Blind To Borders, Coronavirus Lays Siege To Southwestern U.S. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Blind To Borders, Coronavirus Lays Siege To Southwestern U.S. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. If you go to a tightly packed political rally in the middle of a global pandemic you should go to the back of the line.

  2. Y Trump wont sign executive order if mask not worn they would be locked up. He wrote 1 for the protest

    1. Because he doesn’t care even for his supporters.And these people who attend his rallies,obviously,are his supporters,have the same thinking as him.arrogant and idiots regarding covid19

    2. He’s more concerned about causing chaos than preventing the death of Americans, he fights with NATO allies and cowers in front of dictators and failed KGB spies, he fights with our government but he tries to negotiate with terrorists, he attacks both Senate and Congress and he invites leaders of our enemies to Camp David. Trump has been more effective at destroying this country in 4 years than four planes ever could be.

    3. @Sean Breen well spoken my good man . Know hopefully Korea. China, and Russia don’t team up.and attack at this very moment. Kim Jong said he had a great surprise for us and have been dropping bombs and been testing since he got in I believe he is doing what he been told to do

  3. The lack of diversity and their cheers of racial slurs in that crowd of so-called “Christians” is very telling of their values.

    1. Mandy You don’t have to believe me. I wasn’t looking for your approval. I shared my opinion and that is it. You don’t know me from Adam or the individual I was speaking with. Carry on Mandy, carry on.

    2. @22 Veterans A Day And I was just sharing my opinion. You clearly don’t like it, which is fine, but now you are getting angry. I never claimed to know you or that individual. You say we need more conversation but then when someone points out something they perceive as hypocritical you respond by telling that person you weren’t looking for their approval. It doesn’t seem like you are actually that open minded or willing to hear criticism.

    3. @Bud Fudlacker Imperative sentences end w/a period, not a question mark, Fudlacker. That’s pretty much it for now. Oh yeah, that’s right… Trump is a monster. Take care Bud.

  4. Travel agent: Hello, how may I help you?
    Corona: Is the food good in Arizona?
    Travel Agent: It sure is! Should I book you a trip?
    Corona: Nah, I’m already there.
    Arizona: 😲😬

    1. Covid-19: I wish to thank all of you unmasked attendees for helping in my quest. Please share with friends and family. Will check back in a couple weeks to see how effective the rally went. For those who are unable in 2 weeks, I thank you now.

  5. Donald ( Jones Town ) Trump.
    Ahhhh choo !!!!
    Ah, did I get anybody in the second row ?
    After you sign this waiver, You will be able to play the devil went down to Georgia on the fiddle. Kinda weird, right ?

    1. Reminds me of attending a Gallagher show. Eventually the melons and the sledge-o-matic portion of the show begin and if you forget to bring protection, well you smell like fruit salad.

  6. We need to develop more clearly our understanding of ‘Genocide’ as we live under Herr trump’s leadership: “Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people—usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group—in whole or in part.” With over 120,000 Americans dead, Herr trump’s intentional negligence, his intentional ignorance, his intentional arrogance, his intentional disinformation, and his intentional petulance are the basis for the genocide taking place in America today. This racist leader intentionally put American lives at risk with his self-congratulatory rally! Herr trump is intentionally ignoring the scientific advice and recommendations! He needs to be charged with genocide!🤬🤬🤬

  7. Has it occurred to anyone that Trump couldn’t care less who lives or dies the more the better. Trump is not protecting Americans, he is gleefully destroying them.

    1. Trump only needs his lemmings to live long enough to vote one more time. After that, he doesn’t care what happens to them.

    2. *^ yet another stupid shallow comment followed by a thread of stupid shallow comments.stupid shallow must never get old for you people. stupid shallow is the norm for you folks, I guess.*

    3. @Crystal Giddens 😂 *posts generic whinge about people expressing their generic concerns about a terrible president*

  8. Can people sue those two snake oil salesmen saying they had the “cure”, and everyone was “safe” to come to their church?

    1. I was thinking about that. They all had to sign tRump’s waiver. But if they get sick can they sue the church?

    2. @nelliebly Probably can SUE that church, pastors and tRump, since it was against the current legal orders (to wear a mask) made by the City of Phoenix. The Mayor, I believe, made that order. I wonder if anyone had to sign a waiver for this rally? If minors ( I am guessing..UNDER 18 yrs old?) signed a waiver, I guess their signature would be invalid. Stay Safe everyone 🙏

    3. I had to laugh when I saw that video. That particular technology is actually proven to cause an allergic reaction in a significant number of individuals in enclosed spaces.

  9. How come tax-payers pay for Trump to fly to rallies with all his staff and security?
    He’s not working for you and I….he’s working on his election.

