Bodycam: Police confront crying boy over allegedly stolen bag of chips| USA TODAY

The Syracuse Police Department released bodycam footage from an incident that resulted in an officer putting an 8-year-old in the back of a police car.

The video was provided to USA Today with items blurred and some audio redacted.

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Police in Syracuse, New York, released body camera footage Thursday they say shows a "more well-rounded story with a positive outcome" than the viral bystander video of officers putting a crying 8-year-old boy into a police vehicle for allegedly stealing a bag of chips.

Officers responded to a larceny in progress call at a Dollar General on the city's northside Sunday afternoon, police said at a press conference Thursday. The store's clerk said several juveniles had stolen multiple bags of Doritos.

Police played portions of body worn camera footage from the three officers at the scene. In one clip, an officer approaches the group of children and demands one child get off his bike before placing the crying boy into a police car and taking him home.

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  1. The guys welcome to publicly record , but the moment he interrupted the cops that can be considered obstruction .
    Obviously the kids had the chips complained about & littered right in front of the cops trying to get rid of them.
    All I got to say about this video is ” hows it feel to get taken “

  2. Here’s what pisses me off and shows you where society is ๐Ÿ–•
    I guarantee you the law enforcement officers will be blamed for this But it to me shows that just how far society has degraded and watered down their DNA to get to where the officers are in the wrong in this when he’s the one stealing๐Ÿ’ฏ Today’s potato chips is tomorrow’s taking of a life ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  3. I’ll make you crying face this is the story here that if you criminal crying somebody paid for it and you can go free to commit other crimes is there no more honesty dignity responsibility for your action this is not a lesson that we should teach children where’s your mother what are we saying to our children it’s okay to steal what’s next it’s okay to kill this is what our society is in right now we are justifying stealing and killing or recording at racism when are we going to teach children the difference between right and wrong if when you commit a crime you are rewarded

  4. I have mixed fillings about this one. Tough Love is what I see. Itโ€™s a saying It takes a whole neighborhood to raise these children. When we was growing up Any adult was allowed to discipline us if we was doing something wrong! This new generation is all messed up!

    1. YA and I remember when cops would of handled it like a pro… This made me cry knowing another child is afraid of the bad guys who are f en there for us,,,I watch the news and know how hard it is out there for both sides but dam this wrong

  5. Hopefully that will cure his stealing, poor little guy, learned a big lesson, I hope. I think what the policeman did was, yes, community Policing.

  6. This kid and his brothers have been caught shoplifting from that store multiple times and the father isn’t taking responsibility. Also (after this incident) that same kid stole a bike and is now set to go to court. He’s on his way to becoming a career criminal. Kid needs to learn.

  7. I’m so glad they got him. He is the head of that
    big “potato chip cartel”. Get those illegal chips
    off the street. Bravo to the tough police getting
    that 8 yes old potato chip

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