‘Moving in the wrong direction’: Inflation climbs to 40-year high

Inflation is the highest it has been since 1982. CNN's John King discusses the new numbers with CNN Business reporter Matt Egan. Meanwhile, CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich shows how inflation is impacting prices at gas pumps across the country. CNN White House correspondent John Harwood gets reaction from the Biden administration, and CNN's Richard Quest explains what happens when inflation becomes entrenched. #CNN #News


  1. In a few months… It’s gonna stop being “40 year highs”… And start becoming “record highs”

    1. Blame Democrats. Blame Democrats. Dem voterss should pay more. Trump supporters should be subsidised since we were right again. Gd job lefties.

    2. @Russell Jordan Oddly enough, Eastern Europe is heavily regulated and far more stable than the disaster of the US

    3. @Veganpotter Thevegan I know they don’t have Biden. The free market it what provides freedom, stability and better options for health and well being. Government only destroys it.

    4. @Phil Bright well being more right than the left and democrats really isn’t that difficult. So you trump supporters may not want to pay yourselves on the back too hard.

    1. Biden and Harris are the biggest disappointments of modern times and 100 generations to come. Worst in USA🇺🇸 history.

      Harris behavior on the World stage today was incredibly childish, foolish and inexcusable. She’s a cackling, incoherent 2 year old.

      Biden owns the inflation and high gas prices.

      Biden and Harris are both total embarrassments on the World stage.🤦‍♀️

      We the citizens of the USA🇺🇸, sincerely apologize to the people and leadership of Ukraine🇺🇦.

    2. Peace brothers Peace. Let us channel our aggressions and violence into constructive actions such as working, dancing, massaging, doing art, cleaning, training, washing, kissing & making love via Love & Understanding.

      Putin is not fkn around with us in the West. He told us straight & direct not to interfere with his military operation. Was hoping for peace albeit always stated not to underestimate Putin and his brand of nationalist authoritarianism via witch he Rules Russia. 2 days ago the biggest War of my generation ( LGBTQ Millennial ))) just started. What say ye ? What do we do ? My friend said in a grim rather dark tone : well, keep paying athletes millions, rappers millions, actors millions and the rest of North America divided, in debt, living from paycheck. to paycheck …and then proceeded to rap somethings witch would rather not write due to being *( Age Restricted Matters) and finished how do you like that version of Freedom & Democracy….did reply that he had a rather cynical, pessimistic, negative and rather dark vision of North America *( and the West ) in the past years and today…. think he just needs a hug, a kiss, a massage and some love…what do you think ? PS: He also added something interesting to note of a more discerning intellectual manner ! He stated that Putin’s nationalistic authoritarian ideology is very reactionary to the West’s Liberal Politics of Pro-LGBTQ, Multiculturalism, Feminist and pop-culture ideology witch he views as having weakened the West and is morally degenerate…. claims that by analysis of Putin’s own speeches and discourses that is a major part of his social, cultural, political and psychological ideological views and tendencies….. HAD to and WILL meditate on that….if even half of that is true….then we gotta go back to my first statement in summary : Putin is not fkn around with us in the West.

      Support, join, bless & love the Dancing Goddess & Dragon Kingdom for a New World Order of Peace, Justice, Insured Freedom and attaining Harmony between Civilization & Nature.
      PS: Make Love tonight ! Otwerwise wtf are we fighting for to save Civlization ? Rich multimillionaires & billionaires ? wealthy artists ? rich athletes ? huh ? and while you are at it tell the Leaders of The Free World Dragon Zero’s Message; Drop down and give Dragon Zero 13 pushups with Love & For World Peace

    3. @I Care speak for yourself all damn racial troupes in that bull crap statement. Worst in our lifetime Bull crap honest are you just 2 years old.
      Stop using disaster such as war for politic purposes. Disingenuous phony righteous political bs.
      American🇺🇸 did not elect you as national spokesperson. Speak for yourself.
      World Leaders were NOT laughing in Buckingham Palace at Biden.
      Worst in our lifetime. Please

  2. How much of this is caused by companies raising prices above inflation? Can y’all report on that? Inflation reacting highs, but companies still making record profits. explain that.

    1. @Christian 153 this is true but look at the last war that was 20 years. Under Bush that we been paying for and the how we did the curds and afghans there was no way we could have stayed any longer to do a better job because of the way it was set up and we already know who set that up that’s a petty man but anyone from NYC knows who Trump is

    2. cnn and fox are ran by corporate ogligarchs …they dont care about you and they will never report on things that make their corporate masters angry. for example right now we are having starbucks workers winning union fights all over america but u dont hear a peep from cnn or fox

  3. *Fighting 7.9% inflation (more like 15%) with a 1% Fed funds interest rate is like stopping a forest fire with a bucket of water. Folks prepare accordingly. Make investment in other not to depend on the government for funds*

    1. @Frank The US Congress with bi-partisan support has just passed 14 billion dollar aid package for Ukraine tonight. 7 billion dollars in military aid for Ukraine. LOL🤣

    2. Fed funds rate is currently 0%. Actually technically less since Fed is still printing tens of billions of dollars to bring down mortgage rates.

