‘Pro-choice’ O’Toole vows to also defend conscience rights of medical professionals

'Pro-choice' O'Toole vows to also defend conscience rights of medical professionals 1


    1. yes. These politicians clearly have mental health problems suggesting such things, perhaps they should consider MAID.

      Growing mental health probs due to neverending plandem!c restrictions, then expand access to medically assisted end of life for mental problems..

  1. Funny how reporters think up every hypothetical situation and want politicians to answer their ‘what if’. What if a doctor was pro-life and what if it was Tuesday and what if it snowed in July and what if there was an asteroid approaching earth, would you defend the right of the doctor to make a personally/culturally/religiously motivated choice that will impact the life of his patient? Why do the reporters even believe that politicians should have that right to begin with? And to be fair, where are the reporters drilling down on the same stupid questions with Trudeau and Singh?

    1. You are correct, no hard ball questions for Trudeau or Singh. They just baffoon their way through press conferences on their own. In fact, nobody even has any questions for Singh anymore.

    1. @Jonathan Gould if the party were truly progressive conservative it might just win the election. Alas, we all know by now that they are no better than the shameless republican lot south of the border. They have the same backers, and constituency. 10 years of Harper – not to mentionn 4 years of trump – is more than enough for a lifetime.

  2. Doctors have as much right to refuse a service as the person who had as much right to make the “choice” they did that required a service they didn’t teach themselves. In other words, stop pushing the responsibility onto doctors that’s so fkn phoney.

  3. Nurses and drs earn learn their limits to service the conservatives are not doing any service meddling with healthcare

  4. What a joke these questions are. We should be asking what he plans to do to for our health care, taxes, inflation and employment.

  5. If you are using this endless debate to base your decision in choosing one party over another, then this country will never move forward.

  6. Did you Father and Mother make you who made them male and female One then before they made you

  7. I only care about two issues: 1) will the Conservatives reign in government spending/debt and 2) ensure Canadian charter rights are not abused willy nilly unless absolutely necessary and then only for a very limited time.

  8. Will this include the right of medical professionals to refuse COVID vaccines? Will it include the right of physicians to not offer COVID vaccines to their patients?

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