  10. Please everyone wear masks in public and maintain social distancing. Do not listen to the psychopath in office.

    1. I suggest almost boiling inhalations , right above the pan on the heat, that is what I did whenever I had to go outside – advice from a French medic. I cannot know if that helped me but I had light fever only one day, then loss of smell/taste 2 weeks. one need cream to protect nose and lips as I do that above the boiling pan (with a plastic inhaler, holes closed) . Since then I learned that our body can fight the virus without making antibody cells ,if it does not installs itself enough, it does not go into the blood, basically.
      That hot water vapor I measured between 70 and 80°c , and documentation say you may burn your lungs at 85° accumulating (fire fighters infos) Anyway you do not allow yourself to be burned, if too hot a step back is immediate reflex.
      I also did hear that the virus impact the nose more than the throat and that is where the vapor is still very hot with the inhale, more than in lungs where there are fluids that temper the heat effectively. Just food for thoughts, in case that may help . Regards nota it have been prooved that hot moisture kills the virus in a short time, I think one minute at 70°, anyway it cannot do good to it, and I had really free lungs and respiratory system all those late months due to the inhalations (not everyday, it can be a little aggressive to lungs)

  11. My mother in law is 80 years old and lives in Lombardy, the other day she told me she never thought that in her lifetime she would see the “Great United States” reduced to such a low state of affairs.

    1. Ironically, boss Jim Crowpotus (excuse my graspings!) Is ruining America and, truth be told as a long suffering lefty I like seeing USA bankrupt and … In the ditch! But… Trump is also killing future and my grandkids need it …

  12. We are witnessing one of the greatest failures of basic governance and basic leadership in modern times.

    Virus out of control, haphazard testing, failure of testing in March creating havoc to people’s lives, businesses, livelihoods and communities. Tanking the economy, hospitals and frontline workers pushed to their limits, lack of emergency medical supplies, food supply chains affected by mass infections within meat packing plants. And Trump is holding rallies with thousands of people in enclosed venues not social distancing or wearing masks.

    1. Bono Budju EXACTLY my thought, the administration, every agency, congress, State governments, Cities,…every safety net entity is crumbling as we watch…. there not one person who’s got the balls to stand up and say ENOUGH !

    1. @Tom Sutton as opposed to Bunker Bob, who never answers a question, but has an assfull of crap, that makes no sense to anyone with a rational mind. Trump is supposed to be the guy in charge, and he only wants to tell us that he doesn’t care. Mark Cuban: Donald Trump wants to run a campaign, Joe Biden wants to run a country

    2. GoT fan 2320 – and yet he is the President. Go topple a monument. Biden couldn’t shine Obama’s shoes. How the DNC wound up with this guy is mind boggling. They want a puppet. You get what you vote for. Just ask the people of Seattle, Chicago, NY, NJ.

    3. Lilbaz – if you took the names and faces away and just went to content of what they want to do for the country, it would be very interesting. No one has the balls in the MSM to do something like that and report the truth.

  13. I can’t believe that the pastor of this church says that his church is safe because of this amazing air conditioning….a man of God lying to fill his church….

    1. @Marion Welsh…. Here are 2 comments I left for someone else…….

      1. Probably can SUE that church, pastors and tRump, since it was against the current legal orders (to wear a mask) made by the City of Phoenix. The Mayor, I believe, made that order. I wonder if anyone had to sign a waiver for this rally? If minors ( I am guessing..UNDER 18 yrs old?) signed a waiver, I guess their signature would be invalid. Stay Safe everyone 🙏

      2.YES, that “Upside Down Bible Fiasco Photo-op” was well documented. This AZ mini-rally(?) event was also held in a so-called “Covid-19 protected church” (?) And, I am wondering if he attempted again to hold the Bible correctly. However, I seriously doubt it because I don’t think Ivanka was there to take it out of her overpriced “Chinese Designer Purse”…🤣🤣🤣

  14. With the absolute breakdown of the US response to Covid, Canadians are demanding their border with the US remains closed indefinitely…

    1. @Phillip Berthiaume ….Americans are going over the US-CN border saying they are “Going to Alaska”…but I have read that your Canadian Border Control currently doesn’t follow-up on their movements and therefore they travel throughout Canada freely. Trucks carrying essential and non-essential goods are allowed through also, but as I understand it their cargo is then “decontaminated” (in some way) before proceeding to their destination. If Alaska closed their border or Canada into Alaska – then the problem (?) may be at least temporarily be solved! 😊👍

    1. @Philip Mclaughlin
      They are the “whatever It takes to do to stay in my comfortable position party”…

    2. No, a lot of Americans are just now seeing why there are so many negative stereotypes of Americans around the world. Our health care system, our education system, our judicial system, and political system have had large cracks for years, COVID-19 and the Trump Administration are just forcing those who could previously ignore or overlook the issues to pay attention.

    3. It makes one long for the days of simpler evils, like W’s war mongering… I can honestly say, if you would have told me in say, 2004, that there will one day be a POTUS EVEN DUMBER (& more dangerous) than W, I’d have laughed in your face. Extraordinary.

  15. So trump just charges in , no regard to citizens or anyone else. Disregarding legislation in Arizona state, medical advice. This is freaking irresponsible , ignorant , dangerous and just bastardry really!

    1. It angers me and i’m not even American. He has no regard for him life whatsoever. It just boggles my mind them regular American citizens think that this draft dodging, tax avoiding billionaire, holding rallies in the middle of a pandemic, actually cares about the common American.

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