1. Mmmmmm, Quebec over the decades has had the most by far Transfer Payments per/capita. Bloc Bloc, go away, don’t come back another day. Or just quit whining

    1. I don’t think you’re right. Pretty sure Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI get the most per capita. Remember QC has over 9 times the population of NS and NB and PEI only has 150,000 compared to QC 8 million. PEI payments end up being double, percapita, then QC.
      Yes QC gets the most $ over all but definitely not percapita

    2. @Isaac Griffin u are definitely 12. learn to read; I said; the most vocal.
      your 6 to 8 years measurement compared to My 1950’s, 60,s 70, 80 90 00, 01 02. expanse
      Rene Levesque, FLQ etc; the east coast perhaps since the refugees and maybe the moratorium on fishing None of the above I expect u to be aware of.
      Your moms calling u cause your bottle is warm

    3. all of which have always been welfare states Quebec IS The Mob. and they get the Kind of $$ attention dough heads like u Know very little about

  2. I don’t care for Quebecs stance on anything, ever, really… but I appreciate his unapologetic honesty and he makes no bones that his only care is Quebecers. All politicians could learn from an authentic approach.

  3. I like the Bloc Party. They do not pretend to be for anything but for the interests of Quebec. I find that many times that the stance the Bloc has taken to help Quebec also helps other provinces. If I lived in Quebec I would vote for them. I really hope they take seats away from all the parties and become the main Federal Party in Quebec.

    1. Yep, my only problem with the Bloc isn’t demanding more power for Quebec, it’s that they then openly resist other provinces that ask for the same privileges.

  4. How about Quebec becomes a have province. Hydro power is revenue and should be included. How can a province with a third of the population always get more than it pays?

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