1. Yes. With all due reservations about the circumstances of these POWs from Prigozhin’s Wagner Group, this is important to understand the callous mindset of Putin’s oligarchs towards those they consider their “subjects”! And it’s in this sense that we should comprehend the boastful bluster of Chechen Warlord Kadyrov (“We’ll hit Poland next!”). Two oligarchs striving for supremacy in the mobster hierarchy of the Kremlin.

  2. “Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.”
    — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    1. Ukrainians have no great love for Solzhenitsyn. His mother may have been Ukrainian, but he agreed 100% with Putin that eastern Ukraine and Ukrainian Crimea should be part of Russia. Were he alive today he would, in all likelihood, support Putin’s brutal war against Ukraine.

    2. Did the himars brought the Ukraine land back??? The truth can’t stay hidden now, even the western news media that supports Ukraine. Is telling the truth about the fight for Bakhmut. Israelis also spilling the beans on the real number of Ukraine soldiers killed in action. Over 40 countries with $120 billion budget, against one country. Still can’t gain ground is really frustrating. No wonder why they are using chemical weapons now. That right there is called desperation. Let the west send anything they want, as long as it doesn’t help Ukraine gain back the land lost. Why must team Z stress, when they are about to take Bakhmut

    1. ‘Slava Ukraine’ is Nazi salute used by Stepan Bandera followers in Ukraine during ww2 – and it’s still used today by same Ukrainians – it’s same as saying “Seig Heil’
      ( educate yourself at least to the point that you know what you are talking about )

    2. Salva Russia 💪🐻🇧🇷🇷🇺🇮🇳🇨🇳🇿🇦☪️✝️🕉️ Vs European 🌈🤡😈💩😈😈🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

    1. @majorgeeek well we will have to agree to disagree! All your talking points are straight from CNN and MSNBC neither are sources I rely on. See I know several people who are living in Russia doing work with churches and all that I have talked to say that among the majority of people Putin has the suport of the people and I have to believe this as when I served in Iraq everyday my platoon would run across hundreds of soldiers who would lay down their weapons and surrender cause they truly did not support Saddam Hussein. But we are not seeing that here. So this leaves me with two theories one either is the position I already shared or two this is all orchestrated by US, Ukraine, and Russia with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan right around the corner. I have been around millitary long enough to know if Russia wanted Ukraine it could be over in a weekend! So either he isn’t willing to be as brutal to the people of Ukraine as we are being told or this war is a show to milk tax payers. With a simple search of the internet you can see the munitions Russia has at their finger tips yet arnt using them. So then I ask myself why are peace talks not on the agenda? Because from what I hear it is all on the side of Ukraine and NATO spokesman saying these talks can not happen, why if Ukrainians lives are not the main issue? How many times do we make the mistakes of the past like the search for Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

    2. @Sissy Walker – My talking points are based on a variety of sources besides the biased ones you mentioned – Russia and Iraq are hardly reliable resources nor are they reliable in terms of the war with Ukraine namely you are getting far more reliable information from the western media than any that comes out of Russia state controlled biased media.
      Putin does not have the support of Russians, you compare that to “Record Number of Russians Want to Emigrate” – Gallup April 4, 2019 Moscow Times, is about 44% ‘An unprecedented 44 percent of young Russians between ages 15 and 29 voiced the desire to leave.” – “Gallup tracked a direct correlation between changes in Russians’ migratory mood and President Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings, noting that “he may be at least partly to blame” for the latest record. Russian respondents named Germany or the United States as their most-desired destinations at 15 and 12 percent respectively. Japan, Canada and Spain shared the third spot, with 5 percent of hopeful immigrants each.” also check out the vast number of young Russian women on the internet offering themselves as brides for USA men as a means of escaping the repression inside Russia. As well there is a plethora of reports coming from all sources describing the huge numbers of young men fleeing Putin’s mobilization is unprecedented, so you have no argument.

