1. “Us” aren’t corrupt, lying, incompetent felons so “me” will be suffering the consequences of your criminality, not “us”.

    1. It will be ut “the US” They would rat each other out. Learn of the prisoners dilemma

    2. Trump always want implicate everyone else’s. His favourite saying is “everyone knows”
      No F…wit you are the criminal and so are you family and also those who ad and abet you.

  2. We need an indictment and an arrest. NOW. We’ve waited far too long as is. He also MUST be denied bail!

    1. ​@Monique M Sloppy jo just approved an anti-green mega oil pipeline deal for your great kremlin.

      NBC hearsay conspiracy news may not have the story.

    2. @Alaska Pirates It’s already funny! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣. Fearmongering – the typical right wing playbook – is always hilarious!

  3. “…so they can try to get me there!”

    Sorry Cheeto Boy, it’s “they’re GOING to get you there”.

  4. “They want to take us, not me down.”
    Also Donald Trump;
    I’ll march to the capitol with you!
    *leaves in bulletproof limo*

    1. Yeah, I’ve been waiting for Trump supporters to explain why he told them he would go with to the Capitol but never showed. Don’t any of them feel let down or betrayed?

    1. Ha ha ha just another GAS LIGHT investigation !!!: they can’t take him down no matter how many times they try

    1. @Robert Dennison
      Okay. It took me bloody ages to figure it out. But then again I’m an old computer illiterate fart. 😀👍

    2. Of course he despises his supporters. Trump thinks he’s superior to everyone… and it’s quite obvious that his supporters are gullible, blithering idiots, who always follow and never lead. That’s exactly the sort of person that Trump would feel total contempt toward.

  5. They have documents now from banks …accounting firm…taxes. Comparing notes!! He’s a conman!!

  6. Wasn’t it something like $94M that the IRS ‘accidentally’ paid him and he refused to give it back?
    He’s tied them up in a court battle for 10 years or something?

    1. Think it was 74 mil…he laughed at what fools the IRS employed…he may have actually been right about that.

    2. Correct, and many people wonder how he has done that, if it were you or me we would have paid up years ago. The .IRS is understaffed and under funded. The rich like it that way. Biden just proposed a big budget increase and hiring more agents. Only now, are new people replacing Trump appointees.

    1. Covid45; we’re going to march to the CAPITAL!, and I’ll be there with you. Martin Luther King Jr: “I might not make it there with you”.

  7. Why is he saying “they want to take not me, but us down” he thinks people can help his Mafia like crimes.

    1. @Robin Washington Maybe, or he’s trying to scare his supporters into thinking they’ll be next. Thing is anyone with a brain cell automatically thinks well no bc I haven’t committed a crime, but he’s addressing the same people he convinced the election was stolen & to storm the Capitol 400+ of whom will be going to prison & trump couldn’t cae less about them..

    2. @John Adams I hearby apologize to you. I misread your original point. I took offense needlessly, and probably stupidly. I am deleting that first post, but I am leaving this one to mark the occasion, and to leave record of my missed opportunity to be silent.

    1. It actually shouldn’t make a difference, at least in a world that needs no Trumps et al. I know, me performing some wishful thinking again…

    2. @Olaf Wendt it shouldn’t. But given how racist and how beneath himself he treats women, that particular blade cuts deeper than a white male prosecutor named Mueller could.

    3. @BP BP I hear you, and concerning his personal perspective it’s probably fair to say, despite his “I’m probably the least racist person in the room”, which I’ve never bought.

      As on Mueller, he got barred (pun intended) imo.

      Anyways, there’s a reason why Justice is blind, and as long as ethnicity can provoke any kind of agreeableness, we should have a close look on the judicial system in its entirety. She’s in this position for a reason, and this is her professional performance. That, and nothing else, should be sufficient.

    1. Actually, lots of his buddies have already gone to prison, and plenty more are headed that way after their Jan 6th stunt.

    2. When tRump walks into the courtroom, I hope the judge says, “Now youse can’t leave”. 😂

    3. @YouJustLikeIt Amen! Donnie will look good in an orange jumpsuit. He will continue to enjoy high end federal security… just from another standpoint. Gee, I wonder if the law will permit him to continue to have Secret Service protection in Fed Max? Interesting thought.

    1. Also, lots of people don’t realize that the Government has INFINITE RESOURCES. Trump has bills to pay and lawyers will charge big money UPFRONT to defend him. But, Gov can set 100-150 people onto a case, and it doesn’t even phase their budget/s.

    2. I once had to do an analysis of any quotation. I chose *The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine* . Five pages worth in eighth grade English class. It was worth it in order to grok the message.

    3. Just to make it clearer, maybe instead of a 9/11 style commission, we play by the republican’s games by establishing a truth establishment commission inviting even all those lying republicans to participate. It would actually be a stupidity finding commission but with a nice sounding name. The 9/11 style commission can be applied later

    4. I am looking at closing also for Trump & his children but not yet for the former AG but that will becoming later. I believe it won’t be a surprise at all for many citizens of the USA or even other world leaders but the huge bombshell surprise’s will come from others who are still in USA Federal & State Government, etc. as highly respected citizens of the USA coming from also church, local law enforcement, news media & even other countries I believe that will also be charged that made it possible for Trump & his children to be charged with many crimes. It will be a real wake up call to everyone & especially the current Trump Republican Party that Democracy is still alive in the USA. The big question will be why didn’t the King & his children get out of the USA when they had the chance instead of just hanging around Florida & the golf course?

  8. The “us” is being used as a threat to whoever he has dirt on. He is also sending a message to the GOP officials up for re-election suggesting that they need him or they will go down with the ship. It’s great watching them destroy themselves because of a criminal who will be at the very least tied up in litigation for years and maybe even end up in prison. That’s who they have chosen to hitch their wagon to.

    1. He will more than likely croak of a heart attack or stroke before the court proceedings are finished.. This will take years to come to a conclusion.. I don’t think he has years left.. All the fast food and stress is starting to catch up with him.. He’s looking rough these days.. He probably won’t live long enough to see the inside of a prison cell, but his kids are going to do some serious time..

  9. They found out how he ruined all those contractors he didn’t pay correctly for their services.

  10. I seem to recall the orange menace saying on any number of occasions that he knows more about taxes than anyone. Play that for the judge

    1. And that clip from a debate with Clinton during his first Presidential campaign when he claimed that it made him really smart to be dodging tax payments 😡

    2. He knows more about everything than anyone else is what he thinks and there’s a video about all the things he think he knows better than everyone else

    3. Probably his dumbest defense yet, coz now he cant claim to have relied on tax experts since he knows about taxes more than anyone. Trump’s downfall will be his big fat mouth, becoz you can replay all his crimes to him in court

  11. “They wanna take not me but us down”, is he aware that most of his followers are locked up, feel betrayed, or so brain dead that you can poke their eye with a stick and it takes them and hour to say “Ouch”.

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