Black Milwaukee Voters Want More Action On Police Reform, Grade Him 'B Minus' So Far | MSNBC 1

Black Milwaukee Voters Want More Action On Police Reform, Grade Him ‘B Minus’ So Far | MSNBC


NBC's Trymaine Lee talks to Black voters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about Biden's first 100 days in office and say they grade Biden a “B minus” so far.
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  1. I live in Milwaukee. In the black segregated neighborhoods cops will take way longer to respond to anything. You see them in traffic and they patrol nicer neighborhoods, but they clearly neglect others.

    1. The jurisdiction of police officers should also be their home communities. I think it would help solve some of the problems.

    2. If people are going to racialize the police force, than make them the darkest skinned people available. Then there will be no claimed of racism or color of skin? Right?

    3. @Friend That wouldn’t work because most of those officers live in ‘similar’ communities (with each other) and next to none live in or even NEAR Black communities. There are not ENOUGH minority cops to adequately patrol minority neighborhoods. You’ll only be further SEGREGATING both communities from each other. And you can’t DICTATE where Cops choose to live. You can deliberately change the jurisdictions but then you invite ‘Racist CIVILIANS’ trying to actively sabotage those efforts.

      I get what your trying to say but Cops need to stop seeing Blacks as the Enemy and as someone to be ‘feared’. This requires adequate, honest & CONSISTENT involvement in the communities they police. It requires ‘RE-training’, a change of attitude and thinking. And it requires a ‘Change of Heart’. It also requires that those UNWILLING to change be booted off the force. This would require ‘real recruitment efforts’ to REPLACE them.

      Cops have to get to a point where they are willing to ‘Call an inappropriate RACIST civilian out!’. They have to have their own ‘LEGS’ to do that…

  2. Get Republicans like Ron Johnson out of the Senate and keep a dem House, and sure enough, those bills will be guaranteed to pass

  3. This Is B.S! & I’m Blk…… Biden Is Doing A Great Job..
    But If Trump Won Then These Same “Black People”
    Would Be Criticizing Him!! So I Don’t Want To Hear It!

    1. Maybe do the following. COMPLY, YOU WON’T DIE. Chauvin was found guilty, he stood up put his hands behind him, handcuffed and led away. Had Floyd did that, guess what?

    2. @Wisconsin Man Again, I agree that it is not right to resist arrest. However, does that really justify putting a knee on someone’s neck for over nine minutes?

  4. are they serious? okay well let a republican king come in and see what youll get ignorants ones. Jesus help us all.

  5. We have to enforce the 14th amendment against the courts. Congress can pass laws til their face turns blue if courts just make up loopholes out of thing air in rebellion

  6. I can certainly understand black people being impatient. They’ve already been waiting 300 years just to be treated as human beings.

  7. People like to think that it’s the South that is the most racist and segregated. And while they certainly are, it is actually smaller towns and cities in the Midwest that face the most segregated communities. I mean, there’s a district in Illinois that literally allowed a nazi to run for congress.

  8. Many Americans have implicit bias. Data and analysis is needed to identify and address it, in any organization.

    Example: Mary is a hiring manager of a NBA sports team. Her team is 90% white, and 10% black.

    Q: What is the racial demographics of other basketball teams, to identify possible unconscious bias?

    Example: White cop kills black suspect. The law finds him guilty of murder.

    Q: What is the data and analysis of police involving death? By race? By city? By state? Compared to other cities and states. What is the crime statistic by race? Is there an organizational problem regarding unconscious bias?

  9. What about the Department of Corruption, I mean Corrections?? Physical abuses and civil rights violations, negligent medical care and delapitated facilities persist all across the Nation. The Private Prison business needs to be investigated and held accountable as well.

    1. a tip: you can watch series at flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.

  10. Wow the media speaks for every single black voter ? Are black voters allowed to think for themselves and have a difference of opinion? Or will you treat them like you did Tim Scott?

    1. Patience!?! Black folks have been murdered by the state with impunity for centuries. Unless by “patience”, you really mean never…

    2. @Jim Z Of course not, but that doesn’t mean that the current President should be unaccountable. I have yet to hear Biden, say a negative word about Joe Manchin, or apply any pressure to get things moving. People deserve better than to be emotionally blackmailed into accepting mediocrity. It’s like you’re saying Trump, was bad, so tolerate the police killing you. What difference does it make to a dead person which man is the President?

  11. You can have all the laws you want to fight racism but until you change people’s minds its not going anywhere anytime soon.

  12. Go watch the most transparent audit in America history! Azaudit not com but org. 9 camera angles live. Behizy on YouTube can tell you about the audit process

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