1. Future reference to the teller. A bank robber will not give their license when robbing a bank. Just saying.

    1. @Marie Elle Right, and the withdrawal slip was not filled out. Kinda like the way…ROBBERS do it. It was weird, he was acting sketch….she should have called it in

    2. @Peter Dragon he did nothing unusual. I had a customer give me a similar note when I worked at a bank. That teller is paranoid and overrated.

    3. you really think a bank robber is ‘always’ in the right/stable/sane state of mind when he/she is robbing a bank? Most bank tellers are trained to look for visual cues whether it’s body language or the state of dress on any person walking into the bank. Regardless of skin color or the amount of money withdrawal, Kugler was inside the bank with sunglasses/mask on and giving a written note of instructions for the bank teller to be discrete without just using his own voice to communicate his intentions. If that was your wife or your daughter working in that bank, you would want her to do the same and be safe than sorry.

    4. @tibway you never heard of black stars conducting a social ‘woke’ audit ‘while Black’ for publicity and got side tracked by a black lady bank teller and a pair of arresting black officers? Don’t know which one won the coin toss, Kugler or Kaepernick. Better luck next time.

    5. He was acting weird while trying to withdraw a big ammount, not talking at all and just pointing at a note. What did you expect?

  2. I’ve worked for banks for a very long time, it’s embarrassing that someone who is trusted to handle money either can’t read, or does not know how to ask the RIGHT questions to find out what’s going on. Yes, I’ve been involved in robberies but never did someone give us an ID to rob the place.

    1. Well it never should have happened because his behavior was BIZARRE AF so that’s on him. That said he seems like a nice enough person and maybe he was just paranoid about others seeing him handed that much money and leaving the bank, but listening to the teller I can see why she was confused and afraid. The police took precautions, and were respectful. This entire incident was his fault, but again no big deal if he doesn’t try to make it into one. If he does then he’s got nobody to blame except himself.

    2. @CNNOTHING BURGER LETS GO BRANDON!!! Haven’t you vladbots anything better to do? Like cheer on a Russian army as they murder civilians?

    3. @smkxodnwbwkdns You see, back in the olden days (couple years ago), Mask, sunglasses, hat and note was the definition of bank robbery.

  3. He didn’t want any body hearing his business. This teller needs more training. He gave his ID etc. What bank robber does that!! None!!! The teller might be a racoon

  4. This is something that he probably has done before. And who gives you their id to rob a bank and no weapon. Very sad

    1. @Brad Dalton people have been wearing masks for 2 years straight…what on earth are you talking about its not normal…or is it only cool when it’s a white person?

    2. @Matthew Chrome i wonder if the teller asked him if he can remove mask and sunglasses so they can identify him properly? Or did she just call the cops without doing her due diligence. Common sense suggests she should have but I couldn’t find anything online that mentions it. They just said there was a flag on the account, what was the flag? Did she verify what the flag was? Was it a regular flag that pops up whenever someone withdraws more than 10k in cash? Surely there will be a code provided with the flag that should be on their database to lookup on what is the cause of the flag. Maybe it was just withdrawing more than 10k in cash requires manager override. Or was it a flag wherein it states account owner has reported their identity has been stolen.

    3. @🔥BiggBizzTv🔥 mask cover ur face so showing I’d could be used to make others think ur not a robber and not normal is writing to be descrete then not speaking and u do realize he is a racist u know black panther is a different color kkk and when is the last time u went to bank handed them a note and wouldn’t speak demanding 12 k cash

    4. @kire Tan I sincerely thank you for asking intelligent questions and not playing the race card. A flag is a warning to all bank tellers that highly unusual or suspicious credit/debit card purchasing or money withdrawals are occurring with a customer account. Let’s say account is # 58 and has been active since 2019. For 3 years all withdrawals have taken place within 50 miles of #58 home address. Suddenly, #58 account is all over the country making huge withdrawals. The bank will email notices to account #58 to verify they have moved or travelling. If #58 contacts the bank, it will make an adjustment that #58 is travelling. If #58 ignores the bank’s question, the flag goes to alert status which means, “Criminal activity may be taking place” or someone may have stolen #58 credit/debit cards The bank is trying to protect #58’s money. Once a upon a time banks automatically placed holds on credit card or withdrawals for account when used more than 1000 miles away if the customer did not notify the bank they were travelling.. Such as you live in Nevada, but your credit card was charged in the state of Maine or Canada. It appears he never told BOA he was traveling to Georgia.

  5. Given how people who have made large cash withdrawals have been setup by others, especially bank tellers, to get mugged once they leave the bank, I can’t blame him for wanting some discretion. If the story is as the teller puts it, I wouldn’t highly suspect a robbery was in progress, especially given the fact that HE GAVE HIS ID/LICENSE….

    1. I do wonder though, why not just write a check to himself, or at least fill out a withdrawal slip. He could still pass the note and request she keep it discreet since it is a large amount. My thinking is, she would do that anyway as part of normal practices.

