1. in places it doesn’t usually snow like that. Imagine that. BC had a huge snow storm on the west coast. Not seen for decades. I know what you’re trying to say. But climate change is here, and will get worse every year from now on. Get ready.

    2. @Keith M I’m ready. Either adapt or perish. Also I lived in Toronto, and 5cm basically cripples the city, but I’ve seen snow like that in the city before. Maybe a couple of cm less but no less significant. It’s not really unusual. Also BC floods regularly, especially in cities that were formerly lakes and no upgrades to flood mitigation were done for decades.

    3. @Paying more will save the planet. it’ll be perish ya dingus. You can’t adapt to the earth dying. No wonder we’re in the state that we are.

    4. @Keith M Right because both poles melting means the earth is dying? Where did you get your geology degree cozumel?

  1. It snows , you move it , it snows , you move it. And it goes on and on… Welcome to winter in Ontario Canada. Caution… It snows. Sometimes it snows a lot. We in Muskoka would know this.

    1. Crazy though in toronto they don’t, because it doesn’t know like that…Almost like…Climate change effects are here.

  2. Every other city pre-planned and shut down well ahead of Toronto’s declaration today. Many did Sunday afternoon and evening in advance. But not Toronto! Mismanagement 100%

    1. Nonsense. I live in Peterborough, the snow started at 2am. By 6am cars were being abandoned. Then the power went down for four hours. Anything less than a 4 wheel drive was useless, even then, a FD SUV lost it on a hill and slide back. If you live in ” old ” Peterborough, everywhere is uphill at some point.

    2. Tf you talking about dummy lmao, absolutely 0% of cities shut down “well ahead of Toronto’s declaration today”.

    3. @Josh z here’s just a few: Kenora, Simcoe county, Lennox & Addington, Kingston, Belleville, Quinte, Ottawa, Stirling-Rawdon, Barrie, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Napanee, Norwood, Gananoque, Hamilton, Brock, Prescott, Smiths Falls, Bruce County…

  3. Where I live they’ll be smashups as no one can see for snow coming out of the parking lot. This is on a major road. The snow removal crew should be sued in court for causing all the accidents.

  4. When it wasn’t snowing y’all were screaming climate change and now that it does you act like it’s never happened before.

  5. 0:57 “it’s been 2 days”??? It started snowing at 9pm on Sunday and got bad around 3am Monday morning. It’s currently Tuesday afternoon. Could she exaggerate anymore?

  6. Let’s be clear Toronto weren’t the only ones affected by this storm everyone in eastern Ontario and beyond felt it !!!

  7. 1:48 Dude removing snow around his car just to block in his neighbour’s car. Nice.

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