1. When you’re a part of the Trump circle, you either wind up disbarred, indicted, in jail, pardoned or some combination of the above.

    1. @Catherine S. Todd sounds Soviet ….USSR
      So…when you don’t like the people’s choice …bsn him???? Oh yeah.. USSR

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how the FBI allegedly planted the same classified documents that Trump declassified!

  3. I really love how AG Garland has lulled the right into a false sense of security… and then all of a sudden he throws a second punch with 40 subpoenas. I hope he makes the Republicans regret not allowing him to be on the Supreme Court every single day for the rest of President Biden’s term

  4. Tell your base one thing and tell the courts the opposite because you’re under oath. Trump and his allies have no shame.

    1. Special laws for the rich and famous. And we’re not talking about a man of honor but an individual who made crime and deceit his way of living. All the more incomprehensible.
      Are you supposed to be a nation of equals under the law?

  5. Jesus Christ! I have a high school diploma. I don’t need a law degree to know this guy is a criminal & needs to be held accountable for EVERYTHING he has done!

    1. @Mdebacle With all due respect, as a longtime Registered Independent Voter, I Must call You Delusional!! Romney/Cheney 2024

  6. There will be an incredible sense of betrayal if trump is still free in 2023. We must vote the GOP out of the way of our democracy.

    1. NO ! God no !! – That would be a tragedy for the United States of America. The country is almost finished as we write here.

    1. @Jac Daniels I’m curious, what inspired you to join YouTube 4 months ago with an anonymous account to start offering your legal opinions to others?

    1. Probably their conversations were on the “throw away” phones so no one would know who contacted who and what was said🤔

    1. @Tony Hawk 👈 take some pepto

      Still crying I see. More to come 🥊🥊🥊🥊. Red punches coming to the house and senate

  7. I am so sick of corruption! Congress, courts, judges, lawyers, Governors, State Representatives, and so on and so on… Oh God!

  8. The claim that the documents were de-classified is dangerous. If the documents were actually declassified, the public would be allowed to see the documents. Even Trump’s side couldn’t go down that road.

    1. While in office Trump classified anything that showed him in a bad light and that complicates the entire process, but those highly sensitive documents are a huge threat to the world.

    2. Couldn’t and won’t. Although now more of his attorneys are needing attorneys thanks to his latest investigated crimes.

    1. @21TRILLION TRILLION You lie. Better do your research before posting misinformation. Go read the Presidential Records Act and you will find that the Archivist still has the last word (review) of both personal and government documents that the sitting or incumbent President must carefully look after and care for WHILE in office. Have a nice day.🙂

  9. The timely assessment of the damage to national security requires that DOJ file a Motion for Declaratory Judgment before Judge Cannon that resolves these issues:
    1) All claims of executive privilege must be asserted “PRIOR TO THE CONCLUSION OF A PRESIDENT’S TERM OF OFFICE…”44 USC § 2204(a).
    2) All classified documents may only be declassified by a sitting president, 32 USC § 2001.
    3) The plaintiffs have not identified any of the seized documents that were properly declassified or subject to executive privilege during the term of presidency.
    4) Any attorney client documents dated past 1/20/21 that were seized in the boxes containing classified documents are evidence of improper storage and unauthorized access to the classified documents and are properly seized evidence of a crime(s) pursuant to 18 USC § 793.
    5) Any seized communications with attorneys in the employ of the US government while plaintiff was president are presidential documents within the sole possession of NARA pursuant to 44 USC § 2202.
    6) Any seized documents meeting the qualifications of 44 USC §§ 2201-2209 are the sole property of NARA.
    7) Since plaintiff has not identified any seized documents that are not exempted from Special Master Review pursuant to the findings above establishing the lack of plaintiff’s proprietary interest, the prior order for a special master is hereby withdrawn.
    8) Any seized communications between plaintiff and his private attorneys shall be redacted to the extent that the probative value can be minimally retained.
    9) Any seized tax documents that are the subject of a subpoena of AG James shall be delivered to AG James without delay.
    10) Where there are no other documents not covered by the JUDGMENT above, plaintiff’s motion for equitable relief is dismissed.
    These questions must be definitively answered before the Special Master is able to do her/his job as there’s fatal flaws in the Special Master Order that would necessarily mislead the master if there is any remaining need for one.

