the best education possible? If vouchers cost less than what public schools charge, wouldn’t that be good?

    3. @Robert Le but her plan says charter schools or private school vouchers , why should taxpayers pay for private schools and why are charter schools better ? And if they are better then use the same formula with all public schools she uses all taxpayer taxes for her salary

  3. I hope Michelle Wolf responds to Sarah we all know how the correspondents diner went Sarah couldn’t handle a joke and cried about it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. I forgot that. Watching her utter destruction was one of the most satisfying moments of my life. Thank you.

    2. @congoballs You know, Michelle was so brutal that I almost, nearly, but not quite felt sorry for Sarah. I do have compassion for suffering creatures.

    3. @congoballs I have no use for network TV, so had not seen that. It almost, nearly, but not quite gave me some respect for SHS.
      The longest run I ever managed was a half marathon. I was struggling at the end when a bunch of “girls” flew past me.

  4. At what point do we now come to a conclusion that these GOP folks have run out of steam and acknowledge that these talking points are now boring?

    1. @Mark Well, just off the top of my head, I’d say it’s because our legislature shouldn’t be wasting its time on banning things that don’t exist, for one thing. Why don’t we make being a vampire illegal? You know, to “protect the children.”

      Mark, I’m going to try to explain this to you just like I’ve tried to explain it to many other right wingers. The burden of proof is on the person making the claim. If you think that CRT is taught in any schools below the university level, they just give us the name of some of them. Then we could check to see if that’s true. That’s not hard to understand, is it? Before you tell me to prove that it isn’t happening, you should have learned by now that no one can prove a negative. Just tell us some schools that are teaching it.

    1. @Billy Goat Me and my family watched and never laughed so hard at how many Trump policies Biden was planning on implementing.😂

    1. @Billy Goat but you haven’t provided any to back up your claims, where is it??
      I have done my research on Biden, but you have NOT, all you are doing is assuming and deflecting, you can’t provide anything because you don’t have anything to prove yourself. you lose buddy

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis I just proved he blocked the first minority female to the courts twice.. I named her and I have done my “research” on Biden. He’s a known crook since the first Iraq war…

    3. @Billy Goat lol, I knew you would say her, since she is the only one, but she was NEVER nominated for supreme court justice.
      Brown was a D.C. Circuit judge during President George W. Bush’s administration, during which there were reports that she was being considered to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Bush, a Republican, ultimately nominated current Justice Samuel Alito instead.

    4. @Bran R You have been misinformed. The only party that represents the interests of the vast majority of middle class Americans is the GOP. The democrats represent the few rather than the many. Plus, they seem to hate everything, people, history, patriotism, whites, meritocracy, tolerance, and unity. The democrats have lost their way and have become too extreme for me. That’s why I had to leave them. They’ve become too hateful and mean. I’m not like that.

  5. Rick Scott is my senator and I’m deeply embarrassed by him. After living down here for some years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only three types of people in the South: those who still believe in slavery, those who are criminals and those who are the victims of the other two groups. It’s time for those of us in the third group to get out and take our businesses with us.

    1. @Randy acuna you’re right, he put a woman in as V.P…….not a qualified woman, just someone who would look like progress & who finished last (or close to last) in Democratic primaries. She makes Dan Quayle look smart.

    2. Don’t know where you are in the “south” but I’ve lived all over. 1.Nobody in the south believes in slavery. 2. There is as much if not more in Chicago, Philadelphia, & NY city. The races kind of separate themselves in the north more than in the south where there’s more interaction. 3. You talk about crime, you should definitely know better if you’ve lived north or south. In some places in the south people still leave their doors unlocked, while up “north” they put bars on the windows. How much gang violence do you hear about in the real south? Anyway, if you’re miserable, find somewhere that you’re not. Best of luck!

  6. Huckabee had the never to send me a email wanting a $5 donation before she gave her speech. (That’s how it was worded) I’m not sure how these people can get past the “blocked” part my gmail, but every Republican grifter that I have Blocked seem to.