  6. “we can’t confirm that”… Yes you can. Check his ID next time bank teller. If the ID is valid and they do indeed have the $… Give him the money… And be discreet about it… Knowing of course that you would do the same for the white business man. You’d even ask what type of bills are best.

  7. As an employee in the financial sector, this was stupid on so many levels:
    1.Bank of America utilizes your debit card AND ID to withdraw that type of cash.
    2. Given the amount, the teller would have to file a report anyway.
    3. The note was not demanding the bank’s money, but the person that was on the ID.
    4. If the teller felt that uncomfortable, the manager could have simply asked the gentleman to step into the office and have him briefly remove his mask.
    She needs more training.

    1. @MSFURLOW SPEAKS no she didn’t, she just lacks common sense. Who’s robbing a bank after giving identification of themselves? He provided both his card and ID, wasn’t violent, he just asked for the withdrawal to be discreet.

    2. @The Milk Man if you think the id is fake, then you would ask for the person to remove their mask to see if it’s indeed them. There’s nothing wrong with his outfit, they’re regular clothes, he’s worth 20 million, so a transaction over 10k isn’t unusual, he most likely wanted to be discreet because of how large the withdrawal was. If they were that suspicious, they literally could’ve just denied the transaction. No need for police to be called here.

    3. @The Milk Man See, your assumptions on the banking field shows your ignorance. You couldn’t get a job in banking right now, especially in compliance, financial crimes, or corp security. The general public is ABSOLUTELY oblivious to the very machinations of what even happens with a basic cash withdrawal. I know this from my 15+ years in the field. So, you can stfu with your condescension and arrogance. You know absolutely nothing about what actually goes on in a bank. For instance…

      When an account holder comes into a banking center and wants to make a cash withdrawal, banks will often request a debit card chip input with PIN input. The real reason behind this is because that action itself is used as a liability defense in fraud claims, should the account holder attempt to file a fraud claim on it, as it is outlined in the account opening agreement that a PIN cannot be shared with another person. When a secondary ID is requested, they are not checking for how authetic the ID looks, only if the DRL number matches. In the case of this teller, the fact that the customer used an out of state license is completely irrelevant, all that matters is that the number matches. Furthermore, much of California (where his license is from) had been Real ID compliant since the mid 2010s when it was first being pushed out, which makes CA ids more difficult to counterfeit and can be trusted over other ID types such as passports. A dirty secret about most banks is that while they’ll accept foreign passports as a form of ID, they have 0 ways of verifying them and only accept them to avoid bad PR. The reputational damage is deemed higher than the potential (and actual) fraud losses.

      If we want to go into discussions about AML programs, intl money laundering rings, or perhaps the run of the mill fraud schemes, we can do that too. I promise you that you’ll be as clueless in my world as I would be in yours. Tone down the arrogance.

    4. @The Milk Man So, what does all that mean in this scenario? It means this account holder, who was PIN verified and presented a valid ID should’ve been given his cash and that’s it. A 12k cash withdrawal isn’t as unusual as people think it is, it happens at big banks like BofA literally every day all across the country. All the teller had to do was file her CTR and stay in her lane. But instead, she wanted to cosplay “investigator” and she way, way overreached. Banks are highly regulated, procedure driven environments. I promise there’s nothing in her procedures that states she should have called LE because a guy wants a 12k withdrawal to be done discretely.

      You also are probably unaware that there’s a huge rise in “follow home” and “follow away” robberies in major metropolitan areas in the US since covid started. In this robbery type, people sit outside banks, shopping centers, and malls to watch for high yield victims. For banks, it’s guys with envelopes because those typically get used with higher dollar cash withdrawals. They also often have a guy inside, a spotter, looking for potential marks. Hence this customer wanted his 12k discretely to avoid having a spotter mark him and him being potentially robbed.

      Now, do you understand why there’s zero subjectivity in this? The teller effed up, plain and simple, and she’ll very likely be fired.

  8. You always have to swipe your bank card with any money transactions at your bank. Who robs a bank after swiping their bank card. The bank teller needs retraining asap. That is bank teller 101

  9. Banks are “amazing” when they are taking your money, but as soon as you need it, they need a supervisor and police back up.

    1. Well for deposits over 10,000$ we also need to record the transaction on a Declaration of Source form. Our audit team double checks deposits and if anything looks suspicious , for example a customer deposition 10,000 every month when working at KFC – then the audit team can investigate it further.

    2. @Travel Crawl did u notice the bank teller was also black? everything is racist to you?

      BTW, who gives a note to bank teller?

    3. He is stupid to write a note like that or he just wanted attention. The fool know what he’s doing? Clearly, he wants the media to focus on him…”I’m a victim because I am black” Gtfooh!