  10. Sorry, John Yoo has it wrong. It’s not “tradition” that has Presidential records kept by the National Archives; it’s the law.

    1. @Racrx72 “So the intent behind…” To suggest that a President can transfer thousands of documents, hundreds of classified documents to his residence, claim executive privilege and then keep those documents is absurd. What you described in the past pertained to very specific cases of executive privilege, not broad privilege over many, many diversified intelligence topics including foreign country’s nuclear capabilities and policies, sensitive compartmented information, special access programs, surveillance methods and satellite data, active foreign operations, etc. What you’re arguing simply isn’t relevant in Trump’s case. What you are referring to is using executive privilege to withhold specific Presidential Records, not to withhold documents pertaining to ongoing government operations and policies. Basically, in some special specific cases a President can invoke executive privilege to withhold Presidential Records from archiving – essentially gaining exemption from the Presidential Records Act. Even this is not legally crystal clear and I’m not familiar of the limitations, guidelines and procedures for those exemptions from the PRA, though I believe they still need to be generally documented by the National Archives. It doesn’t give Presidents broad authority to destroy Presidential records willy-nilly, as Trump did routinely. And it certainly doesn’t pertain to withholding classified documents (or even non-classified or de-classified documents) that have current, live significance – which the CURRENT executive MUST have access to (as well as other high-security cleared officials) in order for them to carry on the business of governing and executing foreign and military and intelligence affairs. One thing that executive privilege is NOT intended to be used for is for maintaining confidentiality from the congressional and perhaps (not sure) judicial branches for merely POLITICAL reasons. That’s a misuse and abuse of executive privilege. Executive privilege allows the withholding of information from the congressional and perhaps judicial branches for government BUSINESS purposes, such as to assure aspects are secure or that key, highly sensitive operations run without any interference – for the good of the nation, not for the good of the individual politician just to avoid controversy or personal embarrassment. Anyway, if Trump can broadly claim executive privilege over thousands of documents, then Biden can do the same and wave that same magic wand and undo ALL and EVERYTHING Trump ever claimed executive privilege on – by what you’ve described. In practical terms, none of that should happen. Trump should have the right to claim executive privilege on specific things for specific reasons and Biden should have specific cause and specific reason to override those specific things – both claims, doing and undoing, should be done judiciously with governance (not personal/political) cause and not willy-nilly. But in NO CASE does Trump’s prior executive privilege allow him to withhold those thousands of government documents at his residence past his date of executive privilege rights – especially when he hasn’t even CLAIMED executive privilege for having them. If Trump wants to claim past executive privilege for withholding specific records from the PRA then he has had and continues to have the right to clarify those specific claims for specific records that he made prior to losing his executive privilege (and show past documentation proving he used those executive privilege powers for those specific record(s) exemptions). No broad magic wand of retroactive executive privilege will suffice. What I’m saying is that there may be special cases where Presidential executive privilege may outlast the Presidency but only when claimed WHILE having executive privilege authority. Trump lost that authority on Jan 20, 2021. He cannot claim executive privilege for ANYTHING after that date. If there is documentation and records of his claiming executive privilege over some specific documents or records PRIOR to his leaving office that sustains that executive privilege beyond his presidency (and would require a special Biden override to reverse), then Trump needs to clarify such an executive privilege claim had been made and clarify generally which documents or records it pertains to. In the absence of that claim – ALL seized government documents must be immediately returned to the National Archives so that those documents can be put back into business as intended, so that ALL government work related to those documents can resume: assessing the national security risks, assessing which documents and records remain missing, allowing access to other government branches that require those documents, continuing any criminal investigations regarding those documents, etc. But as of NOW no specific claim of executive privilege for specific documents has been made by the Trump team, instead only general and vague floating of the idea that there MAY be such a claim. Well, UNTIL that claim is made clear THERE IS NO CLAIM and therefore ALL documents must be returned to the National Archive immediately. The Special Master is NONSENSE. There is NO BASIS for the Special Master. If Trump makes a claim and shows proof the claim was made while he indeed had executive privilege, then those specific documents can be set aside and the DOJ, if they decide it’s relevant to their case, then they can try to convince President Biden to reverse Trump’s executive privilege in order to get access to those documents. Again, no reason for a Special Master.

    2. @Racrx72 Trumps latest round of lawyers said it during an interview!! The lawyer had to get her own lawyer and is off the Trump Team🙄

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