1. That poor police officer is so scared and breathing so heavily how lucky he was to have those 19 kids and two school teachers give up their lives so he could live for another day!!!

    1. @L Rodriguez What does what you are saying have anything to do with this situation? I hope you aren’t suggesting these children should have been armed so they could have been the so-called “good guy with a gun.”

  2. They hear kids screaming and dying , and this coward was more worried about his man . They should be charged

    1. @Roger Smith you do know the videos you have watched were most likely edited so you couldn’t hear the kids screams for the sake of the family right?

  3. The screams of children being murdered were removed to protect the feelings of the frightened and cowardly Uvalde police.

    1. @L Rodriguez Waiting periods and “background checks” are typically done for hand guns in most states. However, there are quite a few states where you can walk in and purchase a rifle with minimal credentials and no waiting period.

    2. @L Rodriguez you are sadly misinformed…
      There’s quite a few states where you certainly can walk into a Walmart (and many other places) to buy a gun, without a background check or waiting period. You literally can walk in, show ID that you’re old enough, and walk out with your new purchase. I’m Canadian and I even know how easy it is to get a gun in some US states.
      Y’all too gun happy over there.
      I’m all for the right to bare arms, but do so with police and mental health/ doctor approved, background checks, and a minimum age of 25.
      Also, no civilian needs to own a fucking machine gun.

  4. and the most coward response goes to….this was absolutely disgraceful! Fire them all and get a force with some balls. Look how much equipment they had to get it done and chickened out, such cowards with crappy training!

  5. Those kids had more bravery than every cop there… Every cop should be charged with something 😡😡😡

  6. Why bother talking when he’s already actively shot children. Not the time to talk nicely. The only time to negotiate is when the gunman hasn’t killed and shows signs of listening

  7. I am amazed at the mayor’s about face and willingness to get to the truth of this matter.

    How, in God’s name, could any of those officers NOT enter that schoolroom- permission or not? This is a horrific injustice to those who perished and those who loved them.

    1. @Castor Chua The southern part of the US is the worst. Prejudice, cancer, guns, ignorance, the list goes on and on regarding what is wrong with that area.

  8. What I hate about this is that there are some cops on that clip that would do absolutely nothing to contribute to kill the killer. They just filled the room on their phone or just standing around moving their gun around like that’s gonna do anything.

    1. one of the cops on his phone lost his wife that day. He was literally texting his wife as she was in her classroom dying

    2. one of the cops on his phone lost his wife that day. He was literally texting his wife as she was in her classroom dying

  9. As a retired Texas Teacher who went through active shooter traing many times Im disgusted to see LE response. I’m also disgusted to see the officers didn’t even know the layout of the school. And the fact the school is completely unsecured allowing the shooter to just walk right in. These children were failed by LE and the district.

    1. Doesn’t even matter those first few responding officers failed to do what they were supposed to do. They got shot at and retreated like some cowards that they are instead of engaging the shooter.

    2. @sydtopia first of all go back and read my initial comment. I clearly said LE AND THE DISTRICT failed the kids. The school was not properly secured, so the shooter had no resistance on the way in. Making tgis an even softer soft target. Initial responding LE were SRO AND UPD. Every one of the Sros should have know those were classrooms. LE used the excuse that he was barricaded in an office and was no longer a threat for slow response. They didn’t misspeak they said the same thing many times until parents started calling them out. I don’t care where he shot through when those officers heard those children screaming theu Should have went in. One little girl was talking to 911 from the classroom the police knew it and still didn’t even attempt to breach the room. You can try spin it but facts are facts. Have you read the 77 page report that released today?

    3. @yoDaddy please explain how using pistols they are suppose to engage a person with a rifle that they can’t see who is shooting through the walls at them? I really would like to hear your answer to that one.

    4. @yoDaddy that’s right. They should have gone In immediately. But they ran away and left Babies and unarmed Teachers in the line of fire. Disgusting.

    5. @sydtopia Ohhh I’m sorry I don’t just Assume They only have pistols. It’s called “Video” “Evidence” you didn’t seem to care enough to watch it carefully. Out those first responding officers 2 of them had ARs. “You Wana explain”

  10. As a former infantryman in Vietnam I am fully aware what fear does to an individual, but you have to face that fear and continue to function according to your training. These men failed miserably and innocent children and two teachers died. Shameful! They should all be fired.

    1. @Axel Jalapeno They weren’t equipped to take down someone with an assault rifle. It’s not cowardice it’s common sense.

    2. @Nelson Sailor yeah because the guy ran out of ammo. I watched the entire footage. He had already killed as many as he could. Stop trying to blame the cops.

  11. It’s horrible. My heart breaks with every gun shot is more kids getting killed. This was a tragedy. Prayers for all the victims and families 🙏

  12. i can’t comprehend how you are in a hallway full of dozens of men with rifles… listening to innocent children scream and CRY for help, hearing them take their last breathes… but yet you’re scared of one person behind that door when there are SO MANY OF YOU! the blood is on these officers hands. they could have saved those babies so they could have went home with their families 💔💔💔💔💔

    1. @Radbiker33357 Seems you missed the fact this video isn’t an hour and seventeen minutes long. Kids weren’t screaming or being shot for the entire time. It’s very easy to have footage without that in the background. They were in fact standing there listening to little children scream in terror and agony, while doing jack. Don’t even try to sugar coat this.

  13. A lot of cops against one shooter and not one of them even tried to push in, this is just very terrible.

  14. These kids looked up to police officers some wanted to become cops to save people from the bad guys, unfortunately the ones they looked up to let them down the in worst way possible.

    1. really? people look up to cops? to “save people from the bad guys”?….yeah maybe if they’ve been watching too many movies.

    2. Bet this change some kids minds about being cops !!!! Kids understand more some adults think !!!!

  15. “After taking cover outside.” That’s not taking cover. That’s running away. You don’t “take cover” in an open space. Behind a corner, behind a door, that’s taking cover. Cowards run away. Wannabe cops that want to play soldier but would be better suited playing with dolls, not guns.

  16. The police officer asking what are we doing here? Tells the atmosphere of what we all are feeling now. What were they doing there, if it’s not to save those children lives the best way they can? This so hard to watch, hearing those gun shot from the shooter is so heart wrenching knowing.. I can’t even say it, so heartbreaking.

  17. This is infuriating. Coward’s should be stripped of their badges. What the hell is wrong with our country, man?

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