Federal agents execute search warrant on Rudy Giuliani's apartment 1

Federal agents execute search warrant on Rudy Giuliani’s apartment


Federal agents executed a search warrant at the Manhattan apartment of Rudy Giuliani, advancing a criminal investigation by federal prosecutors that has been underway for months, according to two people familiar with the matter. #CNN #News


    1. Hopefully they will apply the Mobster Lobster’s criteria of what was done to traitors in the past….

    2. Rudy can change but we have to remember 9/11 and how we all felt for that city that day Rudy included… those feelings are deep and the slightest contrition on his part will be greeted gleefully.

    3. @Greg Orchard yep, if you vote the wrong way you are a traitor. welcome to the left’s tolerant new world

  1. If they could raid Michael Cohen’s office and home, they certainly should be able to raid Rudy Guiliani’s home and office.

    1. My socialist president is killing it tonight! No Trump b.s./bullying is damn refreshing!! True leadership that represents the best for us 99%’ers is what it’s all about. Thank you Mr. Biden.

    2. Raid all political enemies offices at once!!!! We have control of all levers of power. We can do what we want and the rule of law be damned. Corruption is normal for Biden.

  2. this kind of reminds me of the Homer Stokes BS in “O brother where art thou” Bring on the tar, feathers and a chain gang for Rudy!

    1. @Shabazz -you mean your leftists Dems should investigate someone until the find a crime? No wonder your Biden wants to pack the supreme court.

    2. @MARKA Peterson lol. Fact checked. Funny how it only works one way. Fact check one rights is it didnt happen. Instead it is mostly peaceful protests. Just like trump put kids in cages. Well Biden is at a 20 year high after EXECUTIVE ordered all of trumps border policies which was lower than Obama. Fact checked. Its funny you lie all the time and when do you get fact checked. Well your not going to fact check yourself for sure. Over and over again is well its true but we think this is the truth after Maxine Waters tells the jury if they dont convict push harder. In fact Biden did. And you tried to impeach trump for insurrection and you do it all the time. Fact check from snakes and your one of those shitty rioters

  3. A significant step forward in finally driving a stake through the vampires heart.

    1. @troy meyer Nothing stopped DOJ form looking into Hunter Biden. He never ran for office. The stuff they are looking into Rudy for started under Bill Barr’s DOJ. So unless you want to throw him under the bus shut up.

    2. @Rod You’re obviously one of the delusional blood drinking seditionists. Keep trying to locate Jared Fogles’ laptop and live the dream Karen!

    3. Wow…you people here really want Communism! This is the way Nazi’s started….so sad…so much Hate here!

    4. @Mr. P. When you state that communism leads to nazism you probably think that you have said something rather clever? Let me correct that illusion for you. The communists of the Soviet Union were first into Berlin, fighting and winning against the nazi’s. Truman, Churchill and the communist Stalin, the 3 Allied leaders at the Potsdam conferences in 1945, all agreed on total denazification and the complete abolishment and destruction of the nazi party. I totally understand how you made such a mistake, you probably find it distressing to watch the history channel. I hope this will prevent you making such a fool of yourself in the future.

  4. Well well well well well well well well they have finally come for the vampires diaries I can’t wait for Donald chump to say “I don’t know him there may be pictures of us together but I don’t know him”.

    1. @Coco Crisp I NEVER said ALL democRATS are pro choice or pro life… I said KAMALA is a murderer and is NOT pro life!!! Am I wrong??? That would be hilarious if you say she is pro life when she has very loudly and proudly has supported pro choice laws and is a grand supporter of planned parenthood!

    2. @Ana M how does it feel to be told by the very same ones that spread this crap that only an idiot would believe them? I got it from ur own cult..

    3. Personal insults are evidence that a person feels they have no argument in a debate, my friend. You just exposed yourself…

  5. Oh dear, the lawyer needs a lawyer. Keep those facemasks on tight, in case he farts in your general direction.

    1. over thousand affidavits concerning voter fraud …so many irregularities it’s dizzy ..JB lost ..DT filled arenas in every state ..

    2. Farting should be the worst of their worries. I imagine several people have their bowel contents running down their legs. Good thing trump already wears Depends.

    3. @Doug Green Whenever I hear some trite, out of date cherry-picked bit of info, repeated like this, I picture someone in dire need of help, rocking in the corner, repeating that to themselves.

  6. Trump bout to release a statement any minute saying “i don’t know rudy, we’ve met once or twice, i’m sure he’s a great man but i don’t know him”.

  7. If it was widely known in the Justice Dept that the Southern District was requesting this months ago, there is no way Giuliani didn’t also know. Which means… if there is still anything incriminating in his apartment, after all the many months he’s had to get rid of it, he’s even more incompetent than he seems.

  8. It would be so wonderful if the search of Ghouliani’s apartment will turn up evidence that would land both The Ghoul and The Orange Buffoon in prison for a long time. Justice would be served.

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