1. I refuse to buy books from people who could have come forward at the time but waited and enabled these crimes. Now they want to sell you the information…please think about whether or not you want to give your money to them.

    1. Square Deal . Contrary to some others, like John Bolton for example, who were insiders, and who could have denounced trump’ conduct but did not, Maggie Haberman is a journalist whose relentless investigative work has contributed to unravel trump’s shenanigans. So, in this case, you’re barking up the wrong tree . Just my two cents.

    2. Square deal, I agree. Maggie and others knew information and just held it for their books. Disgraceful on their part. Don’t buy their books!!

    1. Their “stance” is on a committee, not under oath in a court of law. They are legally allowed to lie freely on a committee, not in court. So with that said, let me know when they will speak in the court of law instead of the clown show committee.

    2. @The Potatus.. I mean Potus. come on man.Actually I was referring to her 90% support of Trump when he was in office.

    1. @alex nifong and them doing so is legal
      But they must show up first
      then take the 5th
      and we can judge them ourselves in our own minds .
      also looks bad and can be mentioned in civil cases to harm one from enjoying the
      taking the 5th

    2. @alex nifong the 5th only works if the prosecutor has exactly nothing… So basically yes, the 5th would work in a court room.

    3. I like how the committee is not under oath in a court of law and is legally allowed to lie freely. Let me know when they go to court instead of the clown show.

  2. As I sit here, watching the documentary the War. What comes to mind is how trump and his followers have dishonored every single one of those brave men! It deeply saddens me. Especially when my father was one them. January 6 th just disgust’s me. And trump with classified material , and walking free? We’ve really dishonored these brave soldiers!

  3. Truth is, he hasn’t left the White House. Everyone seems to think it’s ok to let him pose as some sort of “presidential figure”. What a delusion his mania has created among us. God help us.

  4. And they don’t expect to have those Secret Service Agents on either – because they might tell the truth and blow their star witness out of the water!!

    1. @Ronnie King We will be able to tell – if they get on the stand – its the truth. If we never hear from them again – somebody lied and it all starts to unravel.

  5. They already know that he’s going to try to use that platform to advance his agenda. We already know what he about. We heard what he had to say some months back.

    1. So sick of this bot. Day in, Day out all it does is send the same disgruntled message to everyone. I wonder which country it’s from?

  6. If Pence had just a single ounce of decency he would have testified a long time ago – so much for devout Christians and their values.

  7. We the people need a way to know the “mental health fitness” of those running for and holding office today.

  8. If they evidence or reasonable suspicion that they were involved on multiple levels they need to subpoena them equal to every other witness or defendant.

  9. Why do Politicians have an option to appear? Take away all Government Benefits if they refuse to comply.
    Pay check, Benefits, Security Detail, Transportation. Insurance, Pension, etc. Let them Decide If they want to Uber Back Home with NO Secret Service! Same Goes for ALL OF THEM!! The Tax Payers Pay for everything.

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