Ben Rhodes: Putin 'Will Push Farther' If He Doesn't Feel Pushback From The U.S. | MSNBC 1

Ben Rhodes: Putin ‘Will Push Farther’ If He Doesn’t Feel Pushback From The U.S. | MSNBC


Ben Rhodes joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the Biden administration's strategy towards Russia. Rhodes says that President Biden" has to realize if Putin does something, he will have to respond. If he doesn't feel pushback from the United States, he will push farther."
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    1. @William H
      Also uses William H, William H Music, William H Music 2020, William H Music 2021, Timothy Truth. Reality, and of course The Tweatles. and who knows what others.

  1. Putin has no Heart when it comes to human rights . If he doesn’t care about his own people ,he could careless about anyone else .

    1. @Patricia Burkell Why would Russia, with plenty of natural Uranium deposits 2nd in the world really, Need to buy any from the US? This is so stupid it’s silly!

  2. What happens in Russia when Navalny dies? Putin smiles and asks “anybody else?” We should push back, but it won’t make any difference. Putin can’t let his grip slip.

  3. While I agree that Russia has to get push-back it’s a bit hard for Biden to do it by saying they can’t unilaterally attack people anywhere in the world when he was a part of the Obama administration that used drone attacks at will even in countries the US was at peace with. The United States will have to start behaving as a good world citizen that abides by UN rules if it wants to dictate to others how to behave. I hope that happens because we need the US to help the other western powers stand up to China and Russia.

  4. If you look at Russia, Putin has plenty of his own problems…
    Looks like his population is sick of his tyranny.

    1. Putin’s little puppet donnie wanted to be like his daddy and be a dictator, but failed miserably

  5. If Novalny is Ill it is because he went on a hunger strike. He was force fed intravenously to keep him alive.

    1. Are YOU even aware of what’s going on with Mr. Navalny ?
      Sure doesn’t appear to be the case.
      But hey, you got your little rant (misguided) in, good for you and your ignorance.

    2. He was also poisoned on orders from putin. Of course as a Russian bot you already know that.

    3. @robert hollingsworth he was hired to foment a coup as in Belarus. Do you think Putin would jus sit back and let it happen?

    4. @Di&Ce Yeah…
      OK there Boris.
      Collect the Rubles, drink the Kool-Aid, whatever your pay structure is.
      Look up the term Asshat.

  6. Do Trumps supporters want us to be another Russia, because that Trump Republicans are pushing for this.

  7. Discrimination, Racism, This is Democracy?, This is Humanity?, God Bless AMERICA on Twitter @jamalch11

  8. Trump and Putin, committed norm breakers… Unfortunately, Putin is more competent at norm breaking than Trump could ever be.

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