    3. Did inflation go up when Russia invade Ukraine? The answer is no. Gas prices have gone up $2 since Biden became President.

  4. In Australia we are paying $2 per litre and higher today. I think that’s about $8 per gallon. This happened one day after Russia’s oil ban.
    Thing is I don’t think we get much Russian oil if at all. And in America you guys only use about 3% Russian oil. You need to call out petroleum companies for this hike. Not politicians unless you want them bro regulate the industry.

    1. @Sarah Brewster The Keystone XL pipeline was never completed so it couldn’t been shutdown, and even if Biden did not stop it’s construction it wouldn’t be ready for service today. Is Biden shutdown production how come we produce more oil today than we did the month he took office? According to EIA we produced 11M barrels per day in Jan 2021 and today we produce 11.7M.

    2. @Alex Phoenix Workers wages have been increasing at record levels over the last 12 months and nobody is stopping you from enjoying the profits companies are making.

    3. @Elda Uribe No Einstein! We were energy independent and were an oil exporter. As soon as Brandon became the President, he choked out our energy independence on purpose. Biden is to blame, not the oil companies. Go back to Econ 101.🙄

  5. Listening to Psaki if she don’t do better the Democrats will lose more seats than anyone could possibly imagine.

    1. @Andrew-~ Do you think the Democrats will hold the house? If you do I get a good laugh before bed

    1. During Trump and Bidens debate, he ended by saying ” If Biden gets in, everyone’s 401k’s will go to hell”

  6. Congress just gave its self a pay raise as its approval rating is 18%
    While you pay top dollar for gas and goods they get a discount and a pay raise.

    1. The Second Appeal of the citizens of Russia to the citizens of the United States of America!

      Dear Citizens of the United States of America. 
      We, the citizens of Great Russia, are appealing to you with our request to stop your politicians from  destroying our common world. It is not we who have come to you, it is you who have come to our home from the land which is many thousands of miles  away. We, the People of Russia, want the armed forces of the United States of America and the  NATO military forces to leave the territory of the former USSR in order to prevent the mutual destruction of our world.  We are not interested in a nuclear war, but we will use any means necessary to defend and liberate our homeland USSR and the countries of the former Warsaw Pact, as we have done many times in our history!!

      Please leave soon, or things will be different.  https://youtu.be/DxkKh2o5Fvk

      We hate an idea to strike the Nevada nuclear testing site with the intercontinental nuclear missile to convince you even more how serious are our intentions!  Don’t make us to do it! Please be reasonable, do not make your situation worse than it is.Please do it in the name of peace on Earth!
      The citizens of Russia.

    2. @sten260 it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes. The democRATS are planning more fraud and a win at all cost strategy I am sure.

    1. so how does soneone (Trump) bankrupt 3 casinos, bottle water company, Trump steaks and 3 gold courses across sea of course that hasnt turned a dime in 12 years or more?

    1. @UniversalExpanse cry for us. You’d be whining if gas was free. I love my Republican friends who btch about democrats and collect food stamps, unemployment, and the child tax credits. The same republicans that btch about Mexicans and then demand a cheap price to replace their roofs. The same republicans that don’t acknowledge Kentucky gets more federal welfare than any other state yet it’s a red state run by republicans.

    2. @UniversalExpanse stop blaming others. If anything blame yourself. You do realize there was a pandemic. That’s part of the reason. Geez

  7. Reporter..”What is the U.S. plan to help refugees from Ukraine?”

    Kamala…”ha ha HA ha🤪🤪🤪ha HAHAHAHA,,,😐

  8. Note it was already moving in the wrong direction and was already in the wrong direction before Ukraine……..

  9. I was in the work force in 1982, I’m retired now and this makes my second record breaking inflation , and I’m sure it happens to every generation,

  10. Start with supply and demand issues, add unlimited money printing, add government incompetency, and you get hyperinflation. Most likely we’ll end in deep recession or even depression.

    1. Start with an oil cartel that wants to make up their lowered profits during a pandemic, go on with the understanding that high gas prices force government to open more land for future drilling, and continue with the knowledge that high gas prices raise the price of everything.

      Conclude with the awareness that inflation increases the likelihood that Republicans are voted back into office.

    2. Hyperinflation is a very special set of conditions that we are nowhere near. Calm yourself. We all knew restarting production after lockdowns plus stimulus would likely do this. What I don’t understand is why interest rates have not been raised to control this.

    3. Please educate yourself. Corporations are making record profits. They know that they don’t have to meet 100% of the demand. At certain price level, they will maximize their profits. Tell me what policies have been put in place by current administration that could possibly cause the inflation.

  11. If this was inflation, why did so many companies drastically raise their prices above the 7% inflation we had last year? Why hasn’t it stayed even with production costs? Because we’re dealing with price gouging…

  12. Don’t worry the inflation is “transitory” and it’s “actually a good sign of economic growth”

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