      As for your comment about China invading Taiwan, based on the many failures of Putin’s armies in Ukraine I hardly think it makes the CCP confident about invading Taiwan so Ukraine’s defeating Russia on the battlefield is setting another precedence of deterrence to the Chinese, the other one being the strong sanctions that Russia is suffering and sanctions would spell disaster for the Chinese economy even moreso than Russia, and they know it because CCP’s economy is very reliant on Us.

      Putin is being brutal on Ukrainians already, and the only reason he can’t be totally brutal is he cannot afford to run out of ammo – also he cannot spare more of his trained military to Ukraine because he needs them to protect his borders in other regions so he sends in his untrained crap to fight only to die and become fertilizer for Ukraine’s soil same as Ukraine has placed many divisions all along the Belarus border just in case the Russians and even Belarusians decide to invade – however I do not think Putin can be too brutal for instance use of tactical nukes would definitely send in NATO and he’s been warned.

      Ukraine does not need to negotiate from a winning position, and it has every right to continue fighting until all Russians have left all of Ukraine including Crimea. This seems to be the going idea in all Ukraine. It stands to reason while Putin is losing massive numbers of equipment and men, so he is trying to negotiate simply to buy time to regroup his forces will not work. He has to leave Ukraine just as he left Afghanistan – Ukraine is not his and never will be and if it starts a world war then too bad, he’s lost anyway – Ukraine has every right to defend its territory and its people

    3. @majorgeeek ok think what you want it is a free world but quoting polls and western news is all the same to me. I get my info from,people on the ground, the horses mouth if you will. I would never disagree that many young Russians want to come here everybody wants to come here. Hell I would love to move to Disney land. But the simple fact we arnt seeing the kinda troop abandonment we see in most wars speaks volumes. And as far as China members of Bidens cabinet are saying they will invade Taiwan late next year or in 2025 its gonna happen. And you can look on internet for pictures of Russia tanks from satellite images it a massive amount if he unleashed full forces Ukraine wouldnt stand a chance, about 12 hours and it would be over far different than the invasion of Afghanistan. I’m very connected with friends from all branches of the millitary many combat veterans and all share my opinions. And it wouldnt matter one bit about a couple of dozen of our tanks, Russia would still outnumber them like 400 to 1. The people I know in Russia are missionaries who live amongst the poorest who are sending their children to war and not complaining and yes I get they have their own propaganda but the decent is not like our media or polls is showing at all. And my Ukrainian friends I have here paint a whole different story of Zalinsky and the oligarchs that funded his campaign. Some have even spent time in mlm prison in their teens due to their wish to be Christian, that does not happen in real democracies. Just like here if millions of voter have questions about elections they would be heard and not called white supremacists and election deniers and banned and censored on public platforms. And we shouldn’t talk about dictators who refuse to leave when we have members of our own government who wont even entertain the conversation of term limits a idea that is supported by 80% of the country according to even CNN.

    4. @majorgeeek and when you say a variety of news sources, check out the montage of like 180 news organizations all saying the exact same thing at the exact same time on Liberal hivemind. It is mind blowing almost like it was written for them.

    5. @Sissy Walker – For most Russians TV remains the main source of the news – it is relentlessly controlled state – Since Russia invaded Ukraine almost all independent media have been banned, blocked or declared foreign agents and is subject to military censorship. In USA there is a plethora on left and right wing biased news but the way we get around it is to read everything including news media from Russia and make up you own mind – as well as this YT has videos reporting on the war from many countries such as India, Germany, etc so you have no argument

    1. “God ” could have given dictator Putler a fatal heart attack in January 2022, this would have been helpful. Your deity failed or didn’t care to do that. So blessings now are just a cruel joke by this deity who could’ve prevented all this suffering by this simple decision in Jan 2022.

    2. @J DMMG God breathes our soul into our bodies. We use our free choice and worldly egos to attack and kill one another. God is not a magician. That’s silly. God gave us Life, gave the world Life. He is there to walk us home when our spirit leaves our bodies. Unfortunately our free choice, has chosen evil over good. This isn’t God’s fault. It’s 100% ours.

