Boris Johnson faces probe into home renovation costs 1

Boris Johnson faces probe into home renovation costs


Britain's political spending watchdog will launch a formal investigation into the funding of renovations to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's apartment in Downing Street, as he faces multiple allegations of political sleaze and scandal. CNN’s Lynda Kinkade speaks with Tom Newton Dunn, Chief Political Commentator at Times Radio, about the potential repercussions Johnson could face.

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  1. So the people in support of Boris are saying, why ask about his alleged wrongdoings when we have all these issues going on. And that, ladies and gentleman is exactly how corrupt people in power get away with things. It’s called the art of distraction. Do whatever you want while people are staring at the shiny coin

    1. Another case of ” aboutism “that’s how I call it when someone has no valid explanation excuse defense…!”but but what about….?

    2. Like CUOMO isn’t a whataboutism simply what any case would comprise of …a bit like when the allegation hit the news on Cuomo what followed was Gaetz allegations it’s the same the world over …folk only want to hear the bad crap about the ‘enemy’ not their own

    3. Literally on PoliticsLive earlier the travel minister was trying to say ‘but look at our vaccine rollout!’ And I thought to myself. Yeah the rollout that is managed by the NHS.

    1. Boris Johnson is liked in England and despised in Scotland where he will be facing demands for our exit from the UK … either way the UK is finished

    2. CNN needs to realise Boris is worse than Trump. When will the international media pick up on this far right wing nut job?!

    1. @Alba1970 I’ll admit I’m ignorant when it comes to uk politics, so I’ll just have to take your word.

    2. @Heidi Ho #nopen pull up tesla she ain’t never want me #Thelostbookofthebible been no shot #army that’s yo body #ynwmelly #norevolt #recount

    3. @CookieMonster not better just different priorities … England and the English are not our enemies … you are our neighbours … the majority of England wanted Brexit and the majority of Scotland wanted to remain in the EU … i reckon we should swap the 1 million that voted Brexit in Scotland for a million or more remainers in England

    1. Boris Johnson is liked in England and despised in Scotland where he will be facing demands for our exit from the UK … either way the UK is finished

    1. The guy who gave him it owned a company that got a £120 million contract…

      Got the contract BEFORE the “thank you” of the £58k for cushions

    1. This is 100% Joe:

      “So the best way to get something done…if you…if you, uhh, hold something near and dear to you that you, uhh…that you like to be able…uhh…anyway.”
      – Biden 3/25/2021

    1. @Alba1970 is Scotland talking about exiting from the UK? This is the first I have heard of this; probably because I have not had the news on my TV and only music because of the usual news (pandemic, violence, etc)

    2. @Kathryn Jordan yes the ball game starts after the 6 th of May … we voted to remain in the EU 62% and they dragged us out against our will

    1. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P
      + •1•3•4•7•9•1•9•4•8•5•2

  2. I’m English and live in the UK and think whoever is in government the richest get richer and the rest stay the same if lucky, it’s all a game same with America just pick a side and play the rigged game. The real choice is an illustration, that said best wishes to you and yours reading this, just try to stay safe

  3. It’s telling that Boris specifically said he paid for the wallpaper, which raises the question, “What *didn’t* he pay for?”

  4. Boris didn’t want to give nurses a rise yet his girlfriend can spend there taxes on new curtains not out of john lewis

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