  7. Could nit listen to her after the charismatic, brilliant, humane & electrifying President Biden💙💙💙🌈🌈🌈

    1. @Mark Shows how little you’ve been following current events in the United States, where an orange authoritarian and his knuckle-dragging mob threatened our democracy. Not to mention that the troglodytes of the current iteration of the GOP are an ongoing threat to our democracy. My favorite historians Meacham and Goodwin concur.

    2. @Melanie S. <—prime example that Democrats don’t care that the suicide rates of children have increased with the Democrats pushing transgenderism on children.

    3. @Melanie S. thanks for showing me how brainwashed you are, little girl. We’re a REPUBLIC! “A Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. The ideal of a Democracy is universal equality. The ideal of a Constitutional Republic is individual liberty. A Democracy always degenerates into dictatorship, which promises government guaranteed equality and security, but it delivers nothing but poverty and serfdom for the people it robs and rules. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic to safeguard the liberty of the people against the tyranny of democracy, or of one man dictatorship. In this century, great strides have been made towards the goal of subverting our republic into a democracy. THE FOREMOST TACTIC of the subverters is subversion of language. By calling America a democracy until people thoughtlessly accept and use the term, the totalitarians have obscured the real meaning of our principles of government.” – Dan Smoot, FBI

    4. It’s amazing how Democrats call us a Democracy, while Republicans call us what we are, a Constitutional Republic. Democrats want to get rid of the electoral college in favor of mob rule “popular vote”.

    1. @Mark markmark….still just repeating playground taunts. Maybe when you mature a bit you can responde like an adult.
      A simple question was posed to you…what is a “woke mob”?
      Instead of supporting your position, you responded like a petulant child.
      Take care

    2. @andrew ball All you’ve done is prove yourself to be part of the woke mob that you’ve openly displayed you get upset about being called out for how insane you, and your woke buddies, truly are, young pup. It’s cute how oblivious people like you are to how much logical people can’t stand your beloved woke-mob

  8. Also, Scott just contradicted himself. “Close the loopholes” does not apply to middle or lower income earners, it applies only to the wealthy and super-rich. We don’t have loopholes, they do.

    1. scott is a member of the gop aka Group of Pinocchio’s, if they are not lying then they are being hypocritical, it is in their DNA

    2. Well we got that one loop hole where if you make way less you can get free money from the government. Free everything actually. All you gotta do is lie to workforce services

    3. So you’re saying you agree with Scott about getting rid of the tax loopholes that benefit the people earning over $400K a year?

    1. They’re talking about Biden like they forgot who the leader of the house but only by title because a handful of Republicans own him and he can’t do anything without their approval.

  9. She needs to focus on fixing all the poorly rated activities like schooling, Healthcare etc. in the state she governs. Focus on people not power.

    1. @Asian sex symbol So correct & that’s why the lying crooks in politics takes fool benefits of them to get their votes as easy to brainwash with MAGA hats & dreams as freebies.

    2. @Mike Goerisch Mike are you serious did I miss something here WTF ??? you’re joking right. Oh I thought so carry on

    3. @jim ness no I am not joking. Her father was a good governor and she will be too. And if she has pissed you off already then I know she’ll be a great one

  10. Exactly, huh?? I hope people remember that she previously represented a criminal and a real liar. Good luck Arkansas, you picked a real winner.

  11. I had the displeasure once to sit through one of her father’s speeches for a fundraiser. The man has what a southern friend called “diarrhea of the mouth.” It appears this is a case of the apple falling close to the tree.

  12. What else do you expect from the woman who said a month after the Uvalde school shooting the day the Dobbs decision came out and I quote
    I just want babies In the womb to be as safe as children in the classroom.
    It takes a real genius to say that.

    1. @moonlightpixie9976. You’re Stoopid. How many kids are killed in school shootings every yr ,20-30? Yet nearly a million abortions each yr. Get it now Stoopid.?

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