  3. God bless this woman speaking and showing people over the world that speaking truth to power is a courageous thing that comes at a high price for us all and we must pray 🙏 for this woman and keep her in our positive thoughts and well wishes for her release and her health as stress can be so very detrimental to her life!!

    1. Yah ey? I envy her bravery, knowing she will be punished harshly, she couldn’t just ignore what happened there. People like her are just amazing, they deserve every kinda praise possible, especially when she has her own children to worry about

    2. Hi Linda same thing with Anna Politkovskaya, Anastasia Babrova, Natasha Estemirova all working in Novaya Gazeta. The paper was shut down and the investigative journalists were assassinated for telling the truth. Anna wrote about the atrocities that were happening under Putin’s evil regime and predicted the future, but not too many took notice.

    3. Did the himars brought the Ukraine land back??? The truth can’t stay hidden now, even the western news media that supports Ukraine. Is telling the truth about the fight for Bakhmut. Israelis also spilling the beans on the real number of Ukraine soldiers killed in action. Over 40 countries with $120 billion budget, against one country. Still can’t gain ground is really frustrating. No wonder why they are using chemical weapons now. That right there is called desperation. Let the west send anything they want, as long as it doesn’t help Ukraine gain back the land lost. Why must team Z stress, when they are about to take Bakhmut

  4. At least she got her story out there, otherwise how would you know some of the evil going own, may God protect the good and this lady

  5. ​I recall the words of the Ukrainian priest who spoke at the funeral of Liza Dmytriëva, a 4-year-old girl with Down Syndrome, killed by a Russia missile in July. «Зло не може перемогти» (“Evil cannot win”).

    1. @Penny Arcos Nobody said that, but they also didn’t invade Russia to rape, torture, and murder their citizens, as Russia has done to Ukraine.

    2. @Penny Arcos that’s not the point and nobody said that “every ukrainian is pure and holy” (or that every russian is evil. there are even many russians fighting for ukraine.) 🙄your comment would be just as inappropriate if you would talk about the jews during WW2. (no, I don’t compare the holocaust to this, but the one-sided wrongdoing) if someone said “evil cannot win” after jewish children and families have been killed I’m sure there’d be this one a**hole who says “Yeah. And every jew is pure and holy.” (someone who calls himself “Angel” 😆) the ukrainians didn’t annex anything or invade another country against international law. Not 2014 and not 2022. And the Russians deliberately killed children and families. soldiers even talk about it, with their families. They rape women and children. they attacked a sovereign country with specious, bogus justifications (putin NEVER really accepted ukraine as a country. people who listened to him during the last 20-23 years should know what makes him tick. but I know too many don’t…) it needs a very warped mind or distorted perception to blame victims, especially when someone talks about killed children. If putin would really care about his own people and their (alleged) oppression, or Nazism and fascism, he would have enough to do in Russia itself. But he doesn’t care, he’s an enabler. He doesn’t care about human rights in russia. He doesn’t care about oppressed minorities – no, if anything, he sends them to war as cannon fodder. Many russians already talk about a “cleansing” – he sends anything he doesn’t deem worthy to die “in line one”. there’s almost nobody from st. petersburg or moscow. he didn’t care when people begged him to do something, because they threaten, kill and torture LGBTTIQ-People in chechnya. No, the new laws are even more hostile. Where are you from? Murica? It’s not hard to see that not everyone in the USA is “pure and holy” (btw that’s not really the opposite of evil.) the USA has a lot of people who are downright inhumane, hateful and disgusting. (well, like EVERY country or continent on earth) does that mean it’s wrong to adress “the evil” and “fight” against it, because the USA itself has enough “evil”? why is everyone whining when the news say that the next school shooting happened? I mean it happens all the time in the US – like nowhere else, although they could prevent it from happening so often. According to people like you, a comment like “Yeah. And every student/person who doesn’t go berserk/doesn’t want weapons for everyone is pure and holy” would suffice, right? 😅 HOOOOLY Sh*t. Some people… 😏I don’t know why people who are against ukraine or pootin-bootlickers always sound like sociopaths. A child with down syndrome and her mother were killed, a priest says something about evil that shouldn’t win and then there’s this one fallen angel somewhere that says “pfff… so? ukrainians suck too” – now I hope even more that the priest is right. there’s too much apathy and evil in this world.

  6. The fact that Russian soldiers seem to think “eh, every military treats it’s own soldiers like this!” Is baffling to most of us in actual civilized nations…

    1. @DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! you have totally missed the point. You may be right in what you say, but how soldiers are treated in other countries does not even compare to the russian military. Militaries have moved on since the tactics of WWI, exept for the russian military.

    2. @Pawel Karas yes and makes you ask why? Why the old fashion meat grinder? Distraction, depopulation, an excuse to use bigger weaponry? These tactics are not fitting any rational plan.

    3. @DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! you speaking from experience? Just wondering because that wasn’t my experience during my service in two combat zones.

    4. no, it’s not that. They were told that Russian army is superior and Ukraine does not exist and not much of an opponent. So they go to war believing that THEY will be the ones who will do the killing, not even thinking for a second that it is THEM who gonna get killed. It is traditional Russian arrogance

  7. This may be the only time in a Russian citizens life that staying in prison is the best option. How tragic. Okay so you let me out, I either get shot in the back, I can advance forward and get shot in the front, I can try to escape and if I am lucky enough to miss all of the bullets from either direction. I get to spend the rest of my life as a fugitive knowing that the Kremlin will be coming after me or worse yet my family are all tortured then killed or I get captured by Ukraine and end up back in another prison for the rest of my life.
    I suppose I would rather die under a tree with the sun shining on my face than to die in a dark Russian prison hell hole. There are no winners in war. Both sides lose and for what? One man’s greed for Global power when he was basically unofficially the wealthiest man on Earth and could travel freely, speak with international dignitaries and have some semblance as a well-regarded political leader in his own country. Now he cannot sleep, nor should he. He has created his own personal hell for himself along with millions of others. His of course is a different hell. He will never be able to eat a meal without it being inspected first. He will never be able to quench his thirst without somebody drinking before him. His own daughter wants to disown him. His country and his army are all turning their backs on him. His days are now down to very small numbers. He has lost way more than he has gained or even attempted to gain. The whole world hates him and despises him for the most part with very few exceptions.
    He has already displaced millions from their homes, ruined the lives of countless others, committed war crimes and atrocities that will be difficult to calculate for decades to come. Putin’s legacy will be right alongside of Adolf Hitler. The only question left is will he put a gun to his own head, wait to go down like Caesar or take us all out with him?

  8. That russian woman, she is a hero. If i happen to see a woman like her i am willing to kiss her feet, and treat him as the bravest of the history. She couldn’t let those kids death go unnoticed in russia knowing she will be punished for sure.
    I wonder how can someone like her be so brave, makes me feel ashamed of myself not doing anything like that

    1. @Ran Sertu Perhaps for reporting on real life events where women and children were bombed and murdered, for which she knew she could easily receive a 9-year prison sentence in a russian prison. Looking at the russian population, not many are willing to do the same. Simple.

    1. Too bad creepy, sleepy Joe can’t learn to be a revolutionary. He would probably fall over dead if he ever told the truth.

  9. “When I was a cadet, what’s the cadet motto at West Point? ‘You will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.’ I was the CIA director, we lied, we cheated, we stole, we killed, and we assassinated. That’s, it was like, we had entire training courses.” — Mike Pompeo

  10. Mercenaries are not under the Geneva Convention. Wagner Group mercenaries, recruited from the prisons, are kept on the front lines until they are dead. That way, Wagner group doesn’t have to pay the families, because they say the mercenaries are MIA. That also happens in the regular Russian military as well.

  11. The one soldier survives four waves to be able to tell his story to anyone who will listen. The soldier that dug his own grave should have a monument to his self-sacrifice.

  12. it’s gut-wrenching to realize we live in a world and day and time where this could still happen to somebody who speaks truth!

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