  10. Been in banking for 14yrs. I blame the bank manager. Teller can be inexperienced in this situation and that’s why they’re required to call a manager over for a second set of eyes. But the major problem is that banks are not hiring the most experienced people in management positions now in an effort to cut cost. He/she should’ve looked at the note themselves and asked additional questions. Ryan gave his ID and even entered his debit card. No bank robber with a note will ever do that. There was nothing threatening in this situation that warrants immediately calling the cops. Since he wanted to be discreet, you can invite him to an office and ask all the questions you want until you feel satisfied or if you’re still not satisfied you can actually deny the transaction. But that would’ve also been crazy! He gave you ID and his debit card, I’m sure he entered his pin too. I’m sure with a simple check they can see that he has a private banker, a quick call to them would’ve resolved everything. But bias and laziness didn’t allow them to think clearly.

    1. @RoVin Russ ikr, good thing she’s black. If the teller is white racists comments will be all over the internet.

    2. @RoVin Russ LOL it’s the front of the news everywhere, it was even updated on his Wikipedia page, what are you talking about?

      And yes, black people can be biased about other black people. I was buying a house cash and had a black realtor ask if it was under my mattress, like I was some drug dealer. He didn’t even take me seriously. Unfortunately, anti black bias can be from anyone.

    3. @RoVin Russ “Yep, the racist black woman was showing bias against a black man. ” I was waiting for this. Yes, someone can be racist or have a bias against their own race.

  11. Wow! He wanted to “rob” the bank, so he hands over his ID. I understand why he wrote a note and insisted on it being discreet. I’ve done almost the same, minus the “be discreet” part. Some bank tellers have the tendency to loudly announce the type of transaction and loudly count out all the funds you’re being given. My guess is, it’s the same at this location. Maybe he should’ve made an appointment.


    2. Not only his ID, but also inserted his bank card. The note wasn’t written on a random piece of paper, it was a withdrawal slip.

  12. If he gave you his ID he obviously wasn’t trying to Rob you. You don’t get away with robbery by literally handing a key witness a description of your appearance. That’s sort of just common sense.

    1. @Matthew Klassen Yeah now she’s a reliable witness? Read the police statement describing the “note”.

    2. @Matthew Klassen at my bank I just give them my ID and my debit card. They get the account number their self.

    3. @DeepSpace12 I am positive that she is more reliable than you are. I believe her over you every time!! You are just an upset wannabe playing upset over anything and everything. There is no winning with people like you, not there, but somehow the only “credible” source on the subject. Stfu

    4. @Moses Messiah he didn’t give enough information to the teller. When the teller asked for his account info he didn’t give the answer. She obviously found that super strange. She does this all day every week day… She knows what is “normal”… This director wasn’t acting normal

    5. @Matthew Klassen pretty sure, debit card + PIN number + Identification card, would of warranted her to ask him to take off his hat and mask. But she went straight to calling the cops.

  13. All customers with large amounts going in and out of their accounts should be automatically handled by customer service reps, ALWAYS, as they do with “safe deposit box” customers. Unacceptable

    1. @Patsy Gardiner Right, you did it WITHOUT a cryptic note and just telling the teller ‘look at the note like Coogler did.
      You did it properly.
      See the difference.
      She DID call for the manager when she was prompted with ‘risky transaction’ on her screen.
      Why didn’t the manager tell the teller to let him handle it and bring Mr. Coogler to his office? Why did the bank manager tell the teller let’s BOTH go talk to him?
      See the difference in your transaction and Mr. Coogler’s?

    2. @bngr bngr Nobody I can think of. Also, quit treating Blacks like they are mentally disabled. Treat them like equals. At some point the trainee wheels need to come off.

    3. Exactly. So it’s his fault for not asking to speak with a representative instead of Goin up to a teller and passing her a note. 🤦‍♂️ Dudes an idiot.

  14. He has a note asking her to be discreet. His account information is on the withdrawal slip. But she sees that and starts talking out loud about the transaction. And her “Good Job Guys.” as an innocent man is walked out in handcuffs is infuriating. She should not have a job in that field.

    1. He did not fill out the withdrawal slip. He just used it to write the note….just like robbers typically do

    2. Innocent man? That’s laughable. He an enemy of the U.S. and a low-grade domestic terrorist. He’s as vile as any in-bred KKK butt-wipe. In fact, he’s a mirror image.🙂

    3. I’m sure she feels like a fool. And trust me everyone who knows her is laughing behind her back. Some of her friends are laughing right in her face.

    4. @Doyle Gaines “he’s a mirror image” – An image? You mean like a _stereotype?_ No, Coogler is not an image. He’s a person.

    1. @TheHate FuLL1 How’s life troll? Sucks huh… Anyway, carry on don’t mean to waste your time from trolling the interwebs.

  15. So he put his bank card into the side machine and gave her ID, how is that trying to rob the bank lol. She had his account open on her screen as well. Pure stupidity.

  16. Can you imagine the embarrassment that teller must feel for calling the police on the director of The Black Panther for a situation that could have been avoided entirely?! wooooow

  17. I absolutely hate when they are counting your money out loud for others to hear. I really hate when I’m paying with large bills and people hold them up in the air. Clear indicator that this person has money and places that person